Land transfers, June 7 to June 13

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Deeds `89`119 `70

Mortgages`63 `109`76

Mortgage cancellations`60 `48`148

Financing statements ‘0`1`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running June 7 to June 13. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Kenneth Caudill and Ella Caudill to Jerome L. Snyder, 1619 N. Central Ave., Lima, $95,500.

• Donald E. Coburn and Linda Coburn to Robert F. Glass and Angela D. Glass, 625 Prospect Ave., Lima, $8,000.

• John William Collins and Kathryn Anne Brown to Phalen Properties, LLC, 695 Hazel Ave., Lima, $50,000.

• Robert A. Cutlip Executor of the Pauline R. Cutlip Estate to Fisher Investments Property, Inc., 1910 Idlewild Drive, Lima, $40,000.

• Tom L. Doyle and Cheryl G. Doyle to Robert Thompson, 220-222 S. McPheron Ave., Lima, $12,000.

• David L. Jones and Margaret Jones to Michael A. Montgomery, 1851 Wendell Ave., Lima, $157,500.

• Bailey Ann Joseph to Haley Saunders, 438 Hazel Ave., Lima, $58,000.

• Mallard Properties, Inc. to ARK Homes Lima, LLC, .326 acre at 2579 Autumn Ridge Drive, Lima, $29,500.

• Marne Manor, LLC to Julie Goare, 1219 Brice Ave., Lima, $19,000.

• My Rental, LLC to Chad R. Vanvoorhis, 1431 McClain Road, Lima and .161 acre McClain Road, Lima, $15,000.

• Peter Ta and Anna Ngoc Kha to Hannah Nguyen, 1845 Latham Ave., Lima, $77,000.

• Tara Properties, LLC to Warnecke Rental Properties, LLC, 165 N. Dana Ave., Lima, $40,500.

• Steve D. Webb Trustee of the Opal Webb Living Trust to David B. Haggard, 404 S. Roberts Ave., Lima, $64,000.

• Stephanie M. Wykes Guardian of the T J O’Connell Estate AKA TJ Michael O’Connell Estate AKA Estate of TJ O’Connell’ AKA Estate of TJ Michael O’Connell to Jock Martin, 1012 N. Summit St., Lima, $9,000.


• Harold R. Coffelt Et Al AKA Harold Coffelt, Joyce R. Coffelt and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, 1340 N. Main St., Delphos, $21,900.

• Thomas L. Grothouse and Ruth A. Grothouse FNA Ruth A. Jettinghoff to Brooke Taviano, 410 E. Fourth St., Delphos, $132,500.

• Elaine S. Miller Et Al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to First Federal Bank of the Midwest, 112 E. Fifth St., Delphos, $40,000.

• Jared J. Wiltsie and Amanda M. Wiltsie FKA Amanda M. Clark to Paul G. Wreede and Cathy S. Wreede, 803 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $184,500.


• John Edward Alberts and Janis E. Alberts to Brian P. Penn and Mycalah R. Penn, 5455 Poling Road, Lima, $165,000.

• Jim Ronald Boothby Co-Trustee and Kim R. Swallow Co-Trustee of the Gene R. Boothby Revocable Living Trust to Christopher M. Brown, 1712 Homeward Ave., Lima, $40,000.

• Larry D. Dugger and Cheryl Dugger to Nathan S. Cellar, 3003 Hummingbird St., Lima, $125,000.

• Raymond E. Geary, Barbara J. Geary, Patty Lewis, William R. Lewis, Debra Ann Pitson NKA Deborah Ann Pitson and Steven A. Pitson to Stephen M. Shultz and Lanette K. Shultz, 1360 Dutch Hollow Road, Lima, $48,500.

• Richard F. Gleason and Jean M. Gleason to Benjamin J. Seffernick and Renae H. Seffernick, 2911 Makley Drive, Lima, $149,000.

• Lepiota Rentals, Ltd. to Jon M. Betts and Kelley M. Betts, 1101 Logan Ave., Lima, $33,000.

• Arnold Manley Et Al, Tonda D. Manley and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Patricia A. Carter, 2275 Reinell Ave., Lima, $60,100.


• American Mutual, LLC to David K. Marsteller, 316 Smead Ave., Lima, $21,600.

• Gayla M. Holford to Lauren Elizabeth Watson, 3774 Mt. Vernon Place, Building 10, Unit 10, Lima, $84,000.

• Raymond Hupp and Mickie Hupp to Richard Deppe and Deserray Deppe, 3111 Berryhill Road, Lima, $124,900.

• Brenda L. Reichelderfer Trustee of the Reichelderfer Family Irrevocable Trust to Linda R. Mooney and James A. Mooney, 4550 Ada Road, Lima, $168,000.


• Benjamin M. Thaxton and Julie K. Thaxton to Larry Kaiser II and Jennifer Kaiser, 5025 Swaney Road, Lima, $243,000.


• Thomas R. Sommers to Christopher J. Sehlhorst and Mary E. Sehlhorst, 10320 Bucher Road, Columbus Grove, $169,400.

• Jeffrey C. Vogel to James Turner and Rachelle Turner, 3275 E. Hook Waltz Road, Lima, $150,000.


• Harry S. Stauffer Jr. Et Al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Tina M. Fedele, 5120 Harding Highway, Lima, $77,000.


• Lisa B. Bacome to Joel Streich, 3300 Shawnee Road, Lima, $152,000.

• Richard A. Brownell Jr. and Roberta Brownell to J.R. Real Estate, LLC, 3350 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $69,800.

• Stephen M. Sneary and Melissa Sneary to Makenzie R. Taylor and Evan J. Crabtree, 3986 McClain Road, Lima, $122,500.

• Wayne J. Thelen and Rita Knoop Thelen to Lisa Bacome, 4612 Kitamat Trail, Lima and .450 acre Kitamat Trail, Lima, $235,000.

• Darlyn Sue Werner Executor of the Estate of Geneva Mae Williams/Geneva Mae Williams Decd. AKA Geneva M. Williams Decd. to Anita R. Rumer, 3465 Camden Place, Unit 7, Lima, $125,000.


• Saundra D. Marshall to Tyler B. Black and Muriel J. Black, 661 S. Main St., Bluffton, $142,900.

• Jeffrey T. Richards and Melissa S. Richards to Kyle T. Bassitt, 165 Geiger St., Bluffton, $156,000.

• John Bruce Steinhard and Kathleen Steinhard to Marlene S. Ballinger and Shawn M. Ballinger, 8910 Lugabill Road, Bluffton, $135,000.

• Three S Development Group, LLC to Thomas R. Benroth and Linda L. Benroth, .156 acre at 114 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $48,000.

• Three S. Development Group, LLC to Sue Ellen Dorsey, .166 acre at 115 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $34,000.


• Jarrod Lyle and Jerrica L. Lyle to Daniel Settlemire, 213 W. Third St., Spencerville, $92,000.

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Deeds `89`119 `70

Mortgages`63 `109`76

Mortgage cancellations`60 `48`148

Financing statements ‘0`1`0

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