Land transfers, May 9-15

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 9 through May 15. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Thomas Vanchester Brown to Hygge Properties LLC, 1610 Latham Ave., Lima, $79,000.

Patricia Cheshire and Patricia S. Boroff to Christine M. Binkley, 1016 N. West St., Lima, $57,000.

Sara I. Clevenger to Shane Peters and Katelyn D. Peters, 1402 Ellison Drive, Lima, $65,000.

Charles Harold Crow to KDB Investments LLC, 463 Haller St., Lima, $46,200.

Daniel S. Fay and Bobby Jo Fay to Michael Carman, 923 Burch Ave., Lima, $64,300.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Milton Webb, 1537 Latham Ave., Lima, $10.

Michael J. Fox and Pamela A. Fox to Cathy Cira, 821 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $80,000.

Blaine Gearing and Michelle L. Gearing to Haley A. Masters, 340 N. Cable Road, Lima, $84,900.

Sherman E. Gibson and Lakisha Kelley-Gibson to Sherman E. Gibson and Jason W. Thomas Sr., 541 S. Pine St., Lima, $2,100.

Debra K. Hauenstein, successor trustee of M. Irene Westbeld, to Brian D. Gilroy and Julie S. Gilroy, 1842 Olympia Circle, Lima, $151,000.

Ronald J. Hollar to Antoinette Maidon, 417 S. Roberts Ave., Lima, $17,166.66.

Joy Howard to Alayna S. Smith, 2629 Debbie Drive, Lima, $119,000.

Gregory Johnson Jr. to Arthur Knuckles, 608 Michael Ave., Lima, $2,700.

LBC Investments LLC to Cheryl Lawson, 3473 Camden Place, Lima, $197,000.

Julie M. Lee to Intelligent Rental Solutions LLC, 771-773 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $8,200.

Clara M. McLin to Daryl Upshaw Jr. and Clara Mae McLin, 638 E. 5th St., Lima, $10,700.

Timothy A. Mooney to Bryan Kohli, 2965 Freyer Road, Lima, $113,250.

Stephen F. Moore and Pamela S. Moore to Thomas J. Dotson Sr. and Nancy Dotson, 640 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $70,000.

Thomas E. Moss II to Katrina R. McDonald, 441 Marian Ave., $50,600.

Karen C. O’Connor et al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Tyler James Binkley and Michael L. Binkley, 1113 Melrose St., Lima, $39,000.

Randall C. Richardson to Kimika Wilbert and Troy Wilbert, 2139 Virginia Ave., Lima, $80,000.

David B. Roosenberg and Donette S. Roosenberg to JD Ventures LLC, 1020 Faurot Ave., Lima, $23,000.

Corbin A. Shaw to William L. Horvath, 1919 Jared Place, Lima, $148,000.

Stephen Smith to Matthew J. Alexander, 517 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $45,000.

Carriee Beebe Vacolas, executor of Charlotte Dorothy Beebe estate, to Brian C. Williams, 164 Hartford Court, Lima, $52,300.

Howard Youngblood and Shirel L. Youngblood to Butterfield Rentals LLC, 1416 S. Main St., Lima, $2,000.


Charles F. Horner and Lana L. Horner to Andrew J. Moore and Jordan N. Moore, 2895 S. Conant Road, Spencerville, $174,000.


Michael P. Collins to Charles Collins and Amy Norway, 2958 Burch Ave. and Smith Avenue, $28,800.

April M. Coulter and Christopher L. Coulter to Gaylord Mason, 2981 Freyer Road, Lima, $95,000.

June E. Fuhrer to Metzger Rentals LLC, 1510 W. Robb Ave., Lima, $8,300.

Infinity Property Group LLC to Bendy Properties LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Units 103, 113 and 114, $91,500.

Nancy A. Jamison, trustee of Vernon E. Jamison, to REFL LLC, Beery Road (50.599 acres), Lima.

David F. Kunkleman, Daniel Young, Larry J. Kunkleman, Barb Kunkleman, Timothy W. Kunkleman, Kay Kunkleman, Gregg Kunkleman and Sandi Kumkleman to JR Real Estate Two LLC, 3449 Makley Drive, Lima, $85,000.

Timothy Murphy et al and Private Selling Officer Rick A. Kigar to Quicken Loans Inc., 591 Powers Ave., Lima, $34,600.

Candace O. Osborn and Kaye L. Donovan to Jeremy Bontrager and Lilly S. Bontrager, 6063 Cotner Road, Lima, $285,000.

Regions Bank to MK USA Good Shepherd LLC, 410 Smith Ave., Lima, $40,600.

Kay Wellman to Wellman Services LLC, 5564 Poling Road, Lima, $100,000.

Tyler J. Welsh to Elizabeth Kristeen Reams, 2600 Hummingbird St., Lima, $149,500.



Daniel R. Hittle and Pennie L. Hittle to Candace Osborn and Kaye Donovan, 1433 Lutz Road, Lima, $179,900.

Jamie L. Protsman to Zachery Pitts and Brittany McKnight, 2800 N. Dixie Highway, $119,900.

Bradley J. Wauben and Amanda Wauben to Maia N. Wehling, 234 Valley Way, Lima, $151,900.



