Land transfers, April 19 to April 25

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running April 19 to April 25. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Jim Ronald Boothby Co-Trustee and Kim R. Swallow Boothby Co-Trustee of the Gene R. Boothby Revocable Living Trust to Boniface N. Osonwanne, 811 E. Vine St., Lima, $8,500.

• Joyce L. Bourk NKA Joyce L. Baker to Michael P. Grant and Elizabeth J. Henry, 978 Richie Ave., Lima, $52,000.

• Eric G. Cardenas and Kelsey N. Cardenas to Essie L. Falls, 1715 Milton Ave., Lima, $81,500.

• Gary A. Copeland and Debora S. Copeland to James M. Wagner and Michelle L. Wagner, 2019 Burch Ave., Lima, $84,000.

• Charles D. Dellenbaugh and Mary E. Dellenbaugh to Cory A. Kohli, 768 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $59,000.

• Gabriel P. Foust, Angela Medford and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Capstone Quality Homes, LLC, 808 N. McDonel St., Lima, $19,200.

• Shambrail Freeman and Brandi N. Freeman to Sydney Smith, 324 S. Woodlawn Ave., Lima, $88,000.

• Ashley L. Guisinger FKA AshleyL. Wood and Travis Guisinger to Lucas D. Wood, 1305 Melrose St., Lima, $183,900.

• Mary Anne Hauenstein to William Burg, 749 Brice Ave., Lima, $43,000.

• Home Opportunity, LLC/Sheriff Matthe B. Treglia to Samuel Phillip Properties, LLC, 440 N. Rosedale Ave., Lima, $14,500.

• Sandra K. Jarvis to Kurtis G. Neeper, .725 acre 5270 Lopez Drive, Lima, $33,000.

• Maha Laxmi, LLC to Virk& Takhar LLC, 601 W. Market St., Lima, $1,200,000.

• Samuel W. Pettigrew and Stephanie M. Pettigrew to Cristine M. Johnson and Anthony Johnson, 512 N. Nixon Ave., Lima, $80,000.

• Rita K. Owings and Boyd T. Owings to Patrick W. Heffley and Jennifer L. Nemeth, .193 acre 3050 Clinton Way, Lima, $11,500.

• Brien W. Shanahan Executor of the Marian O. Shanahan Estate AKA Estate of Marian O. Shanahan to Corey Frazer and Lauren Frazer, 1480 W. Market St., Lima, $195,000.

• Larry Smith to Travis Jon Cutlip, 1355 Rice Ave., Lima, and N. Rosedale Ave., Lima, $40,000.

• Halle Strayer to Justin A. Bryan, Jackeline A. Lanche and Dorothy L. Kersker, 1613 W. Elm St., Lima, $119,900.

• Brigitte Marie Von Stetina and Matthew Von Stetina to Michael F. Sikorski, 1100 Biscayne Drive, Lima, $65,500.

• Nathaniel Walton and Vickey Walton to Christine Moore, 1011 W. Elm St., Lima, $64,500.

• John M. Whitling Jr. and Diane M. Whitling to Fisher Investments Property, Inc., 1812 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $22,500.


• Ankara L. Utrup AKA Ankara Utrup to Thomas L. Grothouse and Ruth A. Grothouse, 1341 Krieft St., Delphos, $193,500.


• Michael David Bilo AKA Michael D. Bilo to Jeremy A. Eley and Amy Eley, 2982 Hanover Drive, Lima, $152,000.

• Deanna Lynn Bowersock to Matthew Sanders and Kayla Sanders, 2747 Clover Ave., Lima, $122,500.

• Vincent A. Ciminillo to Steven Hawkey, 3033 Freyer Road, Lima, $135,000.

• Paul D. Hinds to Bernard Nanna Jr., 2616 Wendell Ave., Lima, $138,000.

• HM Renovations Plus LLC to Craig A. Mack and Stephanie E. Mack, 840 Westerly Drive, Lima, $180,000.

• Rita K. Owings and Boyd T. Owings to Patrick W. Heffley and Jennifer L. Nemeth, 3047 Canterbury Drive, Lima, $145,500.

• Brian Penn and Mycalah Penn to Nick M. Rogers, 1056 N. Stevick Road, Lima, $95,000.

• Josh D. Sherrick and Jennifer N. Sherrick to Dylan Sergent and Kelsey Sergent, 5338 River Trail St., Lima, $142,500.


• Dana B. Bender to Noe Serna, 218 Plaza Way, Lima, $16,100.

• Noralu Kahle and Elizabeth Ramona Gossard to Larry E. Roberts and Rhonda S. Roberts, 5.90 acres Reservoir Road, Lima, $45,000.

• Mary L. Painter to Xiaoyan Ou and Chuanren Wang, 722 Queensbury Drive, Lima, $183,900.

• Dorothy M. Woods to Paul Snyder and Geraldine Snyder, 1343 Neubrecht Road, Lima, $35,000.


• Nicole R. Jett and Michael A. Jett to Skyler Rayl and Alexis Wireman, 1380 N. Phillips Road, Harrod, $110,000.

• Linda Robinson, Geraldine K. Hawk, Phil Hawk, Dianne L. Slosser, Dave Slosser, James R. Williams, Marilyn Williams to James P. Hawk, 7806 Bechtol Road, Lima, $47,500.


• Fisher Investments Property, Inc. to John P. Bell and Anna M. Bell, 7110 Elida Road, Delphos, $89,900.

• Robert M. Pohlman and Leslie D. Pohlman to Timothy A. Carder and Theresa M. Carder, .50 acre 1194 Ridge Road, Delphos, $15,000.


• Brickner Contracting Services LLC to Laura Brickner, 1063 S. Wapak Road, Lima, $10.00.

• Danny L. Farler Sr. and Mary C. Farler to Romeo A. Dulay and Antonette S. Dulay, 1422 Shawnee Road, Lima, $194,000.

• Shawnee Development, Ltd. to Deborah Ioannidis, 2572 Hillcock Place, Unit 2, Lima, $249,900.

• Kristen Windau to Chase Dockham and Brooke Rice, 3823 Meadow View Drive, Lima, $138,000.


• Robert D. Stoddard Executor of the Diana Kae Stoddard Estate AKA Diana K. Stoddard Estate AKA Diana Kay Stoddard Estate FKA Diana Kay Webb Estate to Benjamin S. Rodriguez, 1500 Irvin Road, Lima, $98,500.


• Brenda K. Miller Et Al AKA Brenda Miller ET AL, Johnny M. Miller and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to US Bank National Association As Successor Trustee, 114 W. Jefferson St., Bluffton, $26,000.


• Norma J. Winkle Co-Trustee FKA Norma J. Binkley Co-Trustee of the Robert B. Binkley Testamentary Trust to Jay A. Hager and Rhonda K. Hager, 746 Eastgate Drive, Spencerville, $159,900.

• Mark S. Wood and Eunkyong Wood to Aaron R. Fast and April D. Fast, 209 E. Fourth St., Spencerville, $95,000.

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Deeds `133`113 `92


Mortgage cancellations`53 `94`77

Financing statements ‘0`1` 0

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