Land transfers, Aug. 30-Sept. 5

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Aug. 30 through Sept. 5. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Gregory Aikens to Brian C. Chancy and Julia A. Chancy, 631 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $50,000.

• Janet L. Alexander Co-Executor and Raymond Gary Hesseling Co-Executor of the Louis J. Hesseling Estate to Adekunle Adebanjo, 13 Superior Court, Lima, $18,700.

• Sharon Brown and Gregory A. Brown to Lucas M. May, 224 N.Woodlawn Ave., Lima, $63,000.

• Sandra L. Ford to Stephanie Khork, 429 Lewis Blvd.,Lima, $86,000.

• Scott R. Gephart and Judith A. Gephart to Jennifer D. Chafin, 1809 W. High St., Lima, $100,000.

• HIL Properties LLC to 4 Star Properties, LLC, 212 S. Woodlawn Ave., Lima; 931 W. Wayne St., Lima; 410-412 N. West St., Lima; N. West St., Lima; 325 McPheron Ave., Lima, 1230 W. Wayne St., Lima; 924 W. Wayne St., Lima; 1176 W. Wayne St., Lima, 1178 W. Wayne St., Lima; 1179 W. Wayne St., Lima; 905-907 W. Wayne St., Lima; 933-933 1/2 W. Wayne St., Lima; 1028 N. West St., Lima; 838 N. Metcalf St., Lima; 1024 N. West St., Lima, $520,000.

• Barbara Luzung FKA Barbara Punches and Jerome Luzung to Jody A. Karhoff and Angela D. Karhoff, 648 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $24,000.

• Ellaphine Napier to Donald R. Podlesnik and Judy K. Podlesnik, 520 W. Northern Ave., Lima, $65,000.

• Pacific Union Financial LLC to Cindy L. Curtis and Mark E. Curtis, 150 S. Dana Ave., Lima, $32,300.

• Donald Rader to Marisa Kay McGilton, 1303 N. McDonel Ave., Lima, $80,000.

• Frank Joseph Santaguida and Cynthia Santaguida to Lima Refining Company, .169 acre S. Metcalf St., Lima, $30,000.

• Brian U. Walter to Candice Wash and Danyel K. Walton, 502 Runyan Ave., Lima, $72,000.

• Kenneth Williams II to Paul Curtis, 937 W. Faurot Ave., Lima, $9,100.

• Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB as Trustee/Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust A, Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC Attorney In Fact to Gaylord Cleaves, 760 S. Nixon Ave., Lima, $31,000.


• C. Michael Birkmeier and Christine L. Birkmeier to Joel N. Pohlman and Emma L. Pohlman, 926 Fort Jennings Road, Delphos, $159,500.


• Kevin M. Acheson to Robin R. Freed and Todd A. Freed, 3465 Makley Drive, Lima, $103,900.

• Kevelin Capers and Betty Capers to Andrew J. Burden and Jenny J. Burden, 1628 Tahoe Place, Lima, $179,000.

• Jenna M. Douglas and Martin Douglas to Angela S. Mann, 5261 East Road, Lima, $154,900.

• Russell L. Kitchen and Diana M. Kitchen to Dakota A. Bechdolt, 1380 N. Wapak Road, Lima, $120,000.

• Jeffrey L. Rahrig, Mark J. Rahrig Attorney In Fact to Chuen Tung Lam and Bing Zheug, 1860 Edgewood Drive, Lima, $109,000.

• Gaybra Lynn Raymond, Boyce J. Ballinger, Heather Ballinger, Larry Raymond to Gossard Development, LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Building 7, Unit 134, Lima, $37,000.

• Jerry L. Thompson and C. Renae Thompson to Tiffany J. Upshaw, 2912 Makley Drive, Lima, $135,000.


• Jason N. Gillespie and Jessica Gillespie to Darin C. Gillespie, 3924 N. Dixie Hwy., Lima, $90,000.

