Land transfers, June 13-19

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Deeds `101`96`85

Mortgage `67`57`70

Land contracts `1`1`1

Releases `103`56`113

Uniform commercial code `1`2`1

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `38`39`37

Military discharges `1`0`6

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running June 13 through June 19. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


David E. Ball, executor of Paul B. Ball estate, to Keith E. Cromes, 1100 W. High St., Lima, $10,000.

Douglas W. Burke to Cheryl L. Lott, 926 N. Dale Drive, Lima, $80,000.

Victoria D. Carter, executor for Vada Hope Sanders estate, to Brian Allen Miller, 684 Meadowbrook Drive, Lima, $74,000.

Elton F. Hammond III and Cynthia L. Lambert-Strickland to Vision 4 Investments LLC, 2024 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $45,000.

Jacqueline Key and Arnester Commons to Joseph Upshaw, North Union Street, Lima, $1,500.

Jeremy Marshall and Amber Marshall to Preston J. Stonehill, 329 S. Jameson Ave., Lima, $70,000.

Emma E. martin and Cheryl L. Lawson to Zachary A. Corbert, 109 N. Roberts Ave., Lima, $50,000.

Melva J. Naff to Aaron Hefner, 316-320 S. Collett St., Lima, $25,000.

Nationwide Community Revitalization LLC to 559 Courtlandt Avenue Lima Oh Trust, 559 Courtlandt Ave., Lima, $30,000.

John V. Sanford III and Christina Sanford to Lore Cooks, 411 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $4,600.

Roger Saylor et al, Kaylah Saylor and private selling officer Rick A. Kigar to Lakeview Loan Serving LLC, 705 S. Pears Ave., Lima, $74,100.

Terra L. Sayre and Jeremy Kahler to Jennifer L. Sayre, 1480 Reservoir Road, Lima, $55,000.

William T. Spencer, administrator of Marion Finley Spencer estate, to William T. Spencer and Rita M. Spencer, 332 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $56,000.

Vision 3 Investments LLC to Brooke N. McDonald and Briana N. McDonald, 1111 Latham Ave., Lima, $59,900.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Jacob Wright and Mary Ann Wright, 1731 Bermuda Drive, Lima, $54,000.


Cecily A. Crider and David D. McCluer to Shirley K. Lowell, 6688 Fort Amanda Road, Lima, $243,000.

Steven S. Mart to Kyle Bull and Elizabeth Bull, 2424 S. Kemp Road (5.5 acres), Lima, $200,000.

Dorthea M. Mueller to Defiance Trial Sustainable Solutions Inc., 11101 Allentown Road, Spencerville, $105,000.


Aaron Webster Art to Jackie R. Wilson, 2510 Windsor Drive, Lima, $120,000.

Jariah Holsapple and Rebecca Holsapple to Kevelin S. Capers and Betty J. Capers, 1378 Chancellor Drive, Lima, $214,900.

Galen King to TGK Farms LLC, Pioneer Road (30.55 acres), Lima.

Timothy O. Missler to David A. Eversole, 1584 Northbrook Drive, No. 29, Unit 1, Lima, $80,000.

Jayson Moore and Micah M. Moore to Danielle L. McMaken and Nathan L. McMaken, 501 Lawnwood Drive, Lima, $144,500.

Jody E. Mueller to Christopher J. Brokamp, 665 N. Stevick Road, Lima, $90,000.

REFL LLC to TGK Farms LLC, Beery Road (20.023 acres), Lima.

David M. Reirden and Carrie L. Reirden to Greogry Knueve, 2323 N. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $150,000.

Angela K. Shehata, executor of Claire Arlene Bowers estate, to Timothy Jenkins, 297 S. Wapak Road, Lima, $275,000.

Kimberly A. Steveley, David Steveley, Joseph Schimmoeller, Kelly J. Schimmoeller, Karen S. Brenner, John Brenner, Kristi L. Mason, Kerry Mason, Kevin M. Lowe and Lisa Lowe to Jennifer Downey, 444 N. McDonel St., Lima, $27,200.


Jerry W. Evans to Barney Gammon and Michelle Gammon, 10220 Clum Road (2.61 acres), Harrod, $66,000.

Jean A. Miller to Dale Layton Morgan Jr., 11770 Harding Highway (2.17 acres), Harrod, $70,000.

Kristen E. Underwood and Kory Floyd to Timothy C. Barton II, 9405 Harrod Road, Harrod, $140,000.


James L. Chandler and Tammy L. Chandler to Dan W. Kinnaird and Connie Kinnaird, 2699 Autumn Ridge Road, Lima, $252,500.

Tammy L. Kirkendall and Steve Kirkendall to Michael W. Raines and Karen E. Raines, 3119 Loescher Road (3.87 acres), Lima, $251,666.

Margaret J. Shrader to Annette Roberts, 2810 Wells Drive, Lima, $140,000.


Vincent F. Karhoff and Genevieve F. Karhoff to John D. Woods and Patricia Mason, 4827 Sycamore St., Elida, $172,000.

Max D. Long et al and private selling officer Rick Kigar to JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, 720 Wildwood Ave., Elida, $65,400.

Austin Peel to Jariah Holsapple and Rebecca Holsapple, 2950 Whippoorwill Ave., Elida, $197,900.


Mike Niese and Lorrie Niese to Gage T. Townsend-Schleeter and Alexis Cairo, 14566 Landeck Road, Lima, $126,500.

Andy L. Schwinnen and Holly L. Schwinnen to Jordan S. Jettinghoff and Abbey M. Jettinghoff, 10181 Heidel Road, Delphos, $305,000.


Elouise Nickles to Jeremy J. Marshall and Amber M. Marshall, 2995 Schooler Road, Lima, $218,000.

TMC Farms LLC to Platinum Path LLC, 5100 Bellefontaine Road (127.51 acres), Thayer Road (8.37 acres and 3.99 acres), Bellefontaine Road (89.35 acres and 4.82 acres), Perry Chapel Road (14 acres), Lima, $1,556,300.


Ronald J. Bauman to Christopher B. Rozell and Ashley N. Rozell, Fort Amanda Road (4.08 acres),$30,000.

Karen K. Cook to Emily S. White, Wonderlick Road, Lima, $159,900.

Patricia R. Hawk, Sheila Ann Distel and Cheryl Lynn Capello, turstees of Deen C. Hawk Living Trust, to Derek T. Stemen and Abby N. Stemen, 4973 Shoshone Trail, Lima, $235,000.

Jerod Hurles and Abagail Hurles to Larry Glenn Jr. and Bobbie Jean Glenn, 2301 Britt Ave., Lima, $153,000.

Todd Strawn and Sheri Strawn to James K. Dimond and Susan D. Dimond, 2308 London Drive, Lima, $225,000.


Timothy Ray Brenneman and Rebecca Anne Brenneman to Cory D. Hartzog and Abigail J. Hartzog, 7341 Gomer Road, Gomer, $94,500.

Ryan Thomas Flory to Santana Gipson, 4865 Dutch Hollow Road, Lima, $16,000.

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Deeds `101`96`85

Mortgage `67`57`70

Land contracts `1`1`1

Releases `103`56`113

Uniform commercial code `1`2`1

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `38`39`37

Military discharges `1`0`6

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