Land transfers, March 29 to April 4

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running March 29 to April 4. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Nancy J. Ball to Kelsie Richards, 2030 Oakland Pkwy., Lima, $75,000.

• Diana L. Bevington to Cody Rogers, 699 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $91,000.

• Bhavya Rentals, Ltd. to Victoria B. Guerrero, 702 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $77,500.

• Jim Ronald Boothby Successor Co-Trustee and Kim R. Swallow Successor Co-Trustee of the Gene R. Boothby Revocable Living Trust to Walker & Wall Real Estate, LLC, 409 W. Ashwood Ave., Lima, $23,000.

• CAJ Rentals Ltd. to Joseph G. Calim, 912 Franklin St., Lima, $14,500.

• Caliber Home Loans, Inc. to Creative Home Buying Solutions, Inc., 1858 Wendell Ave., Lima, $69,900.

• David Wayne Hancock to Glynwood Management & Development, LTD, 555 W. Elm St., Lima, $32,500.

• Harbour Portfolio VII, LP to Inverse Asset Fund, LLC, 618 N. Collett St., Lima, $15,900.

• Judith Elaine McCullough, Randall G. McCullough, James Keith Ramsdail and Melanie A. Ramsdail to Donald A. McCann Jr. and Janice A. Roberts, 2721 Carolyn Drive, Lima, $160,000.

• Mitchell Kids, LLC to Wayne L. Long and Pamelea J. Long, 4021 Brookshore Drive, #14 Unit 51, Lima, $175,000.

• Norma Penn Successor Co-Trustee and John K. Briggs, Successor Co-Trustee of the Briggs Living Trust to Kyla Otting, 810 Brendonwood Drive, Lima, $73,000.

• Jeremy A. Staley and Lori A. Staley to Optimal Investments, LLC, 1500 Latham Ave., Lima, $53,500.

• Timothy C. Stone and Melva J. Stone to Gregory A. Gross and Nicole M. Gross, 200 S. Primrose Place, Lima, $195,000.

• Ladonna M. Thomas and Gerald A. Thomas to Thomas Lee Walton, 658 Marian Ave., Lima, $64,900.

• Mary Williamson to Smallplex Investments, LLC, 1540 S. Union St., Lima, $10,000.


• Creative Home Buying Solutions, Inc. to Jake Bowling and Karissa Bowling, 217 S. Main St., Delphos, $84,000.


• Mark S. Ammon and Tamara R. Ammon to Charles E. Plikerd Trustee and Constance Plikerd Trustee of the Charles Edward Plikerd Revocable Living Trust and Constance Plikerd Revocable Living Trust, 5.14 acre McBride Road, Delphos, $50,000.


• Harbour Portfolio VII, LP to West Holdings, LLC, 2574 Beery Road, Lima, $7,000.

• Darren R. Long and Julie E. Long to Sophia R. Finlayson-Schueler, 5234 Lobo St., Lima, $136,000.

• Wayne L. Long and Pamelea J. Long to Travis A. Guisinger and Ashley L. Guisinger, 4901 Lobo St., Lima, $195,000.

• Gabriel J. Nichols and Kaycee M. Nichols to Samantha J. Dotson, 2700 Koop Road, Lima, $113,000.

• Jason Smith and Lavina Smith FKA Lavina Bear to Joseph R. Gossard, 5987 Cotner Road, Lima, $151,000.

• Bernadette Tenney to Pamala I. Tenney, 1107 Russell Ave., Lima, $52,000.

• Johnny Thi and Yvonne Nguyen, Lakicia Lei Anderson and Randal Eugene Anderson, 1626 Deerfield Drive, Lima, $112,000.


• Jeffrey Carlson and Angela Carlson to Terry A. Hedges and Judith L. Hedges, 3.03 acres at 6987 Auglaize Road, Waynesfield, $27,500.

• Thomas B. Foster and Susan K. Foster to Joshua H. Foster, 10465 Clum Road, Harrod, $240,600.


Joseph F. Bakies Jr. to RLKL Enterprises, LLC, 1107 Grant St., Lima, $55,000.

• Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Sam Owlsey, 1306 N. Adams St., Lima, $4,900.

• Larry Biederman, Rick Biederman, Mike Biederman, Jean IE Biederman, Karen Biederman to Jane Ballard Sole Trustee of the Jane Ballard Living Trust, 3800 Yale Ave., Unit 45, Lima, $120,000.

• Contini Enterprises, LTD to Town Square Center, LLC, 2645 Harding Hwy., Lima, $435,000.

• Eric Goodman to Rhonda Wood, 4601 Stewart Road, Lima, $333,800.

• Katherine D. Hennessy-Ball FKA Katherine D. Hennessy and Larry W. Ball to Shawn R. Guthrie and Andrienne Guthrie, 5544 Reservoir Road, Lima, $120,000.

• Kirk A. Martini and Sondra L. Martini to R. Craig Zuber and Cherilyn J. Zuber, 4800 E. State Road, Lima, $213,000.

• Shawn G. Shepherd and April M. Shepherd to Morgan Horn, 111 Foxfield Court, Lima, $135,000.


• Lynn A. Johnson Et Al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Stephen S. Hullinger, 850 S. Main St., Delphos, $30,800.

• Travis Layman and Megan Layman to Edwin D. Mikesell and Keri M. Mikesell, 2650 N. Conant Road, Lima, $115,800.


• Becky Lynn Danser and Randy S. Danser to Jeromie Lane, 2367 E. Lincoln Hwy., Lima, $14,000.


• Tony J. Dekok and Monda R. Dekok to John Vorhes and Erika Agner, 4960 St. Johns Road, Lima, $88,000.


• Blass Holding, LLC to Ryan M. Blass, .456 acre McClain Road, Lima, $120,000.

• Janet Cobb AKA Janet A. Cobb to Matthew W. Watkins and Alexis M. Watkins, 1701 Poinsettia Drive, Lima, $135,000.

• James D. Kauchak and Maria Lynn Kauchak to Pankaj Kumar and Veenu Minhas, 4663 Meadow View Drive, Lima, $308,000.

• Matthew Allen Rinehart Trustee of the Rinehart Family KP Irrevocable Trust to Matthias C. Rinehart and Kindra A. Rinehart, 109 Friar Lane, Lima, $157,500.

• Tawni L. Sipple and Kenneth W. Sipple to Nancy J. Ball and Tracy Lynn Spaugy, 2318 Britt Ave., Lima, $141,500.

• T & R Ventures, LLC/TR Spieles to Blass Holding, LLC, .345 acre 2657 Summer Rambo Court, Lima, $27,000.


• Darrell Eugene Groman AKA Darrell E. Groman to Lee Eugene Cass and Kathleen Liessa Cass, 181 Susan Drive, Bluffton, $127,000.

• Lawrence J. Kinn and Barbara J. Kinn to Lukas J. Probst and Abby J. Probst, 710 S. Main St., Bluffton, $180,000.

• Douglas D. Smith to Lauren H. Logan and Daniel Newkirk, 199 W. Kibler St., Bluffton, $127,000.

• Jeffrey D. Stratton and Leisa N. Stratton to Dylan M. Pritchett and Tara M. Pritchett, 415 Ethan Circle, Bluffton, $270,000.


• Bruce W. Kizer and Nancy E. Kizer to Garrett C. Rohr, 111 Weger Ave., Elida, $113,500.


• Larry W. Kaiser and Jennifer Kaiser to Jenalyn Hennon, 221 S. Oak St., Harrod, $50,000.


• Aaron R. Fast and April Fast to Marilyn Lewis, 412 N. Mulberry St., Spencerville, $45,000.

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