Land transfers, Jan. 10-16

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Deeds `70`49`78

Mortgage `52`39`44

Mortgage cancellations`69`41`77

Financing statements `0`3`3

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Jan. 10 through Jan. 16. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Nancy J. Allen to Yes We Can Community Homes, 725 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $1,000.

Eddie E. Burden and Kristina Burden to Sarah A. Lutz, 219 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $60,500.

Gaylord Cleaves and Barbara Cleaves to Cleaves Property Holdings LLC, 760 S. Nixon Ave., Lima, $32,000.

Richard A. Conner to Glenn E. Evans II and Samantha E. Bailey, 213 Chapman Road, Lima, $25,000.

Wesli E. Cotton et al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia, 1930 W. Market St., Lima, $150,000.

James Edward Detwiler et al, Sherry T. Detwiler and private selling officer Kick Kigar to U.S. Bank National Association, 225 Haller St., Lima, $19,000.

Betty F. Duddy to Wende Investments LLC, 514 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $16,500.

Fourth Street Baptist Church to Larry Wright, 414 S. Nye St., Lima, $8,000.

Susan L. Fritchie to Bluffton Paving Inc., 911 Wardhill Ave., Lima, $255,000.

Shirley J. Henderson to Rhonda Henderson-Laidlaw, executor, Robert L. Henderson estate, 1205 S. Main St., Lima, $1,000.

William E. Holtkamp to SLM Ohio Investments LLC, 1112 E. Kibby St., Lima, $1,000.

James Jackson and Beverly Jackson to Eugene Jackson, 922 Reese Ave., $81,000.

Brian J. Littlefield and Meagan K. Littlefield to Zachary J. Harmon and Rachelle M. Harmon, 1120 N. West St., Lima, $33,000.

Alfred J. Mardrus to Lima Florida Properties LLC, 424 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $40,000.

Kenneth L. Piercefield and Karen M. Piercefield to G & SN Leasing LLC, 1710 Allentown Road, Lima, $63,000.

Edith M. Rachlin to Joyce G. Kohl, Cortlandt Avenue, Lima, $1,000.

Marhta L. Wright and Roger W. Wright, attorney in fact, to Brad A. Moore, 1739 Latham Ave., Lima, $68,000.


Timothy J. Jackson and Robin L. Jackson to Tyler M. Wireman, 2465 S. Defiance Trail, Spencerville, $87,000.


Bagshaw Holdings and Investments LLC to Quick Service Realco LLC, 2723 Elida Road, Lima, $1,778,400.

Steven P. Barrington Jr., administrator of Steven Leroy Barrington Estate, to Chad Newland and Melody Newland, 3796 Pioneed Road, Lima, $85,000.

DG Lima Cole LLC to M.H.H. Enterprises, Inc. 2015 N. Cole St., Lima, $1,335,500.

Dan K. Shinabery, Deborah A. Shinabery and Jo Ann Shinabery to Elizabeth A. Potteiger, 3621 Diller Road, Lima, $110,000.

Douglas C. Shafner and Tanyla L. Shuster to WVT Properties LLC, 2100 Diller Road, Lima, $150,000.


David Michael Goff, administrator for Carrie L. Goff, to David E. Shaffer and Vivien C. Shaffer, 5593-5995-5997 Waynesfield Road, Lima, $197,500.


Brady J. Burk to Cary L. Parsons, 403 E. 3rd St., Delphos, $95,000.


Carol E. Bowers to Chad S. Smith, 201 E. North St., Elida, $80,000.


Larry Eldridge and Vipheavy Phann to David A. Eldridge and Tracy Eldgridge, 121 S. Walnut St., Harrod, $52,000.


Jechkov LLC to Jeffrey Unterbrink and Allison Unterbrink, 2.5 acres, Bliss Road, Delphos, $41,500.


Gary E. Harris, executor for Helen Gladys Harris, to Michael J. Stechschulte and Amy S. Stechschulte, 30.487 acres, Mayberry Road, Columbus Grove, $198,200.


U.S. Bank National Association to Nathan Dyer and Daphna Dyer, 5185 Clum Road, Lima, $17,000.

L. Eugene Wyant to Richard Balonier, 3460 Yoder Road, Lima, $64,400.


County Line Investments LLC to Royal D. Eddy, 1226 Forest Drive, Lima, $128,000.

Fritchie Asphalt and Paving Company to Bluffton Paving Inc, Wardhill Ave., Lima, $17,300.

Great Lakes Conference, Churches of God, General Conference to New Life Church International Inc., 3075 Yoakam Road, Lima, $250,000.

Brianna L. Smith to Nicholas M. Etzkorn and Julia R. Etzkorn, 4.99 acres, Spencerville Road, $47,300.


Kayla N. Rahrig et al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to David M. Martello, 402 E. 5th St., Spencerville, $41,500.

Shaun Ricker and Rebekah Ricker to Kimberly Rowland, 715 Briggs Ave., Spencerville, $1,500.

`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `70`49`78

Mortgage `52`39`44

Mortgage cancellations`69`41`77

Financing statements `0`3`3

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