Land transfers, Sept. 20-26

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Deeds `96 `86 `99

Mortgages`68 `45`77

Mortgage cancellations`65 `67 `143

Financing statements ‘3`0`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Sept. 20 through Sept. 26. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Rachael Gilroy’s Office.


• Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Walker & Wall Real Estate, LLC, 521 W. McKibben St., Lima, $4,900.

• Wilbur Fisher and Loretta Fisher to Property Management Professionals, LLC, 213 N. Woodlawn Ave., Lima, $30,000.

• Santana J. Gipson to Ladora Whisenton, 106 Wood St., Lima, $12,000.

• Santana J. Gipson to Ladora Whisenton, 726 N. Main St., Lima, $22,800.

• Santana J. Gipson to Sheldon Gipson, 770 Oak St., Lima, $9,600.

• Jamie R. Hollar to Allison M. Triplehorn, 1211 Virginia Ave., Lima, $75,500.

• Lana Leigh Lowry, John W. Lowry, Beth Ann Ridenour, Randy A. Ridenour and Greg A. Newland to Dru E. Ridenour, 638 S. Dewey Ave., Lima, $33,000.

• Nicole r. Pitson AKA Nicole R. Collier and Ira L. Collier to Brent E. Hollar, 618 Meadowbrook Drive, Lima, $80,000.

• Dru E. Ridenour to Blythe D. Ridenour, 612 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $16,700.

• Carl J. Spencer Executor, Shirley Anne Purtell Decd. AKA Shirley A. Purtell Decd. to Angela M. Steele, 2650 W. Elm St., Lima, $80,000.

• Larry A. Spitnale and Eva D. Spitnale to Desiree N. McCable, 1929 W. Wayne St., Lima, $86,000.

• Melinda M. Steed and Scott Steed to Steven P. Foust and Sherry L. Foust, 351 S. Charles St., Lima, $30,000.

• Douglas M. Stimmel and Carole L. Stimmel to Amanda G. Morris and Dustin M. Morris, 6382 McPheron Road, Lima, $156,000.

• Lewis T. Walton and Irma J. Walton to Kendra Johnson, 1360 Hughes Ave., Lima, $7,000.




• Bear Country Enterprise, LLC to Michael R. Miller and Keriie S. Miller, 4101 Elida Road, Lima, $100,000.

• Dorothy J. Edwards, Kevin M. Edwards Attorney In Fact to Timothy L. Plaugher and Timothy S. Plaugher, 630 St. Clair Ave., Lima, $7,500.

• Judy Ellison and Robert P. Buhrow to Nicholas L. Reynolds and Kristen M. Reynolds, 2275 N. Cable Road, Building Three, Unit 142, Lima, $37,000.

• Linda Kay Hansen Executor of the Janet Lucille Mapel Estate AKA Janel L. Mapel Estate, AKA Janet Mapel Estate to Timothy L. Good, 1607 Benham Drive, Lima, $166,000.

• Philip M. McMurry and Jennifer McMurry to Jimi L. Scott and Tasha Scott, 822 Gloria Ave., Lima, $109,000.


• Jane Ballard Trustee of the Jane Ballard Living Trust to Shirley A. Haller, 3800 Yale Ave., Unit 45, Lima, $127,500.

• Dianna B. Harnishfeger and William Harnishfeger to Warren Collins and Brenda Collins, 3316 N. Dixie Hwy., Lima, $300,000.

• Eddy Hawley Jr. and Amie Hawley to Brianna Cotterman, 1540 Stewart Road, Lima, $99,000.

• John Music and Tammy Music to Jama Boggs, 205 Smead Ave., Lima, $80,000.

• Joseph A. Sweigart AKA Joseph Sweigart to Eddy Hawley Jr. and Amie Hawley, 1540 Stewart Road, Lima, $36,000.


• Bobby Jo Fay and Dan Fay to Stanley J. Eisenhut Jr., 5749 S. Fraunfelter Road, Lima, $324,000.

• Christopher S.D. Semrock and Tracy B. Semrock to George Closson, 423 E. Fourth St., Delphos, $45,000.

• Donald L. Utrup Executor of the Estate of Ricahrd E. Utrup AKA Richard E. Utrup Estate AKA Richard Eugene Utrup Decd. to Daniel L. Whitacre, 6455-6463 Peltier Road, Delphos, $60,500.


• Terry I. Handshoe to Kevin Handshoe, 1324 Glenn Ave., Lima, $80,000.

