Land transfers, Aug. 1-14

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the two weeks running Aug. 1 through 14. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


808 Richie Avenue LLC to Kathy Jensen and Christopher Jensen, 808 Richie Ave., Lima, $33,600.

Alderwoods (Ohio) Funeral Home Inc., and SIferd Professional Associates Inc. to JFD Service LLC, 506 N. Cable Road, 510 N. Cable Road, 507 Columbia Drive, University Boulevard, Lima, $158,600.

Latoya Bryant to 705-721 Fairview LLC, 705-721 501 Prospect Ave., Lima, $5,000.

Luke A. Case and Clarissa Case to Amber L. Boop and Cody L. Boop, 501 N. Charles St., Lima, $67,000.

Ted E. Cornwell and Linda R. Cornwell to Claire D. Mackey, 712-714 W. North St., Lima, $125,500.

Judith C. Dickman to Dirk C. Jackson, 677 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $30,000.

Tess Felver to Rachel Cheney, 908 E. Kibby St., Lima, $19,500.

Raymond Foust, administrator for Tina S. Bowen, to Asa J. Mortimer, 854 N. Main St., Lima, $500.

Paul W. Ford to Patricia N. Williams and Paul W. Ford, 1746 Bermuda Drive, Lima, $33,000.

Donald E. Furr to Fredrick W. Lawrence Jr., 328 W. Kibby St., Lima, $36,300.

Sherman E. Gibson and Lakisha Kelley-Gibson to Shawn Harmon, 550 S. Pine St., Lima, $3,000.

Terry Herr to Todd Spencer, 410 E. 2nd St., Lima, $7,000.

Bryan D. Graham and Gina Graham to Jared Emch, 628 N. Jefferson St., Lima, $5,000.

J D Ventures LLC to Samuel H. Swartz and SA Supply Co., 1020 Faurot Ave., Lima, $34,000.

Glenna Kay Jenkins and Hurker Lee Jenkins Jr. to Courtney E. Honcell, 669 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $74,500.

Cheryl L. Johnson to Hannah Wright and Garrett Wright, 1206 Virginia Ave., Lima, $74,900.

Liliya N. Johnson, John V. Vandersall and John B. Vandersall to Tess Felver, 625 N. Cole St., Lima, $45,000.

Aaron McLaughlin and Jessica McLaughlin to Vanessa Smalley, 524 W. Wayne St., Lima, $1,000.

Catherine J. McPheron and Thomas J. McPheron, attorney in fact, to Edward Lee Pfeifer, 126 S. Collins Ave., Lima, $84,000.

Ashley B. Nichols and Jacob Metzger to Joshua A. Stimmel, 1151 Gloria Ave., Lima, $140,000.

Optimal Investments LLC to Tammy A. Carpenter, 1121 Hill St., Lima, $35,000.

Optimal Investments LLC to Randall Wagner and Judy Wagner, 1670 Frail Road, Lima, $122,500.

Samuel Phillip Properties LLC, Sandra J. Bullock and Michael O. Bullock Sr. to Joshua Matthew Pellegrini Watkins, 1004 E. Kibby St., Lima, $24,500.

Steven Plaugher to Brandie Plaugher, 1136 S. Central Ave., Lima, $20,500.

Jerry L. Poe et al and private selling officer Richard F. Kruse to Bank of New York Mellon, 812 Primrose Place, Lima, $37,400.

Rebecca S. Stemen, Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia and Robert W. Stemen Sr. to Superior Credit Union, 813 E. Hope St., Lima, $5,000.

Jonathon Swartz and Adrienne N. Swartz to Bradon Conn, 1745 Rice Ave., Lima, $117,300.

Harley E. Watkins to Roosevelt Davis, 817 Madison Ave., Lima, $18,200.

James F. Weinman to Craig Sutherly, 823 W. Elm St., Lima, $30,000.


Brett Aaron Bowersock to Jessica M. Odenweller, 1357 N. Grubb Road, Delphos, $72,600.

