Land transfers, Sept. 26-Oct. 2

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Miscellaneous `25`53`40

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Sept. 26 through Oct. 2. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Harold Wayne Bohyer to Nancy Smith, 2620 Kenny Lee Drive, Lima, $255,000.

Sharon Carter to Herman Bridges, 496 McPheron Ave., Lima, $20,000.

Donald G. Daley to Deandre McKinley, 637 S. Collins Ave., Lima, $23,800.

Thomas R. Fairburn and Pamela K. Fairburn to Nicholas Blackburn and Jami Blackburn, 717 S. Judkins Ave., Lima, $60,000.

Justin M. Gay to Kirk M. Puttmann and Sara K. Puttmann, 901 N. Cole St., Lima, $55,000.

Sheldon Gipson to SJM Property Investments LLC, 770 Oak St., Lima, $191,000.

Peggy J. Harruff-Becker to Kelly M. Biese, 1844 Mound Road, Lima, $119,900.

Rosa M. Jarvis to Jefferson McVicker, 911 Franklin St., Lima, $7,000.

JCQ Investments LLC to Tetrad Partners LLC, 315 and 317-319 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $

Gregory Johnson to Michael Graves, 738 Holly St., Lima, $20,900.

Cameron McDorman to Calvin McDorman, 1701 Karen St., Lima, $68,000.

Neikirk Holdings LLC and VMI Foundation Inc. to J. Donley Properties LLC, 2008 Elida Road, Lima, $340,000.

OHCA Partners Ltd. to Jason Brand, 912 E. 2nd St., Lima, $24,000.

Francis C. Porreca and R. Linda Porreca to Michael J. Bowers and Shannon M. Bowers, 2280 W. Spring St., Lima, $210,100.

Marilyn Schmidt Riepenhoff to Robert G. Sunderhaus and Janis L. Sunderhaus, 808 E. Albert St., Lima, $10,000.

Samantha J. Roberts and Andrew Roberts to Melissa A. Bowers, 2448 W. Spring St., Lima, $82,000.

Hassan Wali Shabazz and Barbara Shabazz to GJB Homes LLC, 922 W. Eureka St., Lima, $20,000.

Christina L. Taylor to Pamela Jo Ann Downey and Tod Michael Downey, 1833 N. Charles St., Lima, $68,500.

Shermaine Upshaw to Shermaine Upshaw and Demetrius Taylor, 1189 S. Main St., Lima, $1,000.

Louis N. Varrato Jr. and Jean A. Varrato to Linford D. Bear, Eldon D. Bear and Delia Bear, 1212 W. High St., Lima, $3,000.

Ladora Whisenton to Sally Gipson, 106 Wood St., Lima, $30,000.

Ladora Whisenton and Sally Gipson to SJM Property Investments LLC, 726 N. Main St., Lima, $22,800.


Nathan D. Shaffer and Colleen A. Shaffer to Oscar Williams and Chanda B. Williams, 9196 Bice Road (4.92 acres), Spencerville, $212,000.


Edmond L. Adkins et al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 525 S. Kemp Road, Lima, $70,000.

Constance H. Carrier, Bonnie J. Smith, Cynthia K. Cunningham, Linda L. Johnson, Gerald S. Johnson Jr., Karen S. Schneider and Robert D. Schneider to Shanda B. Fisher, 380 S. Seriff Road, Lima, $98,500.

Kevin Klofta, executor of Robert Ralph Klofta estate, to Thomas Klofta and Ellen Klofta, 1626 Benham Drive, Lima, $100,000.

Eric J. Martin and Karen E. Martin to Richard M. Theodore and Paula Y. Theodore, 3719 Buckskin Trail, Lima, $425,000.

Denise M. Moore an Daniel Hoehn to Robin L. Lamb, North McDonel Street, Lima, $7,000.

Diana Rosas Ortiz and Ermik Gonzalez to Daniel R. Bradford and Nancy M. Bradford, 3079 Canterbury Drive, Lima, $142,000.

Quicken Loans Inc. to Joshua Grant Robey and Steven Michael Robey, 591 Powers Ave., Lima, $37,500.

John P. Sreenan and Jill Sreenan to Cotner Road Properties LLC, Cotner Road, Lima, $35,000.

Wiechart Investment Properties LLC to John Kopilchak and Jennifer Kopilchak, 120 N. Fraunfelter Road, Lima, $65,000.


David L. Mason and Elizabeth I. Blodget to Joel M. Billings and Brittany N. Billings, 3019 S. Phillips Road (5.21 acres), Harrod, $225,000.


James E. Farler and Jennifer J. Farler to Timothy D. Ice, 3265 Bonnieview Drive, Lima, $131,500.

David I. Makley and Lynda S. Makley to Travis White and Elizabeth White, 5496 Sandusky Road, Lima, $158,000.

Arvel Noble and L. Diane Noble to Deanna Young, 722 Daytona Drive, Lima, $87,000.

Rita M. Pohlman and Steven Siefker to Rosa L. Walker, 3817 Cambridge Place, Lima, $95,500.

