Land transfers, July 4-10

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Deeds `85`95`59

Mortgage `69`99`63

Land contracts `1`0`0

Releases `46`91`99

Uniform commercial code `1`0`1

Terminations `0`0`2

Miscellaneous `44`62`34

Military discharges `8`0`2

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running July 4 through 10. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Phyllis A. Arnette to Heather E. Cole, 1817 Allentown Road, Lima, $65,000.

Debora S. Copeland and Gary A. Copeland to Jessica C. Roeder, 1116 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $34,000.

Kim Davis to Angela Valenti, 415 S. Nye St., Lima, $3,800.

Todd A. Grear, executor for Bruce A. Grear estate, to Darrell Taylor, 689 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $30,000.

Benny R. Houston et al and private selling officer Kick Kigar to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 1321 Hazel Ave., Lima, $23,400.

Joy D. Mullins and Joshua T. Williams to Megan Louise Long, 230 S. Pears Ave., Lima, $89,900.

Tiffany A. Najmulski to Jessica S. Sell and Jonathan A. Sell, 630 Tall Oaks Ave., Lima, $160,000.

Tory Marie Nixon and John G. Nixon, attorney in fact, to Andrew C. Blass, 2036 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $79,000.

Douglas R. Olds and Christy L. Olds to George O. Heise Jr., 1733 Rice Ave., Lima, $32,500.


Gabriel Cardenas and Faviola N. Cardenas to Marlon Collins and Trea Collins, 2901 Canterbury Drive, Lima, $145,000.

Ted Music and Vicki A. Music to Brad Music, 4501 East Road, Lima, $55,000.

Wayne L. Schofield et al, Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia and Treasurer Evalyn M. Shaffner to George O. Heise Jr., 1409 W. Robb Ave., Lima, $18,000.

Kimberly K. Young to Melisa A. Holloway and Thomas L. Holloway, 2911 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $80,000.


Mary Beth Zeller, Amy M. Myers, Alan D. Myers, Rebecca A. Loeffler, Michael P. Loeffler and Stephanie A. Kennedy to Joseph H. Zeller and Ashley H. Zeller, Clum Road, Harrod, $144,000.


Mavis I. Bonnell to Cleaves Property Holdings LLC, 240 Barnsbury Drive, Lima, $75,000.

Patricia A. Golden to Dwayne A. Dawson and Patricia A. Dawson, Loescher Road (27.5 acres), Lima, $157,700.

Stephanie A. Gorman and Robert Keith Gorman to Kayla Vonseggern, 2594 E. Bluelick Road (2.15 acres), Lima, $180,000.

James W. Mooney and Amanda A. Mooney to Robert Keith Gorman and Stephanie Ann Gorman, 2300 Slabtown Road, Lima, $215,000.

Cheryl L. Slone to Kendell D. Seay and Gina M. Seay, 774 Queensbury Drive, Lima, $230,000.

W.F.M. Enterprises LLC and Stephanie M. Jordan to Scott M. Jordan, 1794 Ada Road, Lima, $129,000.


Jacob S. Ramsey and Amber Ramsey to Shawn Siferd, 114 Eastland Drive, Bluffton, $129,000.


Carl Ricker, Carol S. Ricker, Ralph M. Ricker, Patricia R. Smith, James B. Smith, Gary G. Ricker, Patricia L. Ricker, Judith M. Ramsey, Michael Ramser, Mary Lou A. Luth and Randy Luth to Joseph Gallmeier, 434 E. Cleveland St., Delphos, $70,000.

James D. Schimmoeller and Pamela S. Schimmoeller to Jourdan Joseph Trujillo, 433 S. Main St., Delphos, $99,900.

Chandra R. Trenkamp and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corportation, 445 S. Franklin St., Delphos, $30,000.


Joshua J. Buetner and Joy D. Buetner to Kevin Fletcher and Christine Fletcher, 4091 Lilly Drive, Lima, $265,000.

Gerald J. Hoffman and Kathleen A. Hoffman to Brandon Butcher and Laura Weitz, 261 Plum St., Elida, $186,000.


Gary W. Davidson to Michael Schulte-Hordelhoff, 4024 Odema Drive, Lima, $152,000.

Stanley G. Merkle and Linda M. Merkle to Sandra K. Hahn, 2843 Riverwalk Boulevard, Lima, $227,000.

Robert Slechter and Deborah Slechter to Lori L. Lee and Bucky R. Lee, 4084 Yellowood St., Lima, $244,000.

Sheldon Gregory Shobe to Kevin Siders and Teresa D. Siders, 2020 Shorewood Lane, Lima, $169,800.

Diane Sue Spradlin et al, Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia and Gary Neil Spradlin to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB and Premium Mortgage Acquisition Trust, 88 Mews Road, Lima, $125,000.

Triskele LLC to Crossroads of Northwest Ohio LLC, South Wapak Road (1.54 acres), Lima, $20,000.

`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `85`95`59

Mortgage `69`99`63

Land contracts `1`0`0

Releases `46`91`99

Uniform commercial code `1`0`1

Terminations `0`0`2

Miscellaneous `44`62`34

Military discharges `8`0`2

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