Land transfers, June 27-July 2

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running June 27 through July 2. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Dick E. Beggs Jr. and Susan J. Beggs to Honey Run Investments LLC, 1002 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $30,500.

Hunter T. Bell to Matthew Engberg, 604 Marian Ave., Lima, $56,000.

Kevin Casey and Angela Casey to Debra Shafer, 690 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $119,800.

Marilee R. Dungan to Damen Lee Miller, 326 N. Charles St., Lima, $95,000.

Donald R. Ferda and Mary J. Ferda to Hannah Nguyen, 8135 W. market St., Lima, $192,000.

Brian D. Heaphy and Nanette M. Heaphy to John C. Davis, 1829 University Boulevard, Lima, $112,500.

Scott A. Hefner and Susan Rene’ Hefner to O’Connon Investment Properties LLC, 655 Columbia Drive, 661 Columbia Drive and 895 Mackenzi Drive, Lima, $616,000.

Home Opportunity LLC to Fusion Notes LLC, 128 E. Lane Ave., Lima, $17,100.

Jackson & Mowery LLC to Bands Three Properties LLC, 2395 Allentown Road, Lima, $120,000.

Kamake Inc. to Heaphy Harmony Real Estate LLC, 213-217 S. Main St., Lima, $450,000.

Willie James McNeal and Gladys McNeal to Tiffiny Brownlow, 1052 Hughes Ave., Lima, $10,000.

Todd J. Miller et al, Debbie J. Miller and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Kayla M. Stonecipher, 2428 Kunneke Ave., Lima, $86,500.

Ryan Nathan to Annette Young and Willie Whiteside, 435 Prospect Ave., Lima, $6,900.

Tory Marie Nixon and John G. Nixon, attorney in fact, to Andrew C. Blass, 2036 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $79,000.

Optimal Investments LLC to Samantha M. Pettigrew, 125 S. Scott St., Lima, $15,000.

Jonathan A. Purdy and Theresa M. Purdy to Patricia K. Fouche, 819 E. Vine St., Lima, $25,400.

US REO Fund X LLC to Colonial Impact Fund II LLC, 1431 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $42,000.

John R. Walsh Jr., Mary Walsh, Robert M. Walsh, Julie Walsh, Mark B. Walsh, Sharon Walsh and Marilyn A. Walsh to Christopher Investments LLC, 1311 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $26,000.

WVT Properties LLC to Delta D. Madden, 563 W. Elm St., Lima, $98,500.


Andrea D. Ahl and Thomas W. Ahl to Michael Thomas Edgerton and Anne Ryan Edgerton, 575 Homestead Drive, Lima, $850,000.

Beau J. Bowdle and Christine R. Bowdle to Patrick Truesdale and Karla R. Truesdale, 5535 Poling Road, Lima, $179,500.

Clarence E. Gallaspie, executor for Barbara A. Ward, to Christopher Thomas Latka, Paul Edward Latka and Judith K. Latka, 2227 N. Cable Road, Lima, $75,000.

H&H LLC to Darnesha James, 734-736 N. Main St., Lima, $61,500.

Ross M. Harmon and Jessica L. Harmon to Laura Beth Siefker, 4811 East Road, Lima, $128,000.

Infinity Property Group LLC to Tier 4 LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Building 1, Units and 11; Building 2, Units 26, 30 and 39; Building 3, Units 41, 43, 46, 47, 49 and 55; Building 4, Unit 79; Building 5, Units 85, 89, 90, and 100; Building 7, Units 121 and 125; Building 8, Units 142, 152 and 156; Building 9, Units 161 and 171; Building 10, Unit 189; Building 11, Units 205, 207, 218 and 219; Lima, $1,076,000.

Kevin R. Mefferd and Cynthia A. Mefferd to Erik L. Heitmeyer and Sara E. Heitmeyer, 3086 Canterbury Drive, Lima, $173,800.

Timothy O. Missler to Tier 4 LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Building 2, Unit 28; Building 4, Units 65, 74 and 76; and Building 5, Unit 82, Lima, $171,000.

Craig Montgomery and Carol Montgomery to Tier 4 LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Building 7, Unit 124, Lima, $40,500.

