Land transfers, April 25-May 1

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Mortgage `86`63`86

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Financing statements `3`0`2

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running April 25 through May 1. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Steven C. Ackerman and Lindsey A. Ackerman to Johnny C. Miller and Alexa R. Miller, 2222 W. Spring St., Lima, $173,000.

Michael L. Binkley to Kim A. Smith, 848 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $50,000.

Matthew L. Bracy and Heather M. Bracy to Neal R. Burgos and Hazel F. Burgos, 730 W. Murphy St., Lima, $58,000.

Diann Canavan, administrator for Donald Allen Gronas, to Kevin Canavan, 554 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, $18,000.

Douglas M. Corwin, executor for Eugene W. Corwin, to Donald G. Daley, 845 Richie Ave., Lima, $14,000.

Cynthia L. Creps to Michael T. Braden and Megan C. Braden, 2900 W. High St., Lima, $98,000.

Shane Dershem to Briana Morse, 646 S. Dana Ave., Lima, $67,000.

Matthew J. Eckman to Rollin A. Brenneman, 1174 Brice Ave., Lima, $37,800.

Ava Christine Garver, successor trustee of Reed Family Trust, to Joshua H. Reed, 915 and 925-927 W. Wayne St., Lima, $40,000.

Glendora A. Glazier to Bethany Jo Glazier, 1627 W. Wayne St., Lima, $21,000.

Evelyn D. Grace to Rodger Lee Smith and Lisa Sue Smith, 1150 N. West St., Lima, $34,000.

William A. Harthun Jr. and Linda L. Harthun to Casandra Marie Easterly, 467-469 Ewing Ave., Lima, $40,000.

F. Michael Hartung and Nancy K. Hartung to Hoang N. Dang and Tuyek Mong Dang, 1081 Brower Road, Lima, $62,000.

Lawrence S. Huffman and Shirley A. Huffman to Duane A. Dulmage and Brenda J. Dulmage, 509 S. Rosedale Ave., Lima, $165,000.

Evan M. Humes to Melanie E. Lewis, 804 N. Nixon Ave., Lima, $87,000.

Larry H. Lambert to Larry H. Lambert and Robert Moran, 531 Runyan Ave., Lima, $30,900.

Scott R. Lauber, Trois Lauber and Lynne E. Lauber to Desjuan Sanchez, 519 N. Rosedale Ave., Lima, $72,500.

Joseph A. Murphy and Dana A. Murphy to David T. Moore, 813 College Ave., Lima, $72,000.

Ann E. Schneidhorst to Garle Smithson and Robert Smithson, 1254 Latham Ave., Lima, $56,200.

Jeffrey Selby to Rhonda L. Lambert, 136 S. Cole St., Lima, $36,100.

Melinda J. Spicer to Visit 4 Investments LLC, 624 N. Collett St., Lima, $22,700.

Angela M. Steele and Hoang N. Dang and Tuyen Mong Dang, 2650 W. Elm St., Lima, $100,000.

Douglas Paul Stanton and Jennifer Susanna McNab to Main Mercer Holdings LLC, 919 Michael Ave., Lima, $42,000.

Kenneth A. Terry and Deborah R. Terry to Sarah J. Jordan and Sean P. Jordan, 1236 Lakewood Ave. and South Jameson Avenue, Lima, $106,500.

Alison Van Gorder to Aaron W. Ray and Hannah L. Ray, 1825 W. Spring St., Lima, $82,000.

Walking on Water LLC to George Austin, 544 S. Pine St., Lima, $3,000.

Clyde J. Wallen and Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar to Bankunited NA, 700 E. Robb Ave., Lima, $26,600.

Wren Family Properties LLC to John E. Campbell, 1234 N. Union St., Lima, $37,000.

Wright-Patt Credit Union Inc. to Main St. Homes-Lima LLC, 1930 W. Market St., Lima, $127,500.


Jackson W. Burklo to Rachel R. Neff, 9190 Allentown Road, Lima, $85,500.

Kevin L. Clark to Beau Smith and Brittney Smith, 3232 S. Grubb Road, Lima, $200,000.

Dennis R. Mullett and Joyce E. Mullett to Curtis E. Edwards and Ruth A. Edwards, 955 S. Conant Road, Spencerville, $155,000.


Robert L. Hammell and Barbara Hammell to April S. Rex, 120 Paradise Place, Lima, $59,900.

Anthony R. Moore and Julie Moore to Kyle E. Brown and Jacklyn N. Brown, 1760 Arlington Drive, Lima, $122,900.

Pasion Family Limited Partnership to Blue Steel Investments LLC, 2116-2120 Aspen Drive, Lima, $125,000.

Jashon Stinson to Shenouda Vector Lamey, 370 S. Stevick Road, Lima, $46,600.


