Land transfers, Dec. 20-16

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Deeds `66`93`83

Mortgage `35`55`37

Mortgage cancellations`67`112`49

Financing statements `1`1`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Dec. 20 through Dec. 26. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Blass Holding LLC to Allysia Altick, 1124 Taft Ave., Lima, $17,500.

• John C. Bowman to Yost Properties LLC, 739-739 1/2 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $13,000.

• Gloria Fay Douglas Cloud and Wilma Jean Douglas Woolfolk to Greg Gooding and Brenda Gooding, 322 E. 2nd St., Lima, $3,500.

• Colwell Properties LLC to Brass Rings Leasing Ltd., 1012 Bellefontaine Ave., Lima, $225,000.

• CR 2018 LLC to Robert E. Lindeman, 333 S. Collett St., Lima, $5,900.

• Kimberly Oglesbee et al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Metzger Construction Incorporated, 2830 W. Market St., Lima, $65,000.

• PK Investors LLC to Dirk Jackson II, 513 W. Kibby St., Lima, $30,000.

• Henry Shepherd and Linda M. Shepherd to Trayver Phillips, 546 E. Albert St., Lima, $5,000.

• Willie Smith Jr. and Sarah P. Smith to Paul E. Curtis, 618 E. 3rd St., Lima, $1,000.

• Tax Ease Funding 2016-1 REO LLC to Hung Thanh Tran Le, 517 N. Jameson Ave., Lima, $18,600.

• Tax Ease Funding 2016-1 REO LLC to John E. Campbell, 1005 Franklin St., Lima, $14,900.

• Vision 2 Investments LLC to Betty F. Duddy, 1013 Simons Ave., Lima, $30,000.

• Jonathan P. Yoder and Shana R. Yoder to Michael’s Realty LLC, 1911 Allentown Road, Lima, $76,000.


• Helen Mary Beeler to Charles E. Plikerd and Constance Plikerd, 1605 N. Kemp Road, Lima, $375,000.


• Dustin A. Ellerbrock and Aubrey A. Ellerbrock to Christopher L. Frater and Nicky L. Frater, 5630 River Trail St., Elida, $144,900.

• Brett A. Ream to Brian L. Brown and Pamela J. Brown, 504 Lester Ave., Lima, $110,000.


• Lucille C. Baker to Arrow Forrest LLC, 7.02 acres, 1519 Neubrecht Road, Lima, $13,000.

• Laura L. Quirk to Joy B. Sharpe, 306 Fenway Drive, Lima, $133,000.

• Rightaway Real Estate & Leasing LLC to Arrow Forest LLC, 11.09 acres, 1595 Neubrecht Road, Lima, $280,000.


• Mary Huffman-Gay and William Morrison to Pandora Grain and Supply Inc., 218 W. Pearl St., Beaverdam, $25,000.


• Benjamin N. Bergstrand and Sarah R. Bergstrand to Bradley J. Bergstrand and Gretchen S. Bergstrand, 362 W. Elm St., Bluffton, $100,000.


• Jack C. Miller and Deborah L. Miller to Long Family Farm LLC, 17.61 acres, Shrider Road, Harrod, $90,000.

• Darrell Campbell and Janis A. Campbell to William Gunther, 6336 McPheron Road, Lima, $140,000.


• Kathryn D. Raabe to Steven C. Buettner and Yvonne J. Buettner, 2.08 acres, West State Road, Delphos, $18,000.

• Carole M. Maenle and Robert G. Maenle to Kyle J. Luersman and Eric T. Dickman, 30 acres, Southworth Road, Delphos, $565,000.


• Amelia Kay Blaine and Michael M. Blaine to Michael L. Vandervelde, 2954 Vera Way, Lima, $117,500.

• Contini Enterprises LTD to Hawthorne Holdings LLC, 3248-52 Western Ohio Ave., Lima, $225,000.

• Robert A. Schaeffer and Debra A. Schaeffer to James T. Birum and Dianne L. Birum, 5030 Tillamook Trail, Lima, $204,000.

• Rachel A. Stombaugh and Mark Stombaugh to Josh & Matt Investments LLC, 4145 Susan Lane, Lima, $85,000.

• Richard L. Williams and Donna E. Williams to Diane K. Rohrer, 4127 Magnolia St., Lima, $35,000.


• Andy J. Dues and Traci J. Dues to Douglas R. Eickholt, 2225 S. Becker Road, Spencerville, $455,000.


• Terry J. Boop, Linda D. Boop and Melissa D. Pelligrini to Kathy Ann Wagner, 449 N. Main St., Spencerville, $76,300.


• Steven Brady, Judith R. Richert and James W. Brady to Barbara A. Simpkins, 4333 W. Lincoln Highway, $97,000.

`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `66`93`83

Mortgage `35`55`37

Mortgage cancellations`67`112`49

Financing statements `1`1`1

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