Land transfers, Aug. 16-22

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Deeds `95 `77 `63

Mortgages`71 `63`65

Mortgage cancellations`94 `60 `90

Financing statements ‘1`0`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Aug. 16-22. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Meghan M. Beck and Douglas Beck to Jason L. Beck, 1889 W. Spring St., Lima, $100,000.

• Marjorie Bryan Executor of the Francis D. Andrew Estate to Michael Ryan Morey and Sally Morey, 2201 W. Wayne St., Lima, $130,000.

• Christ Temple to Shalonda M. Fuqua, .172 acre E. Second St., Lima, $1,000.

• Andrea J. Compton to Kevin Binkley and Manieka Binkley, 580 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $8,900.

• Herbert A. Ford and Melissa D. Ford to Peter S. Thompson and Cara A. Thompson, 550 N. Woodlawn Ave., Lima, $85,000.

• Harbour Portfolio VII, LP to Norcap 1, LLC, 1054 E. Franklin St., Lima, $16,400.

• Carlyn R. Hefner to Tiffani L. Sawmiller, 2071 W. High St., Lima, $94,000.

• Brandon Hemker to Joshua Hicks, 1893 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $89,266.67.

• Betty Jane Kunkleman, Larry Kunkleman Attorney In Fact and Timothy Kunkleman Attorney In Fact to Stephen E. White, 517 Columbia Drive, Lima, $15,000.

• Richard Lyons Et Al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia and Rachael S. Gilroy Treasurer to Charmaine Sanders-Johnson and Laron N. Johnson, 928 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $5,000.

• Amanda Merick Administrator for Lorri Ann Jackson, Decd to Sarah M. Prinsen, 2453 W. Spring St., Lima, $67,000.

• Rebecca S. Newman and Robert T. Coon to Sarah J. Thompson, 1612 Wendell Ave., Lima, $106,500.

• Omega Liquidators, Inc. to Garland R. Williams II, 310 Kildare Ave., Lima, $90,000.

• PK Investors, LLC to Matthew Cary, 127 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $42,300.

• David J. Quinn to Mercy Health-St. Rita’s Medical Center, LLC, 528 W. North St., Lima, $250,000.

• Ann L. Wilker to Timothy A. Pough and Junette Pough, 2206 Carolina Ave., Lima, $79,500.


• Palmer-Donavin Manufacturing Company to Alexander Family Trust/Nicholas B. Alexander V Separate Trust, Elizabeth D. Alexander, 911 Spencerville Ave., Delphos, $4,500,000.

• Eric W. Short and Alexis L. Ricker NKA Alexis L. Short to Andrew R. Neumeier, 810 N. Franklin St., Delphos, $78,200.


• Susan E. Stratton and Steven C. Stratton to Justin R. Blevins, 1350 N. Stevick Road, Lima, $75,000.

• Richard W. Walters and Joy L. Walters to Jarett E. Bute and Gabrielle R. Bute, 780 Lester Ave., Lima, $122,000.


• Wayne Bellinger and Verne L. Bellinger to Mark Homan Land Trust, LLC, 24 acres Wolfe Road, Lima, $154,000.

• Dennis L. Gross and Lisa M. Gross to Brian L. Mauk Jr. and Tracy L. Mauk, 2076 Hadsell Road, Lima, $287,000.

• David W. Houchin and Linda K. Houchin to Adam W. Williams and Lisa M. Williams, 3098 Stewart Road, Lima, $260,000.


• Cason White and Stacy White to William Martin and Rebecca Cooper, 2565 N. Peevee Road, Harrod, $97,500.


• FX Net Lease Holdings LLC/FV Real Estate Management, LLC to PK&P Investment Co., 2050 Harding Highway, Lima, $2,335,000.


• E. Kay Spallinger, D. David Stemen, J. Elaine Minter, R. Gregory Stemen, R. Martin Stemen, M. Karen Brickner to Douglas Davis and Janet Davis, 108 Eagles Point West, Lima, $138,000.


• Darrell W. Buroker and Rhonda R. Buroker to Daniel J. Sommers and Maegan D. Sommers, 301 S. Main St., Bluffton, $265,000.

`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `95 `77 `63

Mortgages`71 `63`65

Mortgage cancellations`94 `60 `90

Financing statements ‘1`0`0

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