Carl E. Pugin and Jennifer L. Pugin to Terri A. Herring and Doris A. Herring, 965 and 969 Kingswood Drive, Lima, $165,000.

William E. Young Sr. and Rebecca J. Young to David Graham, 2424 N. Thayer Road and Thayer Road (2.83 acres), Lima, $179,500.


Jennifer Marie Chappell Deckert to Crystal Ellerbrock, 144 S. Lawn Ave., Bluffton, $175,500.


Lisa S. Hyland, successor trustee of William J. Lackey and Beata B. Lackey, to Joseph W. Lackey, 221 E. Main St., Cairo, $7,000.


Melissa A. Hamrick and Michael Hamrick to Susanna Gunner, 909 N. Moening St., Delphos, $72,400.


David Kruse, executor for estate of Thomas Edward Kruse, to Cockerell Holdings LLC, 100 E. Kiracofe Ave., Elida, $80,000.

Vivian M. Kruse and Thomas E. Kruse to Cockerell Holdings LLC, 100 E. Kiracofe Ave., Elida, $80,000.


Jones Land Company LLC to Kevin Hefner, 7835 Harding Highway (9.002 acres), Lima, $150,800.

David J. Morrison to Ronald Miller and Amy Miller, 8175 Reservoir Road (3.04 acres), Lima, $267,400.

Jerry E. Peer Jr., Rivercrest Farm Inc. and Kruger Properties LLC to Harvest Grain Company LLC, 2648 N. Napoleon Road (5.19 acres), Harrod, $835,000.

Robert R. Whitaker II and Angela L. Whitaker to Steven J. Grothouse, 4265 N. napoleon Road (5.01 acres), Lima, $254,000.

Danny K. Williams, Terri L. Williams, David L. Williams and Kathleen Riley to Leslie D. Plaugher, 11701 Harding Highway (2.91 acres), Harrod, $60,000.


Pauline Shaffer and Rocky A. Shaffer to Harold Lumpkins and Rhonda Lumpkins, 4511 N. Kill Road, Delphos, $65,000.


Carrie L. Shepard and Forrest L. Shepard to Julia A. Chancey and Brian C. Chancey, 6530 Hofferbert Road (3.72 acres), Lima, $299,000.

Joshua Waltermire and Christina Waltermire to Taylor G. Vance and Amanda L. Vance, 7007 Mayberry Road, Columbus Grove, $160,000.


Timothy Alger and Brenda Alger to Brandy M. Reed, 1717 Poinsettia Drive, Lima, $123,500.

April L. Betts, Sharon R. Taylor and Curt Betts to Andrew J. Bear and Rachel L. Bear, 1845 Leffler Drive, Lima, $75,500.

Daniel R. Bradford and Nancy M. Bradford to Q. Craig Tone, 12A Mews Road, Lima, $164,900.

Joshua A. Brown and Haley J. Brown to Andrew D. Roberts and Samantha J. Roberts, 4325 Leffler Drive, Lima, $165,000.

Shambhunath Choudhary and Roopa Mishra to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 4857 Kitamat Trail, Lima, $259,400.

Stephen J. Fickel and Kathleen M. Fickel to Alan Hankinson and Chelsea Hankinson, 3763 Shalloway Drive, Lima, $249,900.

Robert A. Grothjan and Dannielle C. Grothjan to Rockland McDonald and Bridget McDonald, 2525 Hall Drive, Lima, $205,000.

Jill P. Kato to Mary Ann McClish, 2463 Struthmore Drive, Lima, $255,000.

William E. Stratton to Edward Fish, 2111 Spencerville Road, Lima, $35,000.

Charles E. Whiting and Elvira B. Whiting to Peggy A. Fultz, 7A Mews Road, Lima, $164,900.

Christine L. Wilmoth to Edward R. Boza and Belinda S. Boza, 2501 Dogwood Drive, Lima, $299,900.


Karen Pohlman trust and Sarah Jamison, trustee, to Nicholas Jamison and Sarah Jamison, 2706 Sharf Road (2.29 acres), Spencerville, $210,000.


Chad Reynolds and Kelly Reynolds to Joseph A. Reynolds and Kathryn Amelia Reynolds, 425 E. 4th St., Spencerville, $165,000.

Ruth Evelyn Stephenson to Zachary D. Bockey and Renee N. Kraner, 117 S. Main St., Spencerville, $72,000.


Lindsey L. Foust, Rebecca L. Foust and Justin B. Foust to George Henderson Jr. and Rebecca L. Henderson, 5410 Dutch Hollow Road (3.93 acres), Lima, $210,000.

Luella I. Gallaspie to Michael D. Lugibihl and Laura J. Lugibihl, West Lincoln Highway (40 acres), Lima, $508,500.

Sisters Three Farm LLC to Paul F. Vorhees, 4242 W. Lincoln Highway, Gomer, $95,000.

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Mortgage `56`97`104

Land contracts `2`0`2

Releases `0`65`72

Uniform commercial code `0`0`1

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