Land transfers, Sept. 19-25

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Military discharges `1`5`2

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Sept. 19 through 25. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Casie Anderson and Curtis Anderson to Jessica Stubbs and Jeremiah Beard, 671 and 671 1/2 N. West St., Lima, $69,900.

Jamere R. Austin to Lima Alexander Rentals LLC, 1520 S. Union St., Lima, $10,000.

Kelly M. Biese to Korey G. Cress and Melissa K. Cress, 1604 W. Wayne St., Lima, $64,000.

Chestnut EQ R6 LLC to Melissa Ann Ricker, 684 Marian Ave., Lima, $5,000.

Karl G. Christian to Temple A. Wright and Aaron W. Wright, 2421 Merit Ave., Lima, $60,100.

Rex Coffman, Jesse Coffman and Leighanna Binkley to Clotillia Williams, 539 E. Kibby St., Lima, $5,000.

Dyana Fimiani et al, Sheriff Matthew G. Treglia, Anthony Fimiani and Rachel S. Gilroy et al to Jeffrey J. Fanger, 820 Holmes Ave., Lima, $1,000.

Kyle J. Hall and Lisa Hall to David E. Spyker, 1321 Melrose St., Lima, $103,900.

Diane C. King to Roger Sroufe and Norma Sroufe, 1607 W. Wayne St., Lima, $69,000.

Andrea L. Morris to Jorge A. Delgado Jr., 203 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $102,000.

Leotis M. Peterson and Alethea Peterson to Philip W. Kleman, 213 S. Collett St., Lima, $15,000.

Jeremy Pruett and Melissa Bowers to Jennifer Closson, 2056 W. Market St., Lima, $113,700.

Robert A. Shoemaker and Tia M. Shoemaker to Zachary C. Monteer and Sheila L. Monteer, 433 Northern Ave., Lima, $96,500.

Swords Property Management Ltd. to Rae Jean Brandon, 603 E. Elm St., Lima, $2,500.

Barry M. Ward Sr. to Chaz Robertson, 818 E. Elm St., Lima, $1,400.

Kaylean Watkins to JA Stinsx LLC, 315 S. McDonel St., Lima, $5,000.

Malinda Wireman and Jeffrey Wireman to Marina Perez Ramos, 425 McPheron Ave., Lima, $15,000.


Marion Sue Blevins to John A. Maslowski, 4777 Allentown Road, Lima, $84,000.

Randy J. Bulkowski and Kelly L. Bulkowski to Tina Alexander and Tony Alexander, 720 Hollar Ave., Lima, $156,000.

Charles A. Burnett and Pamela K. Burnett to Jeffrey A. Crawford and Tammy M. Crawford, 3487 Providence Circle, Lima, $120,000.

Rita M. Casey to Hume Road Rentals, 2275 N. Cable Road, Building 11, Unit 209, Lima, $35,000.

Tammy M. Crawford and Jeffrey A. Crawford to David L. Timmerman II and Ashley I. Timmerman, 456 Farmdale Ave., Lima, $114,000.

Edward W. Ferenczi and Marian J. Ferenczi to Robert Anderson and Lisa Anderson, 2050 Beery Road, Lima, $180,000.

Clara M. Long, trustee of Long Family Trust, to REFL LLC, Gomer Road (33.65 acres), Lima, $84,200.

Marvin E. Long, Doris J. Cheier, Elizabeth G. Long, Juanita I. Myers, Lawrence R. Long, Martha Neinas, Clara M. Long, Beverly Long, Clyde Neinas, Terry Scott Owens and Doris J. Creed to REFL LLC, Gomer Road (40 acres), Lima, $200,000.

Gerald E. Lovett and Karen S. Lovett to Daniel Rupert and Jane Rupert, 707 Bluff Oak Trail, Lima, $305,000.

Bridget D. McDonald and Rockland McDonald to Dewayne E. Lewis and Angela K. Lewis, 2964 Hanover Drive, Lima, $135,000.

REFL LLC to J&M Farms LLC, Beery Road (10 acres), Lima.

John V. Schiffler and Carol J. Schiffler to Melissa Burgei, 124 Woodford Terrace, Lima, $118,400.


Empire Group Inc. to Paul D. Smith and Charesa J. Smith, 7200 Bellefontaine Road (19.92 acres), Harrod, $190,000.


Bonnie L. Eddingfield and Dondalene Macklin, attorney in fact, to Richardsbhai Christian and Selina Christian, 3794 Yale Ave., Lima, $129,000.