Lavada Sue Decker to Kraig Lee, 12250 Zion Church Road, Spencerville, $24,000.

Richard C. Long and Beverly Long to Charles Vaske, 1095 N. Conant Road, Lima, $60,000.

Mark D. Pohlman and Amy C. Pohlman to Derek G. Wehinger and Jennifer L. Wehinger, 9750 Agerter Road, Spencerville, $172,500.


Mark S. Ammon and Tamara R. Ammon to Cody-Allan F. Ganson and Shelby N. Ganson, 1020 N. Eastown Road, Lima, $165,000.

Richard M. Good, David L. Martin, attorney in fact, and Leona Good to Brad Buetner and Joyce Buetner, 1812 Woodberry Creek Drive, Lima, $34,000.

Virginia L. Heidt to Eric J. Martin and Karen E. Martin, 333 S. Copus Road, Lima, $165,000.

Kristi A. Marchal to Austin J. Siefker, 1771 N. Eastown Road, Lima, $115,000.

Patricia D. Moening to Timothy C. Stone and Melva J. Stone, 2847 Hummingbird St., Lima, $175,000.

David Lee Mohr and Paula Anne Mohr to Elizabeth A. Ward and Shawn C. Ward, 1760 Beery Road, Lima, $182,800.

Owen B. Moore and Muriel A. Moore to Melissa Chandler and David S. Chandler, 2545 Sherwood Drive, Lima, $99,800.

George H. Morgan to John Van Bibber and Cheryl Van Bibber, 1611 Lancewood Place, Lima, $140,000.

Jeffrey A. Rex and Holly M. Rex to Jenna Garlock and James Vaske, 648 S. Copus Road, Lima, $150,000.

Nicholas Joseph Sciamanda and Britney Mykkel Sciamanda to Jose E. Morales and Ana M. Morales, 799 Bluff Oak Trail, Lima, $358,000.

Elliot A. Scott and Steven Ross to WDP Enterprises at Lima LLC, 2635 Elida Road, Lima, $1,942,800.

George C. Stewart to G&S Living LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Building 1, Unit 17, Lima, $23,000.

George C. Stewart to G&S Living LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Building 3, Unit 59, Lima, $37,000.


Lester A. Cunningham and Thelma Cunningham to James R. Poling and Christal L. Poling, 6119 McPheron Road, Lima, $165,500.


Gary Bierly Enterprises Inc. to KKB Properties LLC, Hadsell Road (18.617 acres), $96,200.

Cleta Y. Blue and Dorothy K. Flippin, attorney in fact, to Jasmine T. Betts, 616 Turner Ave., Lima, $8,000.

Frederick W. Howald and Milena J. Howald to Amanda Hoskins, 2801 Slabtown Road, Lima, $210,000.

Jonathan Lischak to Bryan Stratton, 580 Country View Circle, Lima, $217,000.

Darrel P. Long to Robert George Bendele, East Bluelook Road (60.4 acres), Lima, $217,600.

Darrel P. Long to Dwayne Dawson and Patricia A. Dawson, East Bluelick Road (.4 acres), $120,000.

Donna L. Longmeier, Timothy J. Longmeier, Steven C. Ford, Kimberly S. Ford and Laura S. Ford to Adam Longmeier and Kylie A. Longmeier, 2013 Harding Highway, Lima, $109,000.

Michael W. Raines and Karen E. Raines to Britton J. Gilica, 1658 Lee Ann Drive, Lima, $162,500.

Janette Rudolph, executor for Bruce A. Eberhart estate, to George O. Heise Jr, 104 Valley Way, Lima, $1100,000.

Janette Rudolph, executor for Bruce A. Eberhart estate, to Paul Woods, 833 Metzger Road (3 acres), Lima, $50,000.



Janice A. Brewster to Joseph D. Hobensack, 41 Salome Circle, Bluffton, $180,000.