• Joshua W. Krasky and Alicia B. Krasky to Bruce A. Wilhelm, 1104 Fett Ave., Lima, $127,000.

• Peggy J. O’Neill NKA Peggy Folk to Jacob S. Kubuske and Elizabeth Chaney, 706 Bristol Ave., Lima, $96,000.

• Taddrick J. Sanders to Andrew Hollingsworth and Kristina Hollingsworth, 584 Yale Ave., Lima, $141,000.

• Sun Lizard Rentals, LLC to Steven M. Schimpf and Vicki L. Schimpf, 618 Willard Ave., Lima, $87,000.


• Northwestern Ohio Missionary Baptist Association AKANorthwestern Baptist Association to Paul Curtis, .121 acre E. 14th Street, Lima, $3,500.

• Daniel L. Scott and Natalie M. Scott to LJ3, LTD, 3590 Harding Hwy., Lima, $245,000.


• Blaine Gearing and Michelle Gearing to Matthew P. Johanning and Alison R. Johanning, 876 Hokan Trail, Lima, $350,000.

• Richard L. Hefner Jr. executor of Virginia L. Hefner Decd, Estate of Virginia L. Hefner to Northwest Real Estate, LLC, 1724 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $85,000.

• Benjamin Kehres and Alicia A. Kehres to Tyson Walther and Jenna Walther, 3680 Yoakam Road, Lima, $172,500.

• Michael G. Klopp, Daniel L. Klopp, Sandra J. Crumrine, Todd W. Klopp, Marsha Klopp, Janice Klopp and Emily Klopp to Michael R. Huddleston and Deborah S. Huddleston, 2825 E. Amblewood Circle, Lima, $145,000.

• Michelle L. Parry-Hian to Amanda Burkholder, 2515 Elmview Drive, Lima, $158,000.

• Robin R. Pennington and Rudy Pennington to Rickey Pennington II and Janet Pennington, 2910 W. Breese Road, Lima, $117,000.

• Sophia Rabiner to Anna Ileene Plummer, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 607, Lima, $70,000.

• Jacob Sandusky and Sabrina Sandusky to Brandon B. Flarida, 3475 S. Wapak Road, Lima, $110,000.

• Rozetta Joyce Watts to Daniel Romo Jr., 1909 Jo Jean Road, Lima, $50,000.


• E. Jeff Weis and Mary B. Weis to Albert J. Schoder Jr. and Denise L. Schoder, 909 W. Hook Waltz Road, Lima, $16,216.66.


• Marshall L. Doss Et Al, rick A. Kigar Private Selling Officer to Jo Lynn Burrell Trustee, 107 Richland Drive, Bluffton, $130,000.

• Three S Development Group LLC to Darrell W. Buroker and Rhonda R. Buroker, 116 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $50,000.

• Three S. Development Group LLC to Thomas E. Sandy and Jodi A. Sandy, 107 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $30,000.


• Jennifer A. Allgire FKA Jennifer A. Bowman and Shawn M. Allgire to Cody Barbadaes, 139 Perrysburg Road, Cairo, $104,900.


• Main St. Homes - Lima, LLC to James A. Patterson and Susan M. Patterson, 104 Henry St., Elida, $118,500.

• Christopher M. Reiff and Mary A. Reiff to John D. Meyer Jr. and Katrina R. Meyer, 116 Orchard Drive, Elida, $217,000.

• Ashlyn B. Tracy to Brittany Julian, 403 W. Kiracofe Ave., Elida, $95,900.


• Fisher Investments Property, Inc. to Bolinger Enterprise, LLC, 107 S. Pearl St., Spencerville, $20,000.

• James L. Maurer to Aaron D. Kill, 444 N. Main St., Spencerville, $40,100.

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Deeds ` `86 `94

Mortgages`63 `67`53

Mortgage cancellations`103 `74 `60

Financing statements ‘1`0`0

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