Land transfers, March 15 to March 21

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running March 15 to March 21. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Taron Banks to Elizabeth Sibert, 1417 W. High St., Lima, $9,500.

• Charles D. Bolen and Mary Bolen to Roosevelt Hall, 624-626 E. Kibby St., Lima, $4,000.

• Capstone Quality Homes, Inc. to Brooke L. Edington and Jessica M. Logan, 881 Deborah St., Lima, $79,900.

• Shamon Carter to Maurice T. Smith and Wendy Myers, 549-551 S. West St., Lima, $26,900.

• Huntington National Bank to Optimal Investments, LLC, 1622 W. High St., Lima, $41,100.

• Loddi Inc. to Cora A. Deipenbrock, 2025 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $57, 300.

• Lillice Eugene McNeal and Willie Ann McNeal to Charles E. Cowfer and Holly R. Cowfer, 657-659 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $25,000.

• Andrew Mistak and Dana Mistak to Adam C. Sloan, 1310 Northwold St., Lima, $96,000.

• Kareen J. Smith and Elaina Smith to Alfoncy Maye, 619 S. Central Ave., Lima, $2,500.

• Phillip A. Sneary to Blass HOlding, LLC, 712 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $38,000.

• Taffy L. Stimmel FKA Taffy L. Everett and Eli Dito to Wayne C. Schroeder, 809 Ewing Ave., Lima, $77,000.


• Robert E. Wetherington, Anthony Patrick Wetherington Attorney In Fact to Adam Joseph Kayser and Michelle Celeste Kayser, 1501 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $305,000.

• Derek J. Webb and Michelle L. Webb to Taylor A. Booth, 515 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $122,000.


• Denny R. Purdy and Deanna L. Purdy to Anthony Rondot, 1980 Sunderland Road, Spencerville, $137,000.


• Winnie Pickering to Lequory Secession and Erica N. SEcession, 57 Beaumont Place, Lima, $129,000.

• Jeffrey A. Sollars and Cathy L. Sollars FKN Cathy L. Rogers to Lennette Miller, 1100 Sherman Ave., Lima, $13,000.


• Martha P. Bingham, John M. Bingham Attorney In Fact to Angela M. Smith, 738 Fenway Drive, Lima, $121,000.

• Cynthia S. Briscoe to Amy Hattery, 575 C. Monticello Ave., Bldg. 5, Unit 5C, Lima, $78,000.

• Dominic James Goedde, Dominica James Goedde Administrator of the Trenna Rose Estate AKA Trenne Goedde and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to HSBC Bank USA, National Association As Trustee, Wells Fargo Home Equity Asset-Backed Securities 2004-2 Trust, Home Equity Asset-Backed Certificates/Series 2004-2, 3340 Shearin Ave., Lima, $16,000.

• Christine A. Good and Kenneth Good to Bobby Jack Welch, 3445 Hadsell Road, Lima, $16,000.

• Loretta L. Stechschulte and Steven Stechschulte Et Al AKA Steven J. Stechschulte Et Al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Bayview Loan Services, LLC, 1306 N. Adams St., Lima, $5,500.


• Jeannine M. Dixon, Charles E. Dixon Attorney In Fact to Brenda Telljohann, 7750 Sandusky Road, Lima, $102,000.


• June M. Gable Successor Co-Trustee and Clint J. Gable, Successor Co-Trustee of the Melvin R. Gable Declaration of Trust, to Cling J. Gable Trustee of the Trust Agreement of the Gable Family, one half interest of 2.51 acres Kiggins Road Rear, Delphos and one half interest of 2.54 acres Kiggins Road, Delphos, $25,000.


• Andrew Beck and Monica Beck to Danny H. Strunk Jr., 4170 E. Lincoln Hwy., Columbus Grove, $95,000.


• Philip R. Luginbuhl and Debbie A. Luginbuhl to Joseph A. Smith and Elizabeth R. Smith, 7933 Rockport Road, Bluffton, $307,000.


• Jerry L. Bohaty and Judith W. Bohaty to Matthew J. Schwaiger and Lauren R. Schwaiger, 4833 Fort Amanda Road, Lima, $377,000.

• Rachael Futrell-Menke FKA Rachael Futrell and Alex Menke to Denny R. Purdy and Deanna L. Purdy, 4651 Shawnee Road, Lima, $136,500.

• Bryce J. Garber and Mickaylah Garber to Nicholas A. Spicer, 898 Western Ohio Ave., Lima, $100,000.

• Gryphon Auction Group, Richard F. Kurse, D&G Investments Holdings, LLC Et Al to Robert A. Thompson, .41 acres Springview Drive, Lima, $40,300.

• Billy R. Hollon to Artisan Investment Properties, LLC, 4646 Bowsher Road, Lima, $105,000.

• Leah L. Richardson to Bryce J. Garber and Mickaylah A. Garber, 737 Bentwood Ave., Lima, $153,000.

• Matthew J. Schwaiger and Lauren R. Schwaiger to Todd Wasmund and Michelle L. Wasmund, 2870 Sands Road, Lima, $284,000.

• Nicholas Scott Smith and Jacqueline G. Smith to Linda J. Malcolm and Anthony J. Malcolm Sr., 879 Crayton Ave., Lima, $76,000.

• Ashley M. Wick to Donald E. McCormick Jr., 1528 Crayton Ave., Lima, $125,000.


• Churchill Farm, LLC to Neff Farms, Inc., 40.07 acres Cole Street, rear, Lima, $1,437,700.


• Janice M. Stanovich AKA Janice M. Lause and John R. Lause to Nathan R. Westenbarger, 118 Henry St., Lima, $108,900.


• Brandon Youngpeter and Ashley Youngpeter to Caitlynn Brown, 114 N. Main St., Spencerville, $56,000.

• Mark L. Youngpeter and Luann Youngpeter to Brandon Youngpeter, 114 N. Main St., Spencerville, $37,500.

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Deeds `83`81 `78


Mortgage cancellations`68 `63`63

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