Land transfers, May 2-8

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Deeds `106`118`75

Mortgage `88`86`55

Mortgage cancellations`58`74`54

Financing statements `1`2`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 2 through 8. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Bank of New York Mellon, JPMorgan Chase Bank to Steve Webb and Patricia Webb, 1528 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $33,500.

Cheryl L. Boyd et al and private selling officer Rick A. Kigar to Lehman Enterprises LLC, 329 W. Kildare Ave., Lima, $32,200.

James Edward Coffman Jr. (deceased), Janice D. Coffman and private selling officer RIck Kigar to Jesse Coffman and Rex Coffman, 539 E. Kibby St., Lima, $5,100.

Paula Jean Garee, executrix of estate of Joyce Louise Jennison, to Daniel D. Goldsworthy, 663 Marian Ave., Lima, $31,300.

John Harshbarger and Terri Harshbarger to OHCA Partners Ltd., Lima, 1110 E. 2nd St., Lima, $22,300.

Harshbarger Properties LLC to OHCA Partners Ltd., 210 E. 3rd St., 223 E. Vine St., 533 Catalpa Ave., 702 S. Metcalf St., 710 S. Metcalf St., 713 Franklin St., 714 S. Metcalf St., 773 S. Union St., 808 Holmes Ave., 810 E. 3rd St., 811 Holly St., 835 St. John’s Ave., 912 E. 2nd St., 912 S. Main St., 1207-17 Oakland Parkway, 1303 W. Spring St., 1529 S. Main St., 1533 S. Main St., Lima, $737,800.

LCP Group LLC to Allen County Historical Society, 554 W. Market St., Lima, $220,500.

Main Street Homes-Lima LLC to JNM Investments Ltd., 708 Westbrook Drive, Lima, $16,700.

Fauness Martin to Rondale Wilson, 1072 W. Market St., Lima, $18,000.

Shawn M. Prowant and Katie Prowant to Tiffany Jacobs, 1250 Latham Ave., Lima, $73,000.

Lynette Rader to Edwin Richard Pryer Jr., Kevin Neal Rader, Kaylene Woody and Kelly Hershberger, 1828 Lowell Ave., Lima, $15,700.

Bill A. Tracy et al and private selling officcer Rick Kigar to Main Street Homes-Lima, 708 Westbrook Drive, Lima, $49,900.

Donald Walker to B&D Investments Firm LLC, 816 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $10,000.


Mark A. Bercaw to Jefferson Development LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Building 1, Unit 4, $39,000.

April M. Coulter and Christopher L. Coulter to Gaylord L. Mason, 2981 Freyer Road, Lima, $95,000.


Diane Hamm and Roger Hamm to Blake Holford and Chelsea Woods, 7619 Amherst Road, Waynesfield, $270,000.


Nancy J. Faurot to Walter Culp and Jasmine C. Edens, 2750 Stewart Road, Lima, $90,000.

Richelle S. Smith and Darren M. Smith to Shawn Prowant and Katie Prowant, 879 Fenway Drive, Lima, $221,000.


Dustin Pohlman, trustee for Keith M. Pohlman, to City of Delphos, West Lincoln Highway (6.47 acres), Delphos, $35,000.

Ricker Rentals LLC to Jeremy M. Pierce II and Amanda Klinger, 550 E. 3rd St., Delphos, $72,500.

Kyle D. Spieles and Jonell R. Spieles to Samantha M. Stose, 903 E. 3rd St., Delphos, $80,000.


Scott D. Holmes and Deanne E. Holmes to Cory Binkley, 212 E. Main St., Elida, $99,000.


Jason A. Burke and Jennifer R. Burke to Adam C. Tobe and Sara K. Tobe, 11540 Sandusky Road, Harrod, $352,100.


Justin Rahrig and Brittany Rahrig to Timothy K. Hamtilon, 2937 N. St. Marys ROad, Delphos, $107,000.


Mary F. Ramsey to Gettman LLC, 10255-7 Ottawa Road, Columbus Grove, $67,500.


Johnnie R. Raines and Mary E. Raines to Matthew T. Farmwald, 3611 E. Hanthorn Road, Lima, $214,000.


Gregory Adkins, Bryan Adkins, Susan Adkins and Becky Adkins to Kurt Longworth and Sabrina Longworth, 10177 Columbus Grove Blfufton Road, Bluffton, $157,500.

Jeffrey Lynn Anderson, Jennifer Lee Frick, David L. Frick and Tanya Anderson to Andrea Nicole Spallinger, 10285 Columbus Grove Bluffton Road, Bluffton, $165,000.


Lovetta L. Dove to Frederick C. Dove Jr., 2308-23 Rhodes Ave., Lima, $13,700.

Charles D. Edwards and Terri L. Edwards to Christopher Coulter and April Coulter, 2070 Rosewood Lane, Lima, $163,000.

LBC Investments LLC to Charles D. Edwards and Terri L. Edwards, 3474 Camden Place, Lima, $249,000.

LV Comet LLC to Darren Smith and Richelle Smith, 1697 Springhill Drive, Lima, $390,000.

Union Bank Company to Thomas A. Wellman and Kyle J. Benroth, 3424 Weldon Drive, 3436 Weldon Drive, 3441 Weldon Drive, 3453 Weldon Drive, 3467 Weldon Drive, 3479 Weldon Drive, 3488 Weldon Drive, 3493 Weldon Drive, 3500 Weldon Drive and 3532 Weldon Drive, Lima, $92,000.


Westminster Properties of Lima, Ohio, LLC to Rudolph Foods Company Inc., 6633 Katrina Road, Harrod,

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Deeds `106`118`75

Mortgage `88`86`55

Mortgage cancellations`58`74`54

Financing statements `1`2`0

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