Land transfers, March 28-April 3

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Deeds `101`90`80

Mortgage `81`61`70

Mortgage cancellations`71`54`64

Financing statements `1`2`2

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running March 28 through April 3. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Blass Holding LLC to Mark Peace, 1162 S. Central Ave., Lima, $41,900.

Paula F. Bloomfield and Glenn E. Bloomfield to Michael L. Binkley, 436 Runyan Ave., Lima, $50,000.

Chastity N. Butterfield to 1028 West Market LLC, Lima, 1014 W. Market St., Lima, $88,000.

David M. Conaway to Dylan J. Keith, 435 S. Nixon Ave., Lima, $70,000.

Jessica Denney, trustee of 1755 Virginia Trust, to Christopher Parkhurst, 1755 Virginia Ave., Lima, $86,500.

Stephen A. Drotar to Jacob B. Brunk and Tova M. Brunk, 1517 Lowell Ave., Lima, $120,000.

Christine M. Ginter and Cheryl Fung to William Fung, 1601 Coakley Drive, Lima, $25,700.

Michael W. Iiames and Dawn M. Iiames to Garry Anthony, 1086-1088 N. Main St., Lima, $59,900.

Marina Jo Jett-Swaney and Jane E. Smith, attorney in fact, to Lisa M. Uhl, 675 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $89,000.

Kimberly S. Neeper and Lisa J. Meier, co-executors of Herbert Harry McBeth estate, 2100 W. Market St., Lima, $91,500.

Rodney J. Nelson, administrator, Randall J. Nelson estate, to John Allen Sutton, 1641 S. Union St., Lima, $3,000.

William B. Young and Jennifer E. Young to Darcie Simpson, 730 Mackenzie Drive, Lima, $84,000.


Kathy Lorraine Hughes and Kenneth James Hughes Jr. to James A. Goetz,9494 Agerter Road, Spencerville, $5,000.


Nora Kennedy Tracy and Lori Tracy Tester, attorney in fact, to Cody Slatzer-Rose, 3865 Pioneer Road, Lima, $107,500.

Mary M. Wright to Roxanne Ledbetter, 2430 Windsor Drive, Lima, $122,000.


Lowry Farm LLC to Shane Hartman and Patricia Hartman, Bellefontaine Road (28 acres), $131,600.


Linda Childs, Buddy R. Childs, Tony L. Childs, Vera May Childs, Brad A. Childs, Robert E. Childs and Christine Childs to Jesse A. Sanchez, 808 and 812 Christopher Drive, Lima, $25,000.

William V. Saffle and Loretta Saffle to Lynn A. Evans, 1535 Summit St., Lima, $7,700.

Andrew J. Shafer and Allison Shafer to William R. Taflinger and Claire E. Taflinger, 3951 Sugar Creek Road, Lima, $141,000.

Betsy A. Soria to Jeffrey J. Hoffman Jr., 1688-1690 Bible Road, Lima, $165,000.


Aaron J. Basinger and Ericka R. Basinger to Brandon Falk, 145 Garmatter St., Bluffton, $110,000.

Douglas E. Basinger and John Flickinger to Robert L. Pickett and Evelyn F. Pickett, 90 Riley Creek Court, Bluffton, $175,000.

Brian G. Edwards and Kerry E. Edwards to Logan T. Fruchey and Megan R. Fruchey, 317 Cherry St., Bluffton, $80,000.

Samuel Halcomb and Joyce Halcomb to Taylor O’Connell, 210 Hancock Road, Bluffton, $75,000.

Jeffrey A. Kantner and Joanna S. Kantner to Family Hardware LLC, 109 N. Main St., Bluffton, $128,000.

Richard Meredith and Joyce B. Meredith to Teresa Brooks, 334 S. Charles St., Lima, $110,000.

Linda R. Rumer, Christine R. Gable, Anthony E. Rumer, Natalie L. Koch, William Gable, Jill Rumer and Todd Koch to Aaron Krepps and Lauren Krepps, 460 Shannon St., Bluffton, $191,000.

TTS Home Rentals LLC to Randall E. Matter, 141 Lake Drive, Bluffton, $2,000.

Aaron M. Webster and Rachel M. Webster to KMLL Properties LLC, 591 Harmon Road, Bluffton, $80,000.



Railroad Properties LP to United Equity Inc., four small parcels, $28,500.

Maria Lynn Stockwell to Clay Courtney, 433 E. Cleveland St., Delphos, $108,500.


Jonathon C. Moorman and Amber L. Moorman to Sara L. Dahill and William D. Dahill, 216 N. Greenlawn Ave., Lima, $103,300.

Jerry L. Zimmerman to David P. Bergfeld and Tamara A. Bergfeld, 168 Hartford Court, Lima, $50,000.



Terry Gross and Diana Gross to Drew A. Swaney and Paige K. Swaney, 140 E. 5th St., Harrod, $120,000.


Clint M. Harnisfager to Bryan P. Hayter, East Hanthorn Road, Lima, $1,000.

Bryan P. Hayter to Clint M. Harnisfager, 3415 E. Hanthorn Road, Lima, $1,000.

Arvele Green and Betty Green to Marlo A. Haver, 2001 Lennox Ave., Lima, $80,000.


Todd J. Belden and Jennifer L. Belden to Stephen E. Parent and Angela O’Black, 810 Hokan Trail, Lima, $320,000.

Doris A. Erskine to Caleb M. Vorhees and Sarah E. Vorhees, 2025 Lyn Grove Drive, Lima, $124,000.

Kody W. Lapoint and Kimberly A. Lapoint to Michael S. Wheeler, 3050 Summer Breeze Court, Lima, $424,900.

Glen D. Lause and Michael D. Lyons and Kim Y. Lyons, 2988 Pine Grove Way, Lima, $425,000.

Angela O’Black and Stephen E. Parent to Dawn A. Dorner and Joseph R. Dorner, 3189 Inwood Drive, Lima, $169,900.

Marilyn T. Parmenter and James Henry Parmenter, attorney in fact, to Srinivas Merugu, 2158 Wyandot Drive, Lima, $157,000.

Randall S. Porter to Nicholas A. Shutt, 5225 Norfolk St., Lima, $90,500.

Prabhavathi S. Reddy to Katie Morgan, 2896 Pine Grove Way, Lima, $463,000.

Michael S. Wheeler and Tara A. Wheeler to Winifred Sayoto and Marie Arbie Sayoto, 823 Haida Trail, Lima, $318,000.


Amanda Todd and David Todd to Samantha J. Fuerst and Jonah M. Lee, 210 N. Pearl St., Spencerville, $81,000.

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Deeds `101`90`80

Mortgage `81`61`70

Mortgage cancellations`71`54`64

Financing statements `1`2`2

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