Land transfers, March 7-13

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Deeds `81`54`74

Mortgage `56`52`39

Mortgage cancellations`63`39`66

Financing statements `0`4`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running March 7 through 13. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Douglas A. Daley, administrator fo Elaine M. Prieur estate, to Randall Ritchie, 624 Tall Oaks Ave., Lima, $123,500.

Albert A. Eisele and Julia E. Eisele to Neil A. Lause and Luann Lause, 2097 W. Market St., $1,000.

John W. Ervin Jr. et al to Main St. Homes Lima LLC, 1211 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $17,000.

Joyce A. Jacobs to Thomas Saylor, 523 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, $51,400.

Krista Marie Jones et al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to U.S. Bank National Association, 1715 Coakley Drive, Lima, $87,000.

Matthew T. Macklin and Amanda Macklin to Property Management Professionals LLC, 423 N. West St., Lima, $9,500.

Gary T. McCurdy to Gary Gessel, 1009 E. Eureka St., Lima, $22,300.

Vincent L. Napier, Lashonda R. Napier and Ellaphine Napier to Floyd E. Napier Jr., 1433 St. Johns Ave., Lima, $33,000.

Nathaniel J. Sackinger to Jason M. Dailey, 1511 Diller Road, Lima, $118,600.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Sage Acquisitions LLC to Rachel Nicholas, 766 Holly St., Lima, $9,000.

Vision 3 Investments LLC to Angela Hempker and Scott Falcone, 431 S. Jameson Ave., Lima, $55,000.


Joyce A. Jacobs to Gary T. McCurdy, 2525 Coon Road, Lima, $30,900.


Kippy Sue McElya and William McElya to Trenton Suever, 2837 Hummingbird St., Lima, $169,000.

Brian C. Sarven and Jill M. Sarven to Larry Smith, 470 St. Clair Ave., Lima, $20,000.


Terry L. Shaw and Ladonna C. Shaw to Megan A. Shaw and Miranda N. Shaw, 2740 Johnston Road, Harrod, $131,200.

Cory Thomas Stewart and Ross William Stewart to Douglas M. Stimmel, 7200 Bellefontaine Road (20.05 acres), $250,000.


Matthew A. Heffner, Tracie J. Sanchez and Jeffrey A. Sanchez to Justin M. Rex and Kayla Marvina-Marie Rex, 2825 Slabtown Road, Lima, $175,000.

Anhthu T. Nguyen to Travis Lepley and Kelly Lepley, 2560 Autumn Ridge Drive, Lima, $30,000.

Justin M. Rex and Kayla M. Rex to Corey Blackston and Jessica Downey, 101 Valley Way, Lima, $193,000.


Donald W. Kiracofe and Rose Ellen McOwen, attorney in fact, to Wiechart Investment Properties LLC, 132 E. Main St., Cairo, $27,500.


Catherine F. Endersby to Jeffrey D. Webb and Emily Sue Webb, 3340 Cremean Road, Lima, $185,000.


Gary E. Harris, executor for Helen Gladys Harris, ot Thomas L. Vogel, East Lincoln Highway (67.458 acres), Columbus Grove, $459,900.

Mark D. Miller and Cheryl A. Miller to Jesse L. Miller, East Lincoln Highway (12.25 acres), Columbus Grove, $15,000.

Shafer Family Farms LLC to Steven D. Shafer, 1895 Hillville Road (15 acres), Hillville Road (1.74 acres), 7980 Ottawa Road (51.94 acres), Columbus Grove, $332,300.


Verner Setters, James S. Gibson, attorney in fact, and Pauline Setters to Travis L. Kottenbrock and Troy F. Kottenbrock, 4848 Bellefontaine Road, Lima, $165,000.


Timothy P. King and Dawn K. King to Justin P. King, 9220 Bixel Road (5 acres), Bluffton, $169,500.


Ryan Bianco to Jacob Shivley, 1764 W. Breese Road, Lima, $115,000.

Garylord L. Cleaves and Barbara Cleaves to Joyce I. Hutchison, 3773 Bowsher Road, Lima, $26,000.

Joshua J. Hemenway to Lynn A. Niemyer, 5050 W. Breese Road, Lima, $105,000.

William L. Horvath and Brenda J. Horvath to Lilia M. Jmiai, 2905 Morning Sun Drive, Lima, $390,000.

William A. Sommer to Ryan & Larry LLC, 3578 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $125,000.

`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `81`54`74

Mortgage `56`52`39

Mortgage cancellations`63`39`66

Financing statements `0`4`0

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