Kayla A. Herrmann and James R. Dotson to Heidi K. Smith, trustee of Smith’s Realty Professional 401(k) Plan, 334 Hancock Road, Bluffton, $75,000.


Amanda Hoskins and George Michael Hoskins II to Ian P. Kell and Tasha Kell, 320 W. Main St., Cairo, $89,000.


Kayleigh L. O’Connor to Trey M. Roney, 224 N. Monroe St., Delphos, $58,000.


Anthony G. Bailey and Brenda J. Morris-Bailey to Derek Cleon Frieson, 303 N. Greenlawn Ave., Elida, $145,000.

Deborah A. Mack and Greggory L. Bilbrey to Joseph Rayman and Sarah Rayman, 4711 Stonecrest Place, Elida, $315,000.

Joseph T. Rayman and Sarah A. Rayman to Ashley B. Metzger, 5654 Clover Ridge Drive, Elida, $189,000.

Diane K. Tomlinson and Michael Tomlinson to Courtney J. Paul and Justin D. Paul, 2750 N. Thayer Road, Lima, $159,000.

Derek G. Wehinger and Jennifer L. Wehinger to Harry W. Bungard and Teresa C. Bungard, 209 Johns Ave., Elida, $92,000.



Jay Long Jr. to Justin Evans and Ashley Evans, 100 S. Walnut St., Harrod, $5,000.


Black Heart Development LLC to 7M Farms LLC, North Cool Road (73.74 acres), Lima, $470,000.

Black Heart Development LLC to Christian Lee Shafer and Lisa M. Shafer, North Napoleon Road (11 acres), Lima, $60,000..

Stephanie A. Kennedy and Joshua Hamilton Foster to Rodney D. Rayl and Wendy S. Rayl, 747 N. Hardin Road, Ada, $192,000.

Kati L. Brewer and Kristofer M. Brewer to Jackie J. Martin, 806 Tremont Ave., Lima, $94,900.

Jerry James Mason and Mary Dianne Mason to 7M Farms LLC, Harding Highway (66.99 acres), $225,000.

Michael A. Newland and Lisa A. Newland to Casey Counts and Kelley Counts, 2651 N. Napoleon Road, Harrod, $326,000.

James Poling and Christal Poling to Michael T. McCollum, 5942-44 Sandusky Road, Lima, $139,000.

Adam C. Tobe and Sara Tobe to Andrew Hoffer and Meagan Hoffer, 11595 Harding Highway, Harrod, $180,000.


David D. Hall and Carol L. Hall to Travis J. Fisher, 118 E. Main St., Lafayette, $84,500.


Wanda Lou Ervin and George Ervin to Russell E. Pohlman and Laura M. Pohlman, Lehman Road, Delphos, $45,000.

Susan M. Kimmet and Robert C. Kimmet to Defiance Trail Road LLC, Defiance Trail (5.39 acres), $361,200.


Don R. Deerhake and Lila J. Deerhake to Aaron P. Vorst, 9125 Mayberry Road, Columbus Grove, $245,000.


Casey Collins to Edward Lee Pfeifer, 1905 S. Sugar St., Lima, $80,000.

Clint M. Harnishfager to Kendra A. Fisher and Robert L. Fisher III, Hanthorn Road (13.81 acres), Lima, $102,500.

Robert D. Stalnaker to Melody S. Caudill, 4000 Bellefontaine Road, Lima, $42,500.

Wright Warehousing Inc., and Three A’s Inc. to Rumpke Waste Inc., $563,400.


Janice L. Norbeck to Chris Crary and Gayle Crary, 9308 N. Dixie Highway, Bluffton, $230,000.

Jerry E. Peer Jr., receiver for Rivercrest Farm Inc. and Kruger Properties LLC, to Black Heart Development LLC, North Cool Road (73.74 acres), Fisher Road (30.15 acres and 24.62 acres), 7835 Harding Highway (67.53 acres), Harding Highway (36.47 acres, 36.47 acres and 3.53 acres), North Napoleon Road (40.69 acres and 11 acres), Reppert Road (83.2 acres, 65.37 and 9 acres), Rumbaugh Road (154.3 acres and 12.47 acres), Sandusky Road (49.86 acres and 21.54 acres), Swaney Road (35.89 acres), $4,013,100.

