Land transfers, Oct. 11-Oct. 17

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Oct. 11 through Oct. 17. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Rachael Gilroy’s Office.


• Patrick J. Beam and Susan E. Beam to Mervat D. Elayyan, 1715 Sherry Lee Drive, Lima, $258,000.

• Harolyn A. Beggin to Blaine Gearing, 340 N. Cable Road, Lima, $19,000.

• Blass Holding, LLC to Ruth E. Whited, 1014 N. Baxter Road, Lima, $85,000.

• Travis M. Burkholder to Taylor M. Lowry, 955 St. Johns Ave., Lima, $5,000.

• Judy Ellison and Robert P. Buhrow to Shelby L. Dieterich, 1825 Rice Ave., Lima, $85,000.

• Kim E. Henderson FKA Kim E. Hutchins FKA Kim E. Worthington, NKA Kim E. Battle and Norman E. Battle to Glenn Evans and Angela L. Evans, 1002 E. Albert St., Lima, $25,300.

• Frueh Lantz, LLC to Allen County Regional Transit Authority, 232-46 N. Union St., Lima, $100,000.

• Lease2Own RVA LLC to Ricky Allen Close Jr., 129 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $4,900.

• Andrienne L. Martin and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Federal National Mortgage Association/Fannie Mae/Superior Credit Union Inc., 1537 Latham Ave., Lima, $52,800.

• National Asset Mortgage LLC to Southridge Capital Management, LLC, 615 N. Cole St., Lima, $21,500.

• Adam R. Rector and Mary Wiechart Rector AKA Mary W. Rector to Brent M. Eversole, 1510 Lowell Ave., Lima, $126,500.

• Southridge Capital Management LLC/David W. Campbell Attorney In Fact to National Asset Mortgage LLC, 615 N. Cole St., Lima, $21,500.


• Sharon Lawrence FKA Sharon M. Vulgamott, Theresa Goodwin Power of Attorney to Amber D. Martin, 803 S. Adams St., Delphos, $26,000.


• AFWH Realty, LLC to Heaphy Harmony Real Estate, LLC, 2365 W. Elm St., Lima, $175,000.

• AFWH Realty, LLC to Heaphy Harmony Real Estate, LLC, 310 S. Cable Road, Lima, $175,000.

•Shawn W. Croft Executor of the Marjory A. Croft Estate AKA Marjory Ann Croft Estate to Shane William Savidge, 480 S. Kemp Road, Lima, $118,000.


• GMCO Ventures, LLC to Ross T. Schroeder, 3311 N. West St., Lima, $62,500.

• Clarence McGriff and Judy E. McGriff to Cassondra Wilkins, 2962 Canterbury Drive, Lima, $132,000.

• Brian J. Newland Trustee of the Newland Trust to Arnold S. Good, 2275 N. Cable Road, Building 6, Unit 105, Lima, $31,800.

• James T. Wriggelsworth and Barbara K. Wriggelsworth to Robert R. Cook and Lesley M. Cook, 5046 Bur Oak Trail, Lima, $295,000.


• Resia S. Morris to Gregory V. Sanchez, 3037 Danny Drive, Lima, $7,500.

• Larry E. Roberts and Rhonda S. Roberts to Crystal R. McGee and Corey P. Wilson, 615 Daytona Ave., Lima, $128,700.

• John P. Routson to Katlyn Zorger, 3751 N. Cool Road, Lima, $124,000.

• Michael David Turner, Sandy Cutler Turner, Susan T. Piacentino, Sally Ann St. Clair, Douglas L. St. Clair, Charles B. Vinson, Jimmie Vinson and Sandy Cutler Turner to A&T Ruthman, LLC, 78.050 acres Stewart Road, Lima, $573,300.


• John T. Warnecke, Mary Jo Warnecke, Alice Wieging, David R. Wieging, Stephen P. Warnecke AKA Steven P. Warnecke and Amelia R. Warnecke to Kurt A. Hoersten, 10355 W. Lincoln Highway, Delphos, $105,000.


• B.C.B. Farms, LLC to Friesner Holdings, LLC, 54.090 acres Pevee Road, Harrod, $340,800.

• Gearaldine Warren, Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia, Martha Sullivan As Administrator of the Estate of Geraldine Warren AKA Estate of Geraldine Warren, AKA Geraldine Warren Estate Et Al to U.S. Band N.A. As Trustee/Manufactured Housing Contract Senior/Subordinate Pass-Through Certificate Trust 2000-6, 1038 N. McClure Road, Lima, $14,000.


• Sandra K. Dunlap to Mark D. Helmlinger, 5407 St. Johns Road, Lima, $105,000.


• Pamela Jane Alspaugh to Junior C. Conley II and Wathusiri Conley, 4085 Shawnee Road, Lima, $120,000.

• Paul L. Clemens and Kelly J. Clemens to Adam R. Rector and Mary W. Rector, 3482 High Ridge Road, Lima, $185,000.

• Carolyn S. Davis to Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC, 3200 Spencerville Road, Lima, $84,000.

• Great Lakes Conference, Churches of God, General Conference to New Life Church International, Inc., 3075 Yoakam Road, Lima, $250,000.

• Chad A. Jamison and Amber I. Jamison to Megan R. Miller, 1950 Rose Ave., Lima, $118,000.

• Sylvia Offenbacher and Michael Lynn Offenbacher to Adams Way LLC, 197 Golden Lane, Lima, $50,000.

• William F. Platvoet Trustee, Lyn M. Wolfe Attorney In Fact to Pamela Jane Alspaugh, 898 Berryman Blvd., Lima, $55,000.

• Jonathan F. Reeves and Keri L. Reeves to Nathaniel E. Garlock and Melissa Garlock, 866 S. Copus Road, Lima, $176,000.


• Ronald L. Morrison and Judith E. Morrison to Bret A. Rumer, 6688 Foust Road, Beaverdam, $187,000.


• US Bank National Association, Successor Trustee/Bank of America, National Association, Successor By Merger/LaSalle National Association As Trustee/Ownit Mortgage Loan Trust/Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates/Series 2006-7/OCWEN Loan Servicing, LLC Attorney In Fact to Mark Dulle and Debbie Dulle, 114 W. Jefferson St., Bluffton, $32,900.

• William Swisher Etal, William J. Swisher HTTA Et Al, Nacy J. Swisher and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A. Successor In Interest/JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association as Trustee/Specialty Underwriting and Residential Finance Trust Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates/Series 2004-BC4, 135 Cherry St., Bluffton, $50,000.


• John Swickrath Attorney In Fact, Mindy Swickrath, John Swickrath to Stacey Wetz, 305 N. College St., Spencerville, $72,000.

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