Rick A. Orndoff and Lori G. Orndoff to Katherine R. Jordan, 141 Geneva Lane, Lima, $197,000.

Donette S. Roosenberg, Gregory E. Fair, David B. Roosenberg and Charisse A. Fair to Blaine A. Moore and Stacie J. Moore, 2765 W. Elm St., Lima, $112,000.

Juliann K. Siefker and Thomas D. Siefker to Tier 4 LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Building 1, Units 8 and 9; Building 2, Unit 22; Building 4, Unit 63; Building 9, Units 162 and 169; and Building 11, Unit 213; Lima, $287,500.;

Cynthia R. Smith and Mark E. Smith to Samantha R. Gilcrease and Dexter Thompson, 2764 Sherwood Drive, Lima, $132,500.

Wazobia Realty Company to Dutch Hollow Property 1 LLC, 219-221 and 227-229 S. Rosedale Ave.; 236 S. Kenilworth Ave.; 816, 818 and 820 Brice Ave.; 961 Faurot Ave.; 1009 Leland Ave.,; 1300 and 1304 W. Elm St.; Lima, $850,000.

Perry J. Wise and Joan E. Wise to Jansen C. Mallari and Jonas S. Centeno, 256 Timberfield Drive, Lima, $308,000.


Elizabeth J. Gesler, successor trustee of Fritz W. Degen trust, to William S. Degen, 1165 Fetter Road (17.11 acres), Lima, $372,300.

Shawn R. Guthrie et al and private selling officer Rick Kigar to Amerihome Mortgage Company LLC, 5544 Reservoir Road, Lima, $93,100.

David J. Hixon and Mark A. Hixon, successor trustees of R. Joe Hixon trust, to Randall L. Napier and Kimberly S. Napier, 465 S. Thayer Road, Lima, $134,000.

Chappell E. Otto, William G. Otto and Polly Otto to Michael T. Fagan, 425 Fenway Drive, Lima, $130,000.


Chamberlain Building LLP to Bethany G. Theis and Jonathan L. Theis, 105-107 S. Main St., 105 1/2 S. Main St., Bluffton, $100,000.

Donald Hostetler and Joyce Hostetler to Randall L. Besecker and Linda M. Besecker, 467 Riverbend Drive, Bluffton, $392,800.

Dean R. Klingler and Debora S. Klingler to Martha Amstutz, 68 Anna Circle, Bluffton, $210,000.

Alicia L. Stevens, Robert E. Stevens, Deena F. Stanger, Jana K. Hughes and Charles V. Hughes to Zachary D. Wilson, 221 N. Jackson St., Bluffton, $98,000.

Trent J. Temple and Amanda D. Temple to Kerry L. Wright and Krista E. Wright, 167 Hillcrest Drive, Bluffton, $179,900.

Three S. Development Group LLC to Timothy Holt, 109 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $30,000.

Marsha Weaver and Lyle E. Henry to Keith R. Suter, 136 N. Spring St., Bluffton, $72,000.


Jeremie S. Magrum and Tracy L. Dyer to Nicole L. Dyer, 228 E. Main St., Cairo, $78,400.


Amanda M. Arnold and Donald M. Arnold to Shaun R. Stanley and Beth A. Stanley, 1009 N. Franklin St., Delphos, $84,000.

James O. Bayman Jr. and Michelle K. Bayman to 177 Michele Drive, Delphos, $183,500.

Jimmy J. Nagel to Michelle K. Bayman and James O. Bayman Jr., 908 E. 2nd St., Delphos, $205,000.


Artisan Investment Properties LLC to Todd Harsh and Amanda Harsh, 101 N. Weger Ave., Elida, $128,000.

Judith A. Siebanoller to Jessica L. Harmon and Ross M. Harmon, 705 Beechwood Place, Elida, $178,500.


Mark A. Bayliff and Dinah L. Bayliff to Brent A. Wilson, 7700 Mehaffey Road, Lima, $136,000.


Collin Charles Etzkorn and Hannah Etzkorn to Diocese of Toledo Properties Trust, 14585 Landeck Road (1.06 acres), Delphos, $9,500.