• Lois Arlene Hinds AKA Lois A. Hinds, Phillip Hinds Attorney In Fact to Peggy J. Folk and Gerald L. Thorne, 2648 E. Breese Road, Lima, $162,000.

• Terry J. Landwehr and Kristina M. Hammond FKA Kristina M. Landwehr to Renee A. Snyder, 5823 McClain Road, Lima, $82,500.


• Gary L. Kirtland Trustee of the Gary L. Kirtland Trust and Rebekah A. Kirtland Trustee of the Rebekah A. Kirtland Trust to Mark A. Wischmeyer and Chelsea R. Wischmeyer, 8820 Hillville Road, Bluffton, $325,000.


• Michael G. Conley and Leslie R. Conley to Timothy Shutt, 3950 Odema Drive, Lima, $160,000.

• Robert R. Cook and Lesley M. Cook to Chad Maxwell, 4733 Kitamat Trail, Lima, $260,000.

• Krystyen Denig NKA Krystyen Galvin and Kendrick Preston Galvin to Ronald E. Suter and Ruth E. Suter, 1855 Rose Ave., Lima, $107,900.

• Erin L. Ellis to Brooke A. Davenport, 3 Shieffield Lane, Lima, $189,900.

• Darin G. Grimm and Shelly R. Gossard NKA Shelly R. Grimm to Cory A. Noonan and Dionna Noonan, 4455 Meadowlands Drive, Lima, $251,500.

• Alice H. Grumblis and Michael Grumblis Attorney In Fact to James L. Grumblis, 2044 Arcadia Ave., Lima, $46,800.

• Natalie G. Heil Trustee of the Heil Family Trust to Donald L. Fischer and Sherri L. Fischer, 2601 Adgate Road, Lima, $195,000.

• Karla Diane McLeod Executor of the William Fredrick Kelly Estate AKA William F. Kelly Esate AKA Bill Kelly Estate to Zachary S. Long, 3124 Yoakam Road, Lima, $111,500.

• Donald E. Neff and Sonya M. Neff to Arian Cody, 4150 Shawnee Road, Lima, $124,900.

• Luke A. Orndoff and Ashley A. Orndoff to Davdi R. Wilson and Patricia A. Wilson, 1199 Winterberry Drive, Lima, $300,000.

• Nicole R. Payne Executor of the Daniel J. Kretz Estate AKA Daniel Jerome Kretz Estate AKA Daniel Kretz Estate to Donald E. Neff and Sonya M. Neff, 4494 W. Breese Road, Lima, $120,000.

• Kathlyn L. Schock to Michelle L. Taylor and Cory A. Taylor, 2312 Britt Ave., Lima, $130,000.

• Gerald Thorne to Tara J. Hamilton and Jesse C. Price, 1330 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $124,400.

• Scott A. Worsham and Shanna P. Worsham to Jason M. Dodds and Kendra L. Dodds, 3860 W. Breese Road, Lima, $126,100.


• Michael L. Binkley to Kyle C. Brenneman and Sarah Brenneman, 4081 W. Lincoln Hwy., Gomer, $68,000.


• Joyce A. Badertscher to Valli L. Burris, 455 Cherry St., Bluffton, $120,000.

• Bethany F. Leaman FKA Bethany Fowler and Glen E. Leaman to Dwight A. Nichols and Jean A. Nichols, 107 Sally Lane, Unit 107, Bluffton, $154,000.

• Brad A. McVetta to Amanda K. Mortimer, 259 N. Spring St., Bluffton, $129,700.

• Dwight A. Nichols and Jean A. Nichols to David D. Cheney and Anna M. Cheney, 662 S. Main St., Bluffton, $154,900.

• Darrick E. Oswald and Elizabeth M. Oswald to Jonathan R. Simon and Kayla M. Simon, 184 Albert St., Bluffton, $157,000.

• Kay S. Otto to Rene L. Inniger, 178 E. Elm St., Bluffton, $120,900.


• John E. Gross and Deborah S. Gross to Justin Kerr, 520 Wall St., Cairo, $97,500.


• Douglas Graham and Beth Graham to Nicole R. Collier and Ira L. Collier, 334 Hillcrest Drive, Lima, $157,500.

• Un-Doc’d, LLC to Shane C. Weldy and Melanie Weldy, 204 Oriole Trail, Lima, $275,000.


• Jean E. Macdonald to Jabez Capital Investments, LLC, 547 N. Broadway St., Spencerville, $80,000.

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Deeds `96 `86 `99

Mortgages`68 `45`77

Mortgage cancellations`65 `67 `143

Financing statements ‘3`0`0

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