Land transfers, Nov. 1-8

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Nov. 1 through Nov. 7. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• John V. Battles and Lisa A. Battles to Phillip V. Dotson, 737 Ewing Ave., Lima, $55,000.

• Bud’s Pork LLC, Betty J. Grubaugh and Deborah Boedicker, attorney in fact, to Herman Deplush, 833 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $91,400.

• Darryl A. Culverson to Scott McGrath, South Central Avenue, Lima, $1,800.

• Fifth Third Bank to C.T.W. Development Corporation to Clocktown Plaza LLC, 937 N. Cable Road, Lima, $80,166.67.

• James Raymond Hamilton III and Courtney Jean Merrill to Emily N. Sarchet, 669 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $57,000.

• IDL Enterprises, Faith E. Rapp, executor of Richard L. Rapp estate, to M D Krohn Enterprises LLC, 461 N. McDonel St., 401 W. McKibben St., 410 W. McKibben St., 411 W. McKibben St., 414 W. McKibben St., 417 W. McKibben St., 435 W. McKibben St., 440 W. McKibben St., 445 W. McKibben St., 446 & 446 1/2 W. McKibben St., 449 W. McKibben St., 451 W. McKibben St., 455 W. McKibben St., 457 W. McKibben St., 460 W. McKibben St., 463 W. McKibben St., 471 W. McKibben St., 475 W. McKibben St., and 536 N. Metcalf St., $550,500.

• Fisher Investments Property Inc. to Property Management Professionals LLC, 404 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $28,500.

• Kelko Holdings LLC to Mack Hutchins, 910 Brice Ave., Lima, $47,000.

• KSR Rental Ltd. to Millicent A. Lucas, 779 Ewing Ave., Lima, $50,000.

• Lima Land Company Ltd. to Jill M. Whitmore, 1120 W. Elm St., Lima, $66,400.

• Lashena S. Manley to Tyler Slater and Mary Elizabeth Faye Slater, 1928 Burch Ave., Lima, $93,500.

• Pamela A. Moore to Mary Diane Evans, 802 Loretta Place, Lima, $110,000.

• Mark A. Schlesselman to Christa M. Schlesselman, 953 E. High St., Lima, $6,000.

• Diane Seay, Larry Seay and Diane Smith, WTTA, to Scott McGrath, 921 S. Central Ave., Lima, $1,500.

• Scott E. Sharik and Sally Ann Sharik to Theodore Sharik, 615 Hazel Ave., Lima, $41,500.

• Paul J. Sprague and Lvera Sprague to Gary Rower, 1930 Hillcrest Drive, Lima, $4,000.

• TNT Properties Group LLC to Martez Smith, 1431 Norval Ave., Lima, $7,200.


• Kelsea L. Allenbaugh to Neil T. Buettner, 427 S. Pierce St., Lima, $128,500.


• Melinda R. Ahl to Seth Evans and Molly A. Hipsher, 3701 W. Elm St., Lima, $177,000.

• Grace Fellowship Church of Lima, Ohio, Inc. to Richard M. Good and Leona Good, North Cable Road, Lima, $60,000.

• Nathan T. Hensley and Emily Hensley to Jill A. Liebnau, 3979 Chestnut Oak Trial, Lima, $302,500.

• Betty J. McLaughlin and Mary Sciranka, attorney in fact, to Mary C. Caldwell, 1908 Brookhaven Court, $70,000.

• Richard E. Musser and Sharon L. Musser to Joan R. Petersen, 2812 Sherwood Drive, Lima, $145,000.

• Sylba D. Reynolds and Lorrie Sterling to Rebecca J. Martz, 1649 Victoria Lane, Lima, $185,000.

• Sherwood Park Community Club Inc. to Richard E. Musser and Sharon L. Musser, Victoria Lane, $23,000.

• Carla L. Johnson to Richard and Russell LLC, 160 Paradise Place, Lima, $38,000.

• James D. Warner and Julie A. Warner to Elisabeth H. Wilch and Michael W. Wilch, 2415 Sherwood Drive, Lima, $109,000.


• William R. Smith and Diane M. Smith to Loretta J. Hicks, 6597 Waynesfield Road, Waynesfield, $35,000.


• Scott A. Bassett, Amanda Bassett and Jamie K. Bassett to Betsy Wentling, 2708 Lost Creek Boulevard, Lima, $116,000.

• Gloria Jean Sherer to Nicholas K. Walters and Olivia K. Crawford, 1656 Stewart Road, Lima, $120,000.


• Michael W. Bassitt and Laura L. Bassitt to Nicholas Butorac and Sarah E. Butorac, 9145 Reservoir Road, Harrod, $189,000.


• Heatwolfe Estates LLC to Austin J. Smith and Kendra I. Smith, 3399-3465 N. Grubb Road, Lima, $110,000.


• Janet M. Hoff to Jaclyn J. Jones, 5566 E. Hanthorn Road, Lima, $135,000.


• Eagles Point Development LLC to Vicky Tabler, 141 Eagles Point South, Lima, $156,000.

• Blaine L. Gearing and Michelle Gearing to William C. and Rilla L. Crothers Trust, 241 Squire Lane, $32,000.

• David E. Johnson and Debra S. Johnson to Yaeger Realty LLC, 2293 Garden Boulevard, $64,900.

• William C. Mack to Lana R. Slusher, 4175 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $45,000.

• Sarah M. Maidon to Michael Loughrin, 2841 Seminole Trail, Lima, $46,700.

• Steven R. O’Dowd and Paulette J. O’Dowd to Kenneth E. Keller and Kimberly Rae Keller, 3751 Darrell Road, Lima, $141,000.

• Shawnee Development Ltd. to Blaine Gearing, 2691 Alexandria Drive, Lima, $25,000.


• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Sage Acquisitions LLC, authorized agent, to Zachary N. Carder, 14795 Fruend Road, Delphos, $56,000.


• Dennis W. Buettner, executor of Robert E. Buettner estate, to Mary Beth Weis and Edward J. Weis, 7055 Hofferbert Road, Lima, $138,800.

• Kim Maley, Nancy Burke and Douglas Burke to Cynthia A. Furr, 7070 Gomer Road, Lima, $79,000.


• Lucas J. Babcock et al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 302 E. Pearl St., Beaverdam, $19,000.


• Luther Whitaker and Patricia Ann Whitaker to R. Brian Overholt and Jaden M. Overholt, 312 Hillcrest Drive, Elida, $44,000.


• Mark S. Harbert, Beverly Harbert, Connie M. Harbert Lee, Craig A. Harbert, Tracie L. Salazar, Mario Salazar and Lori Harbert to Joel Lee, 208 S. Main St., Spencerville, $30,000.

• Lots for Soldiers Inc. to Charles E. Koontz and Robin F. Koontz, 711 Briggs Ave., Spencerville, $2,000.

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Deeds `96`82`89

Mortgage `75`69`62

Mortgage cancellations`81`72`60

Financing statements `0`4`0

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