Land transfers, May 31 to June 6

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 31 to June 6. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Melavee Benjamin to Jessica Boone and Jacob R. McKissick, 2087 W. High St., Lima, $52,000.

• C and L Homes, LLC to RAF Holdings, LLC, 1616 W. Wayne St., Lima; 826 E. Kibby St., Lima; 824 E. Kibby St., Lima; 313 E. Pearl St., Lima, $100,000.

• Michael H. Dolan and Deloris J. Dolan to Jeremy A. Thomas, 550 S. Pine St., Lima, $1,800.

• Kenneth L. Fixx to James K. Sylvia and Dolly A. Smith, 609 N. West St., Lima, $40,000.

• Herman Ford to Angela Valenti, 320 S. Baxter St., Lima, $6,500.

• Latimer Gyetvai and Christina Gyetvai to Matthew C. McKissick, 1410 Latham Ave., Lima, $71,300.

• HOMO Habilis, LLC to MMC Lima LLC, .248 acre W. Spring St., Lima, $1,000.

• Huntington National Bank Successor By Merge/Sky Bank to Harold Accord and Kimberly Accord, 2936 W. High St., Lima, $100,000.

• A. Thomas Irwin to Daniel E. Thomas Bishop Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo In America/Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo In America, 535 N. West St., Lima, $25,000.

• John Kuck and Nancy Kuck to Roger L. Wireman, 1512 E. Market St., Lima, $56,000.

• Robin L. McKee to Bobby McKee Jr., 613-615 S. Pine St., Lima, $22,100.

• Wesley T. Madaj AKA Wesley Madaj and Carley Madaj to Robert Earl Burkholder and Joanne Aileen Burkholder, 2965 W. Market St., Lima, $119,000.

• Joseph Anthony Murphy and Dana A. Murphy to Teresa Nicely, 1037 Cornell Drive, Lima, $89,900.

• Peggy A. Ogg and Daryl R. Ogg to Hayley Kirtland, 645 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $35,000.

• Optimal Investments, LLC to Carole S. Krout, 1912 Burch Ave., Lima, $84,900.

• Kitren A. Pearson to Coleman Clark, E. Fifth St., Lima, $2,500.

• Michael A. Rumer and Victoria Maisch Rumer to Thomas G. McNamara and Terri L. McNamara, 1052 Woodland Drive, Lima, $128,500.

• Richard D. Sites and Marisa A. Sites to Caleb Hodges and Cosette Hodges, 1700 Lowell Ave., Lima, $126,000.

• Lawrence Ivan Wheeler II to MD Investing Ltd/Jean Craig Acting Agent, 700 Hazel Ave., Lima, $7,500.

• Deron J. Wood to Kent Brenneman, 1206 Judith St., Lima, $83,000.


• Carpenter’s Green Barn, LLC to Kenneth John Jameson, 460 E. Cleveland St., Delphos, $73,500.

• Jason R. Ostendorf and Allisha A. Ostendorf to Daniel J. Swick and Jennifer A. Swick, 1651 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $368,000.

• Daniel J. Swick and Jennifer A. Swick to Jason R. Ostendorf and Allisha A. Ostendorf, .3168 acre Christina St., Delphos, $50,000.


• Lisa A. Deibler to Kevin M. Heitman and Jeanette Heitman, 9411 Kephart Road, Spencerville, $270,500.


• Wesley K. Hutson and Jamie L. Bonino to Tyler Ginter, 2923 Makley Drive, Lima, $108,000.

• JB Real Ventures, LLC to Deed P. Hall, 2172 Elida Road, Lima, $107,000.

• Willis S. Riley Jr. to Gerald Webb Jr. and Angela Webb, 3411 Providence Circle, Lima, $127,500.


• Susan M. Fowler to Douglas Stimmel and Carole L. Stimmel, 32.19 acres Faulkner Road, Harrod; 5.95 acres 4153 Bowdle Road, Harrod; 5 acres Bowdle Road, Harrod; 37.02 acres Bellefontaine Road, Harrod, $740,000.

• Michael J. Miller Et Al and Angela M. Miller/Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., 6198 Clum Road, Harrod, $103,100.


• Patricia A. Farmer Executor of the Helen Jame Tucker Estate AKA Helen J. Tucker Decd to Melissa Smith, 3361 Danny Drive, Lima, $138,000.

• Ronald R. Hefner Trustee and Darlene A. Hefner Trustee of the Hefner Trust to David A. Williams, 4044 Brookshore Drive, Building 10, Unit 40, Lima, $157,000.

• Eric C. Lieurance to Grant C. Roush and Christina M. Roush, 3032 N. Thayer Road, Lima, $196,000.

• Matthew McKinney and Rebecca McKinney to Keith Johnson, 4357 Ottawa Road, Lima, $110,000.

• Martha L. Tarleton to Chadwick L. Spencer and Kristi L. Spencer, 567 Monticello Ave., Lima, $52,000.

• Gerald A. Webb Jr. and Angela Webb to Tony E. Webb, 1607 N. Sugar St., Lima, $60,000.


