Land transfers, Aug. 9-15

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Mortgages` `68`63

Mortgage cancellations`58 `98 `60

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Aug. 9-15. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Tausha Muniz, 130-34-36 W. High St., Lima, $51,500.

• Bhavya Rentals, LTD/Ravi K. Kamepalli MD to Richard L. Burgbacher and Mary E. Burgbacher, 1738 Northlea Drive, Lima, $67,000.

• Charles D. Dellenbaugh to Shawn L. Bagley and Dumeka L. Bagley, 771 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $45,700.

• Nathaniel Garlock and Melissa Garlock to Jessica A. Basinger, 1635 W. Wayne St., Lima, $64,900.

• Julie K. Gillespie to Bobbi Wimer AKA Bobbie J. Wimer, 753 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $76,000.

• Ruthie Glenn, Joanne Glenn, Carol James and Jerry James to Aaron Glenn, 760 S. Union St., Lima, $12,600.

• Christy Lynn Kaser Executor AKA Christy L. Kaser Executor of the Larry J. Kaser Estate to Adam C. Fortney and Jill M. Fortney, 524 S. Collins Ave., Lima, $68,000.

• Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC/Flagstar Bank, FSB Attorney In Fact to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development/United States of America, 513 Columbia Drive, Lima, $10.

• Lima (Jameson) DOHP, LLC/Dollar Texas Properties XV, LLC to Exchangeright Net Leased Portfolio 23, LLC, 310 N. Jameson Ave., Lima, $826,900.

• Kim A. Osting and Brenda S. Osting to C&C Property Managements LLC, 513-515 W. Vine St., Lima, $10,000.

• Douglas H. Pruessner and Cari D. Pruessner to Rachel M. Strahm, 519 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, $58,000.

• Martha J. Richardson Successor Trustee of the Richardson Family Revocable Living Trust to Optimal Investments, LLC, 515 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $53,000.

• Glen C. Sawmiller and Susan A. Sawmiller to Blue Chip Housing, LLC, 569 S. Scott St., Lima, $26,000.

• Sun Lizard Rentals, Ltd to Rachel Swartz Trustee of the Swartz Family Revocable Trust, 1750 Rice Ave., Lima, $68,000.

• Dianne Williams to Dianne Thompson, 608-608 1/2 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $62,300.


• Sally A. McCall to Kimberly A. Keeling, 826 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $70,500.

• Joseph David Odenweller and Donna Odenweller to Corey J. Schuerman, 309 Eastwood Ave., Delphos, $85,900.

• Adam W. Williams and Lisa M. Williams to Adam Duncan and Kimberly S. Duncan, 1103 Marsh Ave., Delphos, $155,000.


• David Jon Edmiston and Sheldone M. Edmiston to Fisher Investments Property, Inc. 2680 Franks Drive, Lima, $60,000.

• John P. Engberg Administrator of the Lee Ellen Engberg Estate AKA Lee E. Engberg Estate to Tina M. Johns, 5055 Marciel Drive, Lima, $142,000.

• Daniel L. Karapondo and Darlene D. Weyer to Kyle J. Bushong, 112 Geneva Lane, Lima, $141,700.

• LBC Homes, LLC to Cayleb Paulino and Alexandria Paulino, 2816 Wendell Ave., Lima, $234,800.

• Marsha A. Loebbaka to Steven G. Harnden and Sheila G. Harnden, 4926 Hummingbird St., Lima, $156,500.

• Steven J. Mauri to Michael C. Stelzer and Danielle S. Swartz, 2945 N. Cable Road, Lima, $98,000.

• Sherry E. Morgan Co-Executor and Sandra M. Kivimaki Co-Executor of the Elizabeth G. Welker Estate, AKA Elizabeth Gertrude Welker Estate to Robert J. Warner and Patricia A. Warner, 4767 Sycamore St., Lima, $116,500.

• Michele Renee Murphy to Adam Crates and Ginger Crates, 14 Axminster Terrace, Lima, $152,000.

• Patrick D. Stephens and Mindy Elizabeth Stephens to Thomas E. Leidy and Megan A. Leidy, 3929 Willow Oak Trail, Lima, $245,000.


• Ralph A. Lammers and Marcia J. Lammers to Melinda R. Ahl, 3701 Sugar Creek Road, Lima, $254,000.

• Jamie L. Ward, Gary P. Ward, Jamie L. Ward Attorney In Fact to Randy E. Hamilton and Misty Hamilton, 710 Kingswood Ave., Lima, $210,000.


• Mark E. Kundert to BCB Farms LLC, 52.08 acres Peevee Road, Harrod, $250,000.

• Richard E. Lucke and Karen S. Lucke to Kellen R. Dunlap and Amanda Dunlap, 757 Shrider Road, Harrod, $241,000.


• John F. Godfrey and Tonya Godfrey to Steven D. McPheron, 3232 Schooler Road, Lima, $116,600.

• Kohlhorst Investments, LLC to Steve Ackerman, 1605 Zeits Ave., Lima, $5,000.


• Darol E. Dodd and Cynthia A. Dodd to Stephen T. Bennett and Susan W. Bennett, 2889 Riverwalk Blvd., Lima, $245,000.

• Edward Lloyd Goodson II and Victoria Goodson to Tina S. Placie, 1924 Frail Road, Lima, $45,000.

• Paula Lynn Gossard Co-Executor and Elizabeth L. Crawford Co-Executor of the Pauline Wyatt Gossard Decd, AKA Pauline W. Gossard Decd, to Justin A. Russell and Rachel E. Russell, 1584 Fairway Drive, Lima, $155,500.

• LBC Investments LLC to Marilyn E. Nelson, 3467 Camden Place, Lima, $199,900.

• Joseph L. Mezinger and Sandra K. Mezinger to Matthew C. Lora and Kristi J. Lora, 110 Mohawk Court, Lima, $249,900.

• Alexandria M. Paulino FKA Alexandria M. Hesson and Cayleb M. Paulino to Todd Long, 1683 Jo Jean Road, Lima, $124,800.

• Beth B. Sanders and Thomas R. Sanders to Colbie Fetter, 1706 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $153,000.

• Richard E. Schmidt and Debra S. Schmidt to Ian M. Richey, 2244 Western Ohio Ave., Lima, $95,500.

• Keith A. Stoll and Angela D. Stoll to Sharon K. Faza Trustee of the Sharon K. Faza 2017 Trust, 2858 Riverwalk Blvd., Lima, $263,000.

• John J. Zulliger Executor of the Marion R. Zulliger Estate AKA Marion Ruth Zulliger Estate to Michael P. Carter and Yu Wang Carter, 645 Atalan Trail, Lima, $217,000.


• Thomas A. Bernhoft and Jean M. Bernhoft to Mary E. Augsburger, 184 Susan Drive, Bluffton, $123,000.

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Deeds `77 `80 `77

Mortgages` `68`63

Mortgage cancellations`58 `98 `60

Financing statements ‘0`0`0

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