Brian K. Edelbrock to Scott M. Slaughterbeck and Krystle Slaughterbeck, 76 Luise Circle, Bluffton, $218,000.

Chad R. Cupples and Amanda J. Cupples to EMT Enterprises LLC, 150 S. Mound St., Bluffton, $82,500.


Pamela A. Everett to Steven M. Robey and Pamela S. Robey, Burgess Street, Cairo, $4,000.

Jackie Risner and Irene Risner to Scott A. McGue, 102 Lackey Dr., Cairo, $120,000.


BRR Investments LLC to J&S Warnecke Properties LLC, 512 S. Main St., Delphos, $32,000.

Eugene E. Culp, Randal L. Culp, Lisa M. Cross, Dawn V. Culp, Deanna Culp and Anthony J. Cross to Randal L. Culp and Dawn V. Culp, 601 Lima Ave., Delphos, $26,700.

Michael Martin and Jennifer Martin to Shayn R. Klinger and Tiffany L. Klinger, 402 E. 9th St., Delphos, $55,000.

Harold R. Wreede, Carl E. Grothaus, Nancy L. Wreede and Rhonda J. Grothaus to Kyle D. Spieles and Jonell R. Spieles, $108,900.

Michelle L. Wreede, executor, Brent Allan Wreede estate, to Kyle D. Spieles and Jonell R. Spieles, 1210 Hedrick St., Delphos, $39,200.


Amysel Land LLC to Christopher J. Hassmann and Brooke A. Hassmann, 2686 River Grove Drive, Elida, $125,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation/Radian Settlement Services Inc. to Alexica N. Oard, 108 W. Main St., Elida, $45,000.

Fort Jennings State Bank to Sanko Investments LLC, 5309 Nesbitt St., Lima, $101,500.

UN-Doc’d LLC to Chad A. Reynolds and Kelly E. Reynolds, 207 Oriole Trail, Elida, $3,100.



Carol A. Ginter to Scott E. Hall and Darla D. Hall, 229 E. 4th St. and Oak Street, Harrod, $25,000.


U.S. Bank NA to Cory Pinks and Sara Pinks, 1038 N. McClure Road, Lima, $11,100.



Viola J. Cottrell to Christopher G. Martin and Brynn Martin, 8452 W. State Road, Lima, $104,000.

Gary L. Moenter, Dianne M. Miehls, Donald E. Moenter, F. David Moenter, Sue E. Moenter, Michael L. Miehls, Darlene K. Moenter and Diane M. Moenter to Stephen P. Warnecke and Amelia R. Warnecke, Lehamn Road (24.56 and 31.897 acres), Delphos, $522,800.

Aaron Osting to Lance Rolland Osting, 9355 Mericle Road, Delphos, $26,000.

Patrick M. Patton and Sherry D. Patton to Paul Page and Teresa Page, 6825 Lehman Road, Delphos, $155,000.

Gilbert S. Rice and Laura A. Rice to Jeremy T. Sanders and Rebekah R. Sanders, 2565 Cremean Road, Delphos, $215,000.


Gary E. Harris to Cheryl Meeks LLC, 3200 E. Lincoln Highway, Columbus Grove, $27,000.


Duane A. Dulmage and Brenda J. Dulmage to Lois A. Tobe, 5551 Hanthorn Road, Lima, $240,000.

Joel Gillette to James Nickles, St. Johns Road (5.84 acres), Lima, $45,000.

Philip J. McAdoo to Angela Miller and Robert R. Whitaker, 5432 McPheron Road, Lima, $70,000.


EMT Enterprises LLC to Chad Cupples and Amanda Cupples, 9760 N. Dixie Highway, Bluffton, $249,900.


Phyllis A. Brubaker to Heath E. Jones, 2166 Odema Drive, Lima, $138,800.

Shelly Diepenbrock to Cynthia L. Creps, 230 Seriff Drive, Lima, $97,000.

Brent C. Hamilton and Sheila R. Hamilton to Amberly M. Deibel, 3000 Inwood Drive, $145,500.

Paul A. Joseph and Christine A. Joseph to Trudy M. Pitts and Joseph L. Pitts, 1624 Pro Drive, Lima, $160,000.

William R. Patrick and Donna J. Patrick to Jack W. Young, 2509 Struthmore Drive, Lima, $138,000.

Rashele Saam and Justin Saam to Patricia Cheshire and William E. Cheshire Jr., 3228 W. Breese Road, Lima, $127,500.

Gary L. Stites and Linda D. Stites to Shawnee Mobile Living LLC, 1643 W. Breese Road, $600,000.

Chloe Tascoff and Doug Tascoff to Ryan J. Burkett, 1312 Fairgreen Ave., Lima, $158,000.

Angela L. Taviano to Katheryne R. Ruck and William Ruck, 3370 Fort Amanda Road, Lima, $229,900.

James A. Welbaum II to Phillip Marshall, 2159 Sara Lee Ave., Lima, $82,000.

Robert Paul Yuhasz Jr., Felicite Yuhasz and Dan William Yuhasz to Greg Bolois and Kim Bolois, 4134 S. Wapak Road, Lima, $155,000.



Mary L. McCray to Ronald L. McCray, 207 and 211 S. Broadway St., Spencerville, $100,000.



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Mortgage cancellations`89`54`81

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