• Fedele Farm, LLC to Egbert Investments II, Ltd., 33.95 acres at 1160 N. Cool Road, Lima, $195,000.

• Guyton Builders, Inc. to Tyler C. Hall and Jessica M. Hall, .562 acre 6101 Palmer Drive, Lima, $35,000.

• Aleda K. Hawk AKA Aleda Kay Hawk to Timothy Sutton and Jordan Sutton, 480 N. Cool Road, Lima, $140,000.


• Clint J. Gable and Diane M. Gable to Thomas K. Kroeger and Lori C. Kroeger, 2.59 acres Elida Road, Delphos, $31,500.

• Thomas G. Hesseling and Irene M. Hesseling to Brett Aaron Bowersock and Samantha Alice Bowersock, W. State Road, Delphos, $11,000.

• James E. Mekolites and Susan B. Mekolites to Benjamin L. Krouskop and Ashley S. Krouskop, 8905 Piquad Road, Lima, $160,000.


• Michael A. Burkholder and Angie R. Burkholder to Garland R. Williams II and Mary L. Williams, 9070 Bucher Road, Columbus Grove, $220,000.

• Matthew D. Langhals and Lisa A. Langhals to John C. Vennekotter and Katie A. Vennekotter, 11892 Redridge Road, Columbus Grove, $208,000.


• Charles D. Hartzell and Martha J. Hartzell to Brooke J. Shaw, 5350 Clum Road, Lima and Clum Road, Lima, $195,000.


• Roy Davis to Dennis Schroeder, 114 W. Main St., Beaverdam, $25,000.

• Steven Wayne Miller, Ann Miller, Paul Stanley Miller and Robin Miller to Bradley Gossard, 5.001 acres 7474 Swaney Road, Bluffton, $93,000.


• Tammera D. Breneman-Cummins and Bert A. Cummins to Monica E. Davis and Justin Davis, 1301 Fairgreen Ave., Lima, $155,000.

• Gary M. Brooks and Ruth A. Brooks to Shane R. Biss and Cassidy L. Biss, 165 Ruskin Court, Lima, $138,500.

• Joan E. Gosnell Trustee of the Joan E. Gosnell Revocable Trust to Damund L. Felton, 2601 Shoreline Drive, Lima, $244,500.

• Luke A. Holliday and Lee Ellen Holliday to Corbin Ellison and Jenna Ellison, 1540 Pro Drive, Lima, $200,000.

• Kristine L. Hutchinson NKA Kristine L. Leland and Scott E. Leland to Jeremy Addis and Dana Addis, 1529 Putters Lane, Lima, $179,500.

• Metz Vetz Facilities, LLC to Kimberly K. O’Dell and Ricky Brown Jr., 1784 Shawnee Road, Unit B, Lima, $120,000.

• John W. Rogers and Cynthia K. Rogers to Russell L. Kirkendall and Michelle M. Kirkendall, 2431 Britt Ave., Lima, $57,000.

• Kevin G. Rutter to Zachary L. Rumbaugh, 2077 Shorewood Lane, Lima, $113,300.

• Ryan P. Shafer and Ashley Shafer to Heather N. Bodine, 2610 Adgate Road, Lima, $117,000.

• Shawnee Wesleyan, LLC to Shawnee United Methodist Church, 2875 Blue Jacket Court, Lima, $301,500.

• Richard Dwight Smith Trustee and Patricia Ann Smith Trustee of the Richard Dwight Smith and Patricia Ann Smith Living Trust to William L. Horvath and Brenda J. Horvath, 2905 Morning Sun Drive, Lima, $395,000.

• Frances E. Thompson to Glenn A. Bryant and Mary Jo Bryant, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 704, Lima, $150,000.

• Ben E. Warnock Co-Trustee and Jennifer L. Warnock Co-Trustee of the Jennifer L. Warnock Revocable Living Trust to SAW Westimber Court, LLC, 3.61 acres Westimber Court, Lima, $90,000.


• Vicki L. Reindel, Robert J. Reindel and William Mack to Colin Mack, 5510 N. West St., Lima, $75,000.


• Muhammad Omar Khokhar and Tibinda Omar to Wayne McGaugh and Jane M. Wood, 461 Riverbend Drive, Bluffton, $276,300.

• Kenneth L. McKinley and Susan L. McKinley to Michael A. Burkholder and Angela R. Burkholder, 215 Hillcrest Drive, Bluffton, $185,000.


• Robert A. and Kathleen B. Schmidt Trust, Robert A. Schmidt Trustee and Kathleen B. Schmidt Trustee to Jaden Overholt and Hillary Overholt, 316 Baxter St., Elida, $134,000.


• Avril L. Ealy WTTA Avril L. Shafer and Jamie Ealy to Christopher L. Shafer and Lucinda J. Shafer, .050 acre Sugar St., Lafayette and 117 Sugar St. Lafayette, $70,000.


• Zane P. Slusher and Tiffany R. Slusher to Logan M. Buettner and Mariya K. Huffer, 116 N. College St., Spencerville, $62,000.

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Mortgages`59 `62`109

Mortgage cancellations`63 `61`48

Financing statements ‘1`1`1

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