Land transfers, Oct. 18-Oct. 24

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Oct. 18 through Oct. 24. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Antwain Link Adams to Intelligent Rental Solutions, LLC, 914 Richie Ave., Lima, $40,000.

• Betty E. Bowers and David E. Bowers to Matthew H. Huffman and Paige A. Huffman, 1225 State St., Lima, $186,000.

• Carolyn Sue Clay and Gary L. Clay to Austin T. Mell, 590 St. Clair Ave., Lima, $50,000.

• Kathleen A. Colley WTTA Kathleen A. Schmidt and Phillip Colley to Kenneth D. Galford, 1013 E. Albert St., Lima, $46,500.

• Fontina Daniel to Darmeisha Wilson, 1009 N. McDonel St., Lima, $5,000.

• Dan L. Ferrall and Carol S. Ferrall to Nicole Green and Chad T. Parker, 735 Runyan Ave., Lima, $39,000.

• Shari Hawkins Et Al, Loren Kerr, Roy Lawson and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Dirk C. Jackson II, 1006 Burch Ave., Lima, $28,600.

• LBC Investments, LLC to Keith A. Deutsch, 3469 Camden Place, Unit 4, Lima, $199,900.

• Richard A. Schnipke and Joann M. Schnipke to BTL Investment Properties, LLC, 508 Fairview Ave., Lima; 513 E. Albert St., Lima; 729 S. Elizabeth St., Lima; 814 Linden St., Lima; 821 Madison Ave., Lima; 946 Florence Ave., Lima, $106,900.

• Curtis Smith to Dawn Ehora, 848 St. Johns Ave., Lima, $1,000.

• Curtis Smith to Dawn Ehora, 506 Michael Ave., Lima, $$1,000.

• Curtis Smith to Dawn Ehora, 510 Michael Ave., Lima, $1,000.

• United States Department of Housing And Urban Development/Secretary of Housing And Urban Development/Sage Acquisitions, LLC Authorized Agent to Shane J. Foster, 1613 Karen Ave., Lima, $35,101.


• William J. Klausing and Leslie G. Klausing to Abigail R. Parsons, 483 S. Washington St., Delphos, $55,000.


• Norman L. Koenig and Sydney A. Koenig to Robert J. Freed III and Bradley J. Freed, 3622 S. Conant Road, Spencerville, $303,000.

• Matthew R. Smith and Amber L. Smith to Jonathon C. Moorman and Amber L. Moorman, 2424 Cremean Road, Lima, $180,000.


• Virginia I. Ott, Karen Kipfer Attorney In Fact to Odilon Emmanuel Cibasu and Mimi T. Cibasu, 2275 N. Cable Road, Building 7, Unit 126, Lima, $25,000.

• Jennifer R. Powell AKA Jennifer R. Shappell and Anthony J. Shappell to Dace Tong and Robert D. Tong Jr., 2884 Hollyhock Ave., Lima, $185,000.

• Sarah J. Sargent to Dane A. Chisman and Linda S. Chisman, 3604 N. Kemp Road, Lima, $11,000.

• Greg Sneary and Gladys S. Sneary to Cody C. Burklund and Brooke B. Burklund, .230 acre N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $7,000.

• Staci J. Vanvoorhis NKA Staci J. Sites and Sheriff Matthew Treglia to Amysel Land LLC, 2686 River Grove Drive, Lima, $45,000.


• Kendra R. Clevenger NKA Kendra R. Mulholland and William A. Mulholland Jr. to Ashley N Barnette and Brenden T. Barnette, 221 S. Napoleon Road, Harrod, $98,000.

• Kary Paul Richardson and Miranda C. Richardson to Jordane L. Dues and Grant D. Dues, 10440 Faulkner Road, Harrod, $170,000.


• Lee J. Lammers and Heather M. Lammers to Chad A. Jamison and Amber L. Jamison, 2548 Autumn Blaze Drive, Lima, $225,000.


• Mary Beth Runk to Wesley Schroeder and Traci Schroeder, 5310 Lopez Drive, Lima, $24,000.


• Andrea M. Richards to John P. Routson, 1190 S. Thayer Road, Lima, $144,000.


• Hancock Road, LLC/Bruce Sommers, John Sommers, Kevin Sommers and Mark Sommers to Benroth Land, LLC, 76.16 acres Hancock Road, Bluffton, $610,000.


• John F. Elliott and Marcia L. Elliott to Delbert D. Hughes, 1729 Frail Road, Lima, $132,000.

• Sharon K. Faza Trustee of the Sharon K. Faza 2016 Trust to Sarah Maidon, 2508 Alexandria Drive, Lima, $164,200.

• Chris S. Groh and Tonia S. Groh to Mario E. Moralez Sr. and Christina M. Ludwig, 3306 S. Wapak Road, Lima, $168,000.

• Nicholas Schuelke and Brianna Schuelke to Ottawa Valley Center Inc., 3677 S. Amblewood Circle, Lima, $147,500.

• Ann Welly WTTA Ann Wiechart and Stephen Welly to Cody L. Jones and Kristin J. Jones, 3301 Royal Oak Drive, Lima, $139,500.


• Kenyon Dale Mauk and Theresa Louise Mauk to Andrew Roberts and Tennille Roberts, Sarka Road, Spencerville, $30,000.


• Clinton Roberts to Kristin Lehmkuhl, 202 Oriole Trail, Elida, $90,000.


• Kathryn E. Lunz Co-Executor and Randy J. Lindemuth Co-Executor of the Jode P. Lindemuth Jr. Estate/Estate of Jode P. Lindermuth Jr. to Reginald L. Wiechart and Kerstin M. Wiechart, 320 N. Pearl St., Spencerville, $73,500.

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