Scott Bowsher, executor of Elwood D. Logan estate, to Derek Bowsher and Presley Bowsher, 9245 Glaize Road, Harrod, $90,000.

Susan K. Nell, David M. Nell, Michael A. Eley, Kathy Eley, Ronald K. Eley, Pamela J. Eley, Gary Eley and Christina Eley to Kevin Dye, Bellefontaine Road (35.76 acres), $185,000.

John D. Stephens and Doris M. Stephens and John C. Stephens, 8120 Faulkner Road, Harrod, $53,000.


Shawn D. Frese and Heather S. Frese to Teresa M. St. Clair and Corey St. Clair, 4625 Autumn Ridge Drive, Lima, $245,000.

Calvin Tyler Rex, Megan Jean Rex and Bridget Trumbull to Eddie L. Fisher and Linda A. Fisher, 3666 E. Bluelick Road, Lima, $87,400.

Andrew A. Richards to Michelle Elrod, 1572 Adams St., Lima, $59,500.

Bobby Thompson, James A. Houston and Sheris A. Hailey to Kurt A. Kaufman, 2423 Harding Highway, Lima, $95,000.


Thomas R. Benroth and Linda L. Benroth to Ronald R. Worcester and Kimberly B. Worcester, 562 S. Main St., Bluffton, $200,000.

Three S. Development Group LLC to Darrell W. Buroker and Rhonda R. Buroker, 118 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $25,000.

Three S. Development Group LLC to Keith A. Stoll and Angela D. Stoll, 118 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $25,000.


William J. Graves and Jill J. Graves to Kenkade LLC, 212 N. Main St., Lima, $120,000.

James A. Klausing and Angela Klausing to Shane F. Kerner, 828 N. Main St., Delphos, $68,000.


Scott A. Cummings and Kylie R. Cummings to Jamon A. Flowers and Lucy Lo Flowers, 4705 Amaryllis St., Elida, $196,500.

Dean W. Kales and Mary A. Kales to Dominic M. DeRose and Kelly R. DeRose, 2114 Larkspur Drive, Elida, $267,000.


Jason A. Burke and Jennifer R. Burke to Rollie Rhodes, 11540 Sandusky Road, $12,000.

H. Lee Davis Jr. and Jeanna M. Davis to Michael J. Hunter, 250 S. Cool Road, Lima, $83,000.


Shane VanWaning, successor trustee of Glendoris V. VanWaning Living Trust, to Butlers’ Investment Properties Co., 120 S. High St., Lafayette, $4,200.


Kim M. Binkley to Logan A. Kehres and Samantha K. Kehres, 6611 N. Defiance Trail, Delphos, $350,000.

Anthony L. Drerup and Mary K. Drerup to Norman L. Koenig and Sydney A. Koenig, 6451 Kiggins Road, Delphos, $243,000.

Mary Jane Watkins to Dane W. Stose and Melinda M. Stose, 8550 W. Lincoln Highway, Fort Jennings, $95,000.


Accubuilt Inc. to S&S/Superior Coach Company Inc., 501 Hanthorn Road (8.63 acres), Lima, $50,000.

Deborah Bartholomew and John Meister to Dale A. Adams, 2770 Dickson Road, Lima, $27,500.

County Line Investments LLC to Zachery Thomas Frye, 4505 Amherst Road, Lima, $117,000.


Blass Holding LLC to Dennis Mullett and Joyce Mullett, 2657 Summer Rambo Court, Lima, $254,500.

Teresa A. Holden and Brian S. Holden to Joseph P. Brautigam and Lisa P. Brautigam, 827 Tiqua Trail, Lima, $290,000.

Timothy J. Lovett and Patricia J. Lovett to D&S Investments of Lima LLC, 3565 Shawnee Road, Lima, $225,000.

Nalini Kamepalli and Ravi Kamepalli to Tiffini N. Payne, 4485 Indian Hill Drive, Lima, $330,000.

John H. Lockwood and Sandra K. Lockwood to Danny V. Bambaloff, 3850 Maple Drive, Lima, $120,000.

Randall T. Rempe and Brenda J. Rempe to Steven Paul Sasada and Lauren Rhea Sasada, 2504 Adgate Road, Lima, $149,900.

Lowell Thomas and Dallie Thomas to Pro Frame LLC, Wonderlick Road (.46 acres), Lima, $9,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Chuen t. Lam, 4304 Southgate Boulevard, Lima, $62,600.


C. Dale Jostpille and Elaine K. Jostpille to Forty Five Fifteen LLC, West Lincoln Highway, Lima, $25,000.

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Deeds `123`83`118

Mortgage `86`63`86

Mortgage cancellations`48`76`74

Financing statements `3`0`2

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