Land transfers, Jan. 11 to Jan. 17

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Jan. 11 to Jan. 17. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• Kenneth H. Caudill and Ella Nora Caudill to BTMS Investments, LLC, 910 W. Murphy St., Lima, $60,000.

• Gary Davidson to Bishop Daniel E. Thomas, Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo in America, Rev. Daniel E. Thomas, Bishop, 510 N. McDonel St., Lima, $50,000.

• Marcia L. Essex to Vision 3 Investments, LLC, 1420 N. Central Ave., Lima, $21,500.

• Fisher Investments Property, Inc. to Creating Comfort Rentals, LLC, 658 S. Roberts Ave., Lima; 660 S. Roberts Ave., Lima, $840,000.

• Donalee Greenwood, Beth Lohr, Attorney In Fact to Eric D. Green, 408 S. West St., Lima, $12,000.

• Robert L. Jackson Et Al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to U.S. Bank National Association As Trustee/RMAC Trust/Series 2016-CTT, 635 W. Ford Ave., Lima, $52,000.

• MK Investment Group, Inc. to Stephen S. Skinner and Kathleen A. Skinner, 1105 E. Kibby St., Lima, $6,000.

• My Hau Dihn Nguyen NKA Hannah Nguyen to My Hanh Nguyen, 1841 Latham Ave., Lima, $65,000.

• Dyan N. Scott WTTA Dyan N. Shafer and Douglas Scott to Lara L. Shaffer, 873 Deborah St., Lima, $55,000.

• Gregory L. Skinner and Anita L. Skinner to Jeanette M. Donavan, 1055 W. Elm St., Lima, $82,500.

• Benjamin K. Trowbridge and Rachael N. Trowbridge to Mark J. Kesner, 2311 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $65,000.

• Sarah Ann Woods Decd. Et Al and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to U.S. Bank National Association As Trustee/RMAC Trust/Series 2016-CTT, 1307 East Market St., Lima, and N. Dewey Ave., Lima, $29,900.


• James J. Cypher and Annette J. Cypher to Mark D. Shoemaker and Sandra L. Shoemaker, 380 S. Fraunfelter Road, Lima, $290,000.

• Overhead Door Company of Lima, Inc. AKA Overhead Doors Sales of Lima, Inc. AKA Overhead Door Sales, Inc. to Donald J. Garin Sr. and Darlene M. Garin, 4709 East Road, Lima, $25,000.

• Joshua A. Van Gorder and Alison R. Van Gorder to Hemraj Makwana, 423 N. Fraunfelter Road, Lima, $340,000.


• H. Dwaine Brandberry and W. Arlene Brandyberry to John Warren, 159 Foxfield Court, Lima, $135,000.

• Gary D. Greiwe and Judith V. Greiwe to Offenbacher MHC, LLC, 1912 E. Elm St., .55 acre E. Elm St., .55 acre Hill St., 1.05 acre E. Elm St., 1.0 acre E. Elm St., .24 acre E. Elm St., $285,000.

• Highlawn Farms Family Limited Partnership to Opossum One, LLC, 1921 Harding Hwy., Lima, $98,000.

• Ruth Ann Loar to Opossum One, LLC, 1915 Harding Hwy., Lima; .148 acre Willard Ave., Lima; .148 acre Willard Ave., Lima; .148 acre Willard Ave., Lima, $110,000.

• Joan M. Nixon, Robert J. Nixon, Sally Nixon, Julie M. Jordan Attorney In Fact, Paul E. Nixon, Kimberly Nixon, John G. Nixon, Melanie Nixon, Kelly D. Templin and Craig Templin to Clifford W. Brenneman and Hannah L. Painter, 1646 Lee Ann Drive, Lima, $178,000.

• Barbara Jean Shoemaker AKA Barbara J. Shoemaker, Lisa K. Cogley Attorney In Fact to Krista Richardson, 3807 Cambridge Place, Building 20, Unit 4, Lima, $100,000.

• Cynthia Amanda Unruh, Donald S. Unruh, Nancy Lee Jackman, James M. Jackman and Carol Ann Martini to KKB Properties, LLC, 7.31 acres Danny Drive, Lima, $90,000.


• Richard C. Downing, Charles E. Downing, Mary Ellen Downing, Cheryl Ann Conley, Steven W. Conley and Cody A. Long to Kelsey L. Heise and Cody A. Long, 8247 Reservoir Road, Lima, $82,000.

• Kody W. Lapoint and Kimberly A. Lapoint to Paul Masters Jr., .765 acre at 5250 Lopez Drive, Lima, $30,000.


• Thomas C. Langhals Trustee, Janice I. Lanhals Trustee of the Thomas C. Lanhals 1995 Trust and Janice I Langhals 1995 Trust to SHJ Holdings, LLC, 4599 Campbell Road, Columbus Grove, $1,900,000.


• Theresa M. Hunt FKA Theresa M. Neu and Dennis Hunt to Lori Ann Jones, 219 S. Bowman Road, Lima, $104,500.

• Michelle A. Shields to Jason Gronas and Jessica Gronas, 1348 Glenn Ave., Lima and .229 acre Glenn Ave., Lima, $32,000.

• Janelle M. Taviano and Rock L. Taviano to Jeffrey A. Motter and Elisabeth S. Motter, 94.894 acres Schooler Road, Lima, $806,600.


• Brickner Contracting Services LLC to 5177 Shoshone LLC, 5177 Shoshone Trail, Lima, $24,500.

• David D. Green and Kathy J. Green to Ashli B. Helton and Timothy L. Green, 2095 Sara Lee Ave., Cridersville, $19,100.

• Kristin A. Lenhart and Justin D. Lenhart to Mark L. Edgecomb and Michelle Edgecomb, 