Land transfers, June 21 to June 27

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Deeds `89`101 `83

Mortgages`80 `87`70

Mortgage cancellations`85 `103 `53

Financing statements ‘1`0`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running June 21 to June 27. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee/Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust 2005-HE7/Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates/Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. Attorney In Fact to Samuel Pettigrew and Stephanie Pettigrew, 421 Runyan Ave., Lima, $24,000.

• Doris Hall and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Charmaine Johnson and Laron Johnson, 624 Prospect Ave., Lima, $6,500.

• Shannan K. McVicker and Anthony V. Colasanti to Levi M. Toland and Charitie S. Toland, 1630 N. Cole St., Lima, $101,000.

• MPV Investments, LLC to Micah S. Lanning and Nicole A. Lanning, 620 Cornell Drive, Lima, $85,000.

• Courtney T. Pettigrew to Peterson Construction Company, 814 W. Kibby St., Lima, $28,000.

• Port Authority of Allen County to JN&W Enterprise, LLC, 5.52 acres 2601 Central Point Parkway, Lima, $10,000.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development/Sage Acquisitions, LLC Authorized Agent to Riana Lundy, 1133 E. High Street, Lima, $26,000.


• Kurt M. Bonifas to Luke Bonifas, 625 E. Sixth Street, Delphos, $63,000.

• Stephen B. Brown and Meghan Brown to John Ryan Griffith and Robyn Nicole Griffith, 725 Fairlane Drive, Delphos, $209,000.

• First Federal Bank of the Midwest to Noble Goose Bakehouse, LLC, 112 E. Fifth Street, Delphos, $50,000.


• Butler’s Investment Properties Co. to Brent M. Stemen, 3972 Allentown Road, Lima, $99,900.

• Churchill Farm, LLC to Neff Farms, Inc., 22.50 acres 4110 N. Cole Street, Lima, $202,500.

• Deed Hall to Pamela Jo Johnson, 3824 Allentown Road, Lima, $55,000.

• Dennis Kline and Valerie J. Kline to Kalvin Lasenby, .138 acre Oak Street, Lima, $4,000.

• Ryan P. McLean to Emily Mauk, 1047 N. Stevick Road, Lima, $140,000.

• Meijer Stores Limited Partnership/Meijer Group, Inc. to CFT NV Developments, LLC, 1.11 acre 3200 Elida Road, Lima, $340,000.

• Kim I. Pisel Executor of the Steven Scott Maurer Estate AKA Steven S. Maurer Estate AKA Estate of Steven S. Maurer to John Keirns and Linda Keirns, 1709 Deerfield Drive, Lima, $100,000.

• Constance J. Risser and Michael R. Risser to CFT NV Developments, LLC, 3200-3202 Elida Road, Lima, $325,000.

• TBD Development, LLC to Chiro-Care Properties, LLC, 1.15 acre on W. Elm Street, Lima, $100,000.

• Barbara Van Atta to Ben S. Trees and Karen L. Trees, 1245 N. Stevick Road, Lima, $110,000.

• L.N. Varrato Jr. and Jean Varrato to Justin S. Rosenberg and Susan K. Isaacs, 2917 Makley Drive, Lima, $115,000.

• Miranda L. Ward NKA Miranda L. Garcia and Adam Garcia to Travica L. Mills, 1744 Whitehall Drive, Lima, $151,000.

• Yeager Realty, LLC to Kymbow Properties, LLC, 3035 Elida Road, Lima, $1,325,000.


• Mary E. Augsburger to Paul W. Jenkins and Kathy A. Jenkins, 1684 Lee Ann Drive, Lima, $105,000.

• Tammi P. Guffey to Nicholas J. Dunn and Lacey J. Dunn, 317 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Lima, $107,900.

• Mallard Properties, Inc. to Christina Stinson, .517 acre at 2551 Autumn Blaze Drive, Lima, $29,500.

