Land transfers, July 5 to July 11

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Mortgages`64 `73`69

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running July 5 to July 11. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Patricia A. Batis, Anieta Harriman Attorney In Fact to George O. Heise Jr., 801 S. Nixon Ave., Lima, $35,000.

• Blass Holding, LLC to Bradley P. Devier, 608 Marian Ave., Lima, $76,500.

• Shannon M. Buehler to Kelsey Hoff, 1807 W. Spring St., Lima, $85,566.66.

• Claude Bodine and Valarie Bodine to Claudia L. Rudy, 550 N. McDonel St., Lima, $12,100.

• Ken Casey and Samella Casey to Larry T. Pitts and Marcia L. Pitts, 517 E. Third St., Lima, $27,500.

• York Chambers Jr. and Evelyn J. Chambers to Brad Alan Savidge and Shardae Denise Buckley, 1215 E. High St., Lima, $8,000.

• Paul J. Dawson Trustee of the Paul J. Dawson Revocable Living Trust to Penny L. Grigsby, 112 E. Murphy St., Lima, $10,000.

• Shirley Diller to Miguel M. Jones, 1952 Burch Ave., Lima, $93,000.

• Stephen Fuhrman and Lynn Fuhrman to Bruce Fuhrman, 2010 W. High St., Lima, $55,000.

• Milton D. Ganser to Charlotte M. Ganser, 425 N. Washington St., Lima, $10,000.

• Blaine L. Gearing and Michelle Gearing to Carrie A. Hart, 2402 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $147,500.

• JDP Capital LLC to Douglas Eastes and Julie Eastes, 923 N. Main St., Lima, $42,800.

• Sean M. Lause to Juanita Money, 330 N. Collett St., Lima, $38,400.

• Kellie K. Pierce to Robert K. Patterson and Lorena J. Padrelanan, 1179 Hazel Ave., Lima, $78,000.

• Heather R. Sanford and Nathan V. Sanford to Markus A. Cousey Jr., 411 Runyan Ave., Lima, $51,500.

• Tiera Stubblefield to Shyhiem Watson, 915 Franklin St., Lima, $7,000.

• Gregory H. Ward and Cheryl A. Ward to 705-721 Fairview, LLC, 721 Fairview Ave., Lima, $16,100.

• Gregory H. Ward and Cheryl A. Ward to 705-721 Fairview, LLC, 719 Fairview Ave., Lima, $23,700.

• Gregory H. Ward and Cheryl A. Ward to 705-721 Fairview, LLC, 711 Fairview Ave., Lima, $18,200.

• Gregory H. Ward and Cheryl A. Ward to 705-721 Fairview, LLC, 705 Fairview Ave., Lima, $17, 200.


• Darrell Craft AKA Darrell Lee Craft and Helen Carol Craft AKA Carol Craft to Tony Briggs and Jennifer Briggs, 607 E. Harmon St., Delphos, $11,000.


• Artisan Investments Properties, LLC to Marcus I. McWilliams, 2232 N. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $122,500.

• Dennis A. Laman and Lynda D. Laman to Harry James Johnson and Ellen K. Johnson, 3048 Vera Way, Lima, $155,000.

• Woodside Acres, LLP to Craig L. Troyer and Jon S. Troyer, 18.57 acres Koop Road, Lima; 2.011 acres King Ave., Lima; 20.456 acres and 34.374 acres Allentown Road, Lima; 20.44 acres N. Eastown Road, Lima; 30.406 acres Allentown Road, Lima; 1.814 acres King Ave., Lima, $1,000,000.


• HSBC Bank USA, National Association Trustee/Wells Fargo Home Equity Asset-Backed Securities 2004-2 Trust/Home Equity Asset-Backed Certificates/Series 2004-2/Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Attorney-In-Fact to Adris Yvonne Kincaid, 3340 Shearin Ave., Lima, $46,100.

• Scott J. Kill to Justin W. Akers and Chelsea T. Akers, 3154 Cynthia Drive, Lima, $177,500.

• Terry L. Selby and Vicki A. Selby to Richard Lee Callahan and Pamela Sue Callahan, 715 Yorkshire Drive, Lima, $205,000.

• Barbara K. Wriggelsworth Executor for Sarah Leah Pirtle Decd to David I. Makley, Lynda S. Makley, Theron D. Makley, Todd J. Makley, Tresa M. Reed, Tamara S. Makley Joseph and Timothy M. Makley, 3839 Yale Ave., Lima, $122,500.


• Andrew Richards to Erica J. Schimmoeller and Kevin M. Acheson, 3475 Herr Road, Lima, $179,000.


• Norma M. Hesseling Trustee, Dale E. Hesseling Trustee and Karen M. Develvis Trustee of the Norman J. Hesseling Family Living Trust and Norma M. Hesseling Family Living Trust to David Knepper and Melissa Knepper, 5533 Kiggins Road, Delphos, $100,000.

• Jechkov, LLC to Brian A. Vorst and Erica A. Vorst, 9555 Bliss Road, Lima, $40,000.

• Janet L. Klaus to Mathew Cook and Ashlee Cook, 11063 Ridge Road, Delphos, $230,000.

• Scott J. Wannemacher and Shannon D. Wannemacher to Wade P. Wright and Beldeana F. Wright, 3290 Cremean Road, Lima, $162,000.


• Rita Dukes Trustee of the Glenn Dukes and Rita Dukes Revocable Trust to Michael J. Recker and Sherri A. Recker, 23.19 acres Bogart Road, Columbus Grove and 26 acres Bogart Road, Columbus Grove, $403,400.

• Michael J. Rope and Jennifer L. Albertson-Rope to Adam C. Schmenk, 9035 Slabtown Road, Columbus Grove, $158,500.


• First Choice Home Improvement And Rentals, Ltd. to Melody S. Caudill and Robert D. Stalnaker, 4000 Bellefontaine Road, Lima, $175,000.

• Joan E. Hall FKA Joan Faulder to Elizabeth Louise Hughes, 1640 E. Breese Road, Lima, $165,000.


• Jeffrey J. Gast Trustee and Sue E. Gast Trustee of the Gast Living Trust to Troy L. Hengstler and Lisa A. Hengstler, 4959 Tillamook Trail, Lima, $229,000.

• Stephen P. Gray to Katherine L. Gray, 1850 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $69,000.

• David M. Kinzer and Janet O. Kinzer to Sue Ellen Jefferson, 2197 Garden Blvd., Lima, $94,500.

• Scott F. Wenning and Lanie M. Marbaugh AKA Lanie M. Wenning to Cole G. Shisler, 2615 Elmview Drive, Lima, $120,000.


• William J. Doerter to William Noble Thomas, 1551 W. Lincoln Hwy., Lima, $268,000.


• Jaems P. Kusak and Anne K. Kusak to Paul R. Bender Jr., 160 Geiger St., Bluffton, $165,200.


• KSR Rental LTD to Larry E. Byers III and Kellie R. Byers, 211 W. North St., Elida, $51,000.


• Paul I. Reynolds and Ruth Ann Reynolds to Bernard Thomas Och Jr., 224 N.Main St., Spencerville, $47,000.

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Deeds `68`107 `85

Mortgages`64 `73`69

Mortgage cancellations`78 `65 `46

Financing statements ‘0`0`0

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