Jerry E. Tabler to James A. Tabler and Amy M. Tabler, 446 W. Elm St., Bluffton, $85,000.


Capstone Quality Homes Inc. to Ashley N. Hinkle, 3200 Spencerville Road, Lima, $135,000.

Robert H. Carter and Catherine F. Carter to Stanley R. Kujawa, 3700 N. Amblewood Circle, Lima, $193,500.

Rachel L. Cheney to Jack Dean Miller and Karen Miller, 2170 W. Hume Road, Lima, $20,000.

Bradon Conn to Bryce L. Clark, 1121 Melrose St., Lima, $73,000.

Ashton J. Crook and Kara Crook to Andrea L. Morris, 3635 Yoakam Road, Lima, $228,000.

D&S Investments Lima LLC to Cody R. Fischer, 2320 Adgate Road (4.36 acres), Lima, $150,000.

Branden Fortman and Jonathan Fortman to Lydia M. Freeman, 120 Masters Court, Lima, $400,000.

Mathew P. Gaug and Charleigh Gaug to Kurt D. Alexander and Alyssa M. Alexander, 2986 Indian Hill Circle, Lima, $435,000.

Zachary C. Hawk and Holly Hawk to Jonathan F. Gross and Brittany R. Gross, 2665 Yoakam Road, Lima, $148,000.

Tiffany Hines to Amy L. Jones, 2160 Arcadia Ave., 906 Berryman Boulevard, Lima, $105,166.67.

Chris A. Hixenbaugh and Todd J. Hixenbaugh to Harley Thompson and Colleen Thompson, 700 W. Breese Road, Lima, $217,000.

Nicholas J. Kempton to Randy Dancer and Teresa Dancer, 640 Atalan Trail, Lima, $170,000.

Katie Lavy to Richard S. Lavy, 5320 Beeler Road, Lima, $41,000.

Matthew Thomas Owens and Crista Michelle Owens to Michael J. Resar and Dawn Resar, 3147 Spring Blossoms Court, Lima, $337,000.

Anthony L. Peterman and Mindy A. Peterman to Jody E. Mueller, 1636 Pro Drive, Lima, $159,000.

Judith Rigoni and Jason Rigoni to Ashton J. Crook and Kara E. Crook, 725 Kiowa Trail, Lima, $225,000.

Bradley Taylor and Tiffany Taylor to Shawnda L. Winegardner, 4023 Magnolia St., Lima, $355,000.

Wright Warehousing Inc., and Three A’s Inc. to Rumpke Waste Inc., 1400 S. Metcalf St. and South Dixie Highway (1.2 acres), Lima, $94,900.

Donna R. Zeigler and Christa L. Zeigler, attorney in fact, to Obinna Okoye, 3148 W. Breese Road, Lima, $107,000.


Douglas E. Eickholt and Sheena Eickholt to Matthew A. Martini and Elizabeth Kay Martini, 12505 Bloomlock Road, Delphos, $160,000.


Matthew A. Martini and Elizabeth K. Martini to Thomas Lacy and Treva J. Lacy, 217 N. Pearl St., Spencerville, $112,000.


Diane L. Albrught, Janet S. Barnett, Dean A. Bowman, trustees of Evelyn Bowman Living Trust, to Lo-Di Farms Inc., 1800 Irvin Road (49.99 acres), Lima, $424,500.

Luella I. Gallaspie to Darlene S. White, North Cole Street (56.837 acres and 19.044 acres), Lima, $404,000.

Dennis E. Overholt to R. Brian Overholt, 4467 Stemen St., Lima, $33,000.

Larry E. Risser and Lois I. Risser to Sixairs LLC, 7903 N. West St. (2.5 acres), Lima, $25,000.


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