Kevin B. Fletcher and Christine K. Fletcher to Cortney S. Miller, 7630 Bliss Road, Lima, $237,500.

Timothy P. Hamilton and Terry D. Hamilton to Joseph E. Miller, 14595 Landeck Road, Delphos, $125,000.

Keith A. Kramer and Stacey L. Kramer to Michael W. Kramer and Nicole G. Kramer, North St. Marys Road (19.856 acres), Delphos, $168,800.

Donnie R. Sargent to Andy L. Schwinnen and Holly L. Schwinnen, 5970 N. Defiance Trail (21.05 acres), Delphos, $475,000.

David Tavis Young and Margaret Ann Young to Timothy P. Hamilton and Terry D. Hamilton, 4511 Redd Road, Delphos, $25,000.


Shanda B. Fisher and Robert Lee Fisher Jr. to McKensey Jones, 2424 E. Lincoln Highway, Lima, $74,500.

Karen L. Kopp, trustee for Elizabeth L. Keiser, to Peter G. Klein and Mary K. Klein, 9150 N. Thayer Road, Columbus Road, $168,000.


County Line Investments LLC to Ivan Eugene Wheeler Jr. and Kimberly Sue Wheeler, 1736 S. Thayer Road, Lima, $17,000.

LJ3 LTD to Gary A. Staley and Barbara L. Staley, 3590 Harding Highway, Lima, $285,000.

Logan M. Vanhoose and Vanessa R. Vanhoose to Brandi Crist and Devin Muniz, 5489 Ream Road, Lima, $230,000.


Julia A. Beckner and Jason E. Beckner to Edward Allen Whitman II, 1555 Pro Drive, Lima, $221,500.

Claudia J. Delong to Amanda K. Pitson and Matthew S. Pitson, 1465 Riverview Drive, Lima, $200,000.

Damon J. Floyd and Regina M. Borja Floyd to Justin Irons, 3317 Peachtree Place, Lima, $192,000.

Erik L. Heitmeyer and Sara Heitmeyer to Matthew M. Mitchell and Laura E. Mitchell, 740 Atalan Trail, Lima, $267,000.

James E. Hoff and Heidi Noetzel Hoff to Matthew T. Olds and Shannon N. Olds, 1768 Jo Jean Road, Lima, $142,400.

K&M Business Services LLC to Thompson Carpet Care LLC, 4039 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $62,000.

Young Wung Rhee and Sun H. Rhee to Matthew Owens and Crista Owens, 1515 Fairway Drive, Lima, $225,000.

Henry Rodriguez and Jessica Ann Rodriguez to Chappell E. Otto and Chase E. Barnes, 160 Dabill Place, Lima, $181,300.

Robert Roe II and Jodell Roe to Burggraf Properties LLC, 3600 Shawnee Road, Lima, $117,500.

Matthew L. Roush and Deanna K. Roush to Leigh A. Lehman and Nicholas J. Kempton, 157 Tolowa Trail, Lima, $285,000.

Glennard S. Ruedisueli and Valerie A. Ruedisueli to Brandon Jarrett, 1421 Timberlane Drive, Lima, $250,000.

Lori S. Scherger, executor of J. Richard Gratz estate, to Angela L. Dee, 1426 Adak Ave., Lima, $140,000.

Christopher J. Short to Chau T. Le and Van Trinh Dang, 231 Squire Lane, Lima, $375,000.

Daven Stedke, trustee of Catahoula trust, to Apollo Joint Vocational School District, 2644 Jonathon Drive, Lima, $51,000.

Southern Partners LLC to Eric L. Rose and Kristen J. Rose, 152-154 Chris Lane, Lima, $139,000.

Michele R. Thomas to Pamela S. Gilliland, 117 Eagles Point West, Lima, $146,500.

Scott A. White and Elizabeth A. White to Andrew Kane and Karen Kane, 3728 Shalloway Drive, Lima, $244,900.


Jennifer L. Chafin and Darren L. Chafin to Lester A. Cunningham and Thelma Cunningham, 4035 Sherrick Road, Lima, $45,000.

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