Land transfers, Oct. 25-Oct. 31

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Mortgage `55`81`69

Mortgage cancellations`50`103`72

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Oct. 25 through Oct. 31. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Carol C. Clark, administrator for Craig L. Arensman, to Jerry A. Krieg and Lisa K. Krieg, 1529 W. Market St., Lima, $40,000.

• Melissa Garlock and Nathaniel Garlock to Kaitlynn R. Dapice and Dustin A. Dapice, 604 Primrose Place, Lima, $86,000.

• Gregory A. Nungester, Cheryl Nungester, Douglas G. Nungester, Mary Nungester, Dianne P. Frymyer and Jonathan Frymyer to Patrick Nungester, 346 W. Ertel Ave., Lima, $190,000.

• Timothy J. Remlinger and Jasmine M. Remlinger to Adam C. Fortney and Jill M. Fortney, 608 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $46,400.

• Starla S. Schlesselman and James E. Schlesselman, co-executors for Idella G. Schlesselman, to Mark A. Schlesselman and Christina M. Schlesselman, 953 E. High St., Lima, $12,000.

• Spyker Properties LLC to Jessica A. Ramirez, 812 Cornell Drive, Lima, $85,300.

• Steven M. Walsh and Deborah C. Walsh to Anthony H. White Sr., 637 S. Dewey Ave., Lima, $55,900.


• Kathryn A. Fought and Larry Fought to Christopher J. Gauthier and Dama L. Gauthier, 711 E. 5th St., Delphos.

• Terry L. Odenweller and Sharyl E. Odenweller to Ulm’s Mobile Home Courts Inc., East Second Street, Delphos, $50,000.

• Joshua E. Siefker and Laura Beth Siefker to Logan Heiing, 112 E. 12th St., Delphos, $46,000.

• U.S. Bank National Association to Keith W. Rahrig and Therese M. Rahrig, 815 S. Adams St., Delphos, $20,000.


• Chad Fallis and Melissa Fallis to Nathan J. Biss and Cassie N. Biss, Mills Road, Lima, $26,700.

• Dale P. Smith and Maria A. Smith to S&S Acres LLC, South Sunderland Road, Lima, $1,000.

• Shawn D. Vastano and Jennifer A. Vastano to Joshua Abrassart and Lindsay Abrassart, 7005 Agerter Road, Lima, $230,000.


• Rhonda L. Gambino, successor trustee for Steiner Family Revocable Living Trust, to Robert J. Kondas Sr. and Cynthia R. Kondas, 1529 N. Wapak Road, Lima, $22,000.

• Larry L. Grigsby and Pamela J. Grigsby to Alexis E. Ritchie and Dillon E. Conner, 5294 Lobo St., Lima, $137,900.

• Roberta J. Kaye and Michael Kaye to Corey A. Woodruff, 2733 Lilly Drive, Lima, $165,000.

• Brenda Kelly, executrix of Robert O. Baker estate, to Jacob L. Martin, 1990 N. Eastown Road, Lima, $72,400.

• Drew Lacy, executor for James A. Lacy estate, to Frank A. Wittkamp Jr. and Julie L. Wittkamp, 1736 Victoria Lane, Lima, $134,900.


• Scott Bowsher, executor of Eldwood D. Logan estate, to Gregory P. Bowsher and Pamela K. Bowsher, 9245 Glaize Road, Harrod, $128,000.


• David E. Dunifon II to Brian S. Stimmel and Cheryl K. Stimmel, 1040 Prosperity Road, Lima, $158,000.

• Harold M. Hamilton and Mailyn S. Hamilton to Lee J. Lammers and Heather M. Lammers, 3765 Armstead Place, Lima, $170,000.

• Harbour Portfolio VII LP to AW Notes LLC, 1906 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $12,600.

• Robert Jenkins and Kelly Jenkins to Susanna M. Harrod, 3479 Early Ave., Lima, $175,000.

• Rick Kigar, private selling officer for Edward W. Crist Sr., to U.S. Bank National Association, 1204 McKinley Ave., Lima, $64,400.

• Robert H. Meyer and Barbara J. Meyer to Richard L. Robinson and Barbara J. Robinson, 112 Highland Lakes Drive, Lima, $265,000.

• John D. O’Reilly to Deesa Dlynn Hammer, 205 Devonshire Drive, Lima, $1,000.

• Susan K. Rister to William Harnishfeger, 3748 Yale Ave., Unit 51, Lima, $126,000.

• Lyle F. Snyder and Beth A. Snyder to Robert A. Jenkins and Kelly S. Jenkins, 2544 Slabtown Road, Lima, $290,000.


• Teresa K. Schultz and Jonathan E. Schultz to James L. Dutton and Patricia A. Dutton, North Napoleon Road, Lima, $223,700.


• Micah D. Brentlinger to Tyler W. Hunt and Chelsea N. Hunt, 7950 Billymack Road, Delphos, $45,000.

• C&K Landeck Property LLC to Leo F. Trentman, 14060 Landeck Road, Delphos, $185,000.


• Thomas A. Dickson and Katherine G. Dickson to Laken M. Beery and Chad W. Berry, 1696 E. Breese Road, Lima, $60,600.


• Ethel J. Snyder to Jennifer A. Vastano and Shawn D. Vastano, 9099 N. Dixie Highway, Bluffton, $325,000.


• Benjamin S. Clark and Krista N. Clark to Thomas G. Drake and Jill E. Drake, 3490 Yoakam Road, Lima, $229,900.

• Union Bank Company to Michael S. Eilerman and Carla J. Eilerman, 3415 Weldon Drive, Lima, $10,000.

• Kelli Fisher to Daven E. Stedke, 1371 Timberlane Drive, Lima, $147,500.

• Don W. Hager and J. Claudette Hager to David W. Hager and Carol S. Hager, 2085 W. Hume Road, Cridersville, $160,000.

• Joshua Hinegardner and Rebecca Hinegardner to Cory M. Deal and Brittany N. Deal, 4242 Delong Road, Lima, $201,000.

• Ismailu O. Ogbaje and Marie Jean-Paul to Michael Keith Cotrell, 4453 Indian Hill Drive, Lima, $375,000.

• Roger Scott Stienecker and Rhonda Stienecker to Benjamin S. Clark and Krista Nicole Clark, 2693 Amanda Lakes Drive, Lima, $390,000.

• Roger Scott Stienecker and Rhonda Stienecker to James E. Rudolph, Amanda Lakes Drive, Lima, $15,000.

• Jack A. Strahm and Sue L. Strahm to Blaine Gearing, 3640 Groves Road, Lima, $138,000.

• Carolyn A. Vetter to James S. Jordan, 2065 Maplewood Lane, Lima, $100,000.


• Tyler W. Hunt and Chelsea N. Hunt to Stuart R. Coe Jr. and Audrey J. Coe, 6965 N. Wapak Road, Lima, $180,000.


• Donald E. Gibson and Sarah A. Gibson to Ronald L. Bowerman and Jane M. Bowerman, 625 E. College Ave., Bluffton, $189,900.

• Benjamine L. Thiel and Sarah E. Thiel to Daniel Ray Stratton and Ashley Jane Stratton, 155 S. Mound St., Bluffton, $170,000.


• Carol Hoffer, successor trustee for Robert L. Carman family trust, to Justin Evans and Ashley Evans, 220 High St., Lafayette, $62,500.


• John G. Medaugh to David A. Kimmey and Robin L. Kimmey, 305 W. 4th St., Spencerville, $172,500.

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Deeds `73`60`82

Mortgage `55`81`69

Mortgage cancellations`50`103`72

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