Thomas M. Kiracofe, Melissa L. Kiracoffe, Molly J. Coleman, Steven A. Coleman and Joseph B. Kiracofe to Lisa D. Hooker, 2206 Lost Creek Boulevard, Lima, $69,000.

Tyler K. Mason et al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to George O. Heise Jr., 1105 Roush Road, Lima, $61,000.

Clinton E. Salisbury to Douglas G. Sanders, 4444 Stewart Road, Lima, $120,000.

Richard M. Theodore and Paula Y. Theodore to Thomas Russell, 613 Canyon Drive, Lima, $223,000.

Steven M. Walsh and Deborah C. Walsh to David J. Pritchett and Debra E. Pritchett, 855 Fenway Drive, Lima, $86,500.


Bolder Investments LLC to Katie Christine Bindel, 459 Dewey St., Delphos, $99,500.

Lisa A. Faurot and Gregg Faurot to Ronald J. Kroeger, 709 E. 2nd St., Delphos, $50,000.


Marian G. Berry to Nicholas S. Evans and Steven M. Evans, 200-200 1/2 E. Main St., Elida, $78,500.

Craig A. Good to Brandon Henderson, 217 S. Greenlawn Ave., Elida, $88,500.

George Henderson Jr. and Rebecca L. Henderson to Tyler Hurlburt, 207 Johns Ave., Elida, $97,000.


Harbour High Yield Fund LLC and David Campbell, attorney in fact, to WM Capital Partners 68 LLC, 980 N. Napoleon Road, Lima, $12,300.

Billy L. Marcial and Phyllis A. Marchal to Perry A. Phillips, 9521 Sandusky Road (9.87 acres), Harrod, $325,000.

WM Capital Partners 68 and David W. Campbell, attorney in fact, to Claude E. Bodine and Valarie K. Bodine, 980 N. Napoleon Road, Lima, $18,300.


Brent M. Bassitt to Abigail Wright and Cody McGinnis, 126 S. Spring St. and Jefferson Street (0.2 acres), Lafayette, $83,000.


Rae Ann Boerger and Ronald L. Boerger to Larry V. Pugsley and Sharon K. Pugsley, Shifferly Road (101.62 acres) and Tom Fett Road (40 acres), Bluffton, $300,000.


Robert C. Black and Charlotte C. Black to Roy Long, 1601 Jo Jean Road, Lima, $150,000.

Evelyn Carty and Donna L. Lawniczak, attorney in fact, to Steven M. Burggraf, 3960 W. Breese Road, Lima, $136,000.

Judith L. Kennedy to John Huebner and Jeannette Huebner, 2032 High Ridge Road, Lima, $312,000.

Michael G. McNutt and Tamara G. Rhonehouse-McNutt to Larry B. Lee and Sandra L. Grindley, 3938 Fort Amanda Road, Lima, $285,000.

Terrance L. Miller and Peggy D. Miller to Dillon J. Slusher and Alyssa G. Miller, 2503 Struthmore Drive, Lima, $138,000.

Joann J. Prange to Kyle J. Shirk and Hosannah Shirk, 4875 Sellers Road (10.66 acres), Lima, $301,000.

Mark S. Reed and Tami S. Reed to YMPA Medical Consulting Inc., 901 Western Ohio Ave., Lima, $45,000.

Stephanie Shutt to Daniel M. Sachinger, 1256 Fairgreen Ave., Lima, $138,000.

Corina Smith and Mark E. Smith Jr. to Emily Lombardo and Daniel Lombardo, 1675 Jo Jean Road, Lima, $142,500.

Rosa Lee Walker to Bret M. Ketchum, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 404, Lima, $110,000.

Wesley W. Warnecke and Devon P. Warnecke to Josiah D. McNulty, 3967 Yellowood St., Lima, $157,000.


William Lee Becker and Linda Jane Becker to Elissa Sheets and Josiah Stewart, 210 N. Elizabeth St., Spencerville, $133,000.


Terry Maag and Mary Maag to YMPA Medical Consulting Inc., 5140 Dutch Hollow Road, Lima, $13,000.

Sandra L. Reese Roberts, Sandra L. Reese Roberts and Jan Marie Montgomery, successor co-trustees of Reese Family Trust, to Jacob Rigali and Morgan Rigali, 4599 Bussert Road, Lima, $235,000.

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