• Mallard Properties, Inc. to Anhthu T. Nguyen, 2560 Autumn Ridge Drive, Lima, $28,500.

• Zachary Painter and Kaylin Painter to Lorrie A. Sterling and Sylba D. Reynolds, 4477 Sugar Creek Road, Lima, $320,000.

• Robert L. Wise Jr., Marvyl E. Wise and Megan D. Fetter to Branden J. Fetter, 3132 Berryhill Road, Lima, $30,000.


• TMC Farms, LLC to JAMRAT Properties, LLC, five acres N. Napoleon Road, Harrod, $30,000.


• Brittany N. Pence and Jeremy A. Pence to Neil A. Elick and Cindi K. Elick, 7290 W. Lincoln Highway, Fort Jennings, $244,000.

• Michael J. Siefker Co-Executor of the Gerald J. Siefker Decd. Lorie Honigford Co-Executor of the Estate of Gerald J. Siefker AKA Estate of Gerald Joseph Siefker, to Kurt M. Bonifas, 8000 N. Defiance Trail, Fort Jennings, $92,000.

• Paul W. Wagner and Susan E. Wagner to Megan M. Steward, 6120 Baugh Road, Delphos, $250,000.


• Sok N. Houck Trustee of the William R. Houck Living Trust to Samuel J. Crish and Savannaha Crish, 225 E. Lincoln Highway, Lima, $130,000.


• Sunil Kumar Avvari and Swarna Latha Masala to Xiusheng Qin and Lijuan Chen, 4425 Karif Circle, Lima, $323,500.

• Terell E. Bagley and Aysha M. Bagley to Tyler Neal and Alix Neal, 1505 Walnut Court, Lima, $110,000.

• Randy J. Bollenbacher Successor Co-Trustee and Barry L. Bollenbacher Successor Co-Trustee of the Otto E. Bollenbacher Revocable Trust to Jacob Stallone and Carolina Stallone, 1755 Bel Aire Place, Lima, $310,500.

• Richard J. Contini Successor Trustee of the Robert J. Contini Declaration of Trust to Timothy Jenkins and Stacy R. Jenkins, 2610 Shoreline Drive, Lima, $307,500.

• Rosalie R. Dalton Trustee of the Rosalie R. Dalton Trust to Nathan P. Kreider and Sarah E. Kreider, 222 Ponderosa Lane, Lima, $425,000.

• Jeremy T. Hounshell and Kristy L. Reynolds to Patrick Feasel and Dana Feasel, 819 Hokan Trail, Lima, $324,000.

• Thomas C. Hudson and Chryssa M. Hudson to Nonso A. Ezema, 120 Walmar Avenue, Lima, $200,000.

• John P. Killian to Jefferson Development, LLC, 2604 Shawnee Road, Lima, $80,000.

• Wilbur H. Myers to Myers Dental Laboratories, Inc. 3520 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $33,200.

• Susan K. Ricker to Two B’s, LLC, 2844 Seminole Trail, Building Nine, Unit One, Lima, $48,000.

• Robert F. Shackelford Executor of the Martha E. Beery Estate AKA Martha Ella Beery Estate to Jonathan P. Goularte, 3200 Spencerville Road, Lima, $190,000.


• Amstutz Investments/Amstutz Investments, LLC to Alan Warren Childs, 320 Harmon Road, Bluffton, $120,000.

• Martin R. Benroth and Jayne M. Benroth to Lisa M. Brown, 503 S. Jackson Street, Bluffton, $114,500.

• Darrell L. Huber and Kay A. Huber to Megan M. Coffman, 154 E. Jefferson St., Bluffton, $130,000.


• Tony J. Treglia and Carolyn M. Treglia to Butler’s Investment Properties, LLC, 112 S. High Street, Lafayette, $2,000.

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Deeds `89`101 `83

Mortgages`80 `87`70

Mortgage cancellations`85 `103 `53

Financing statements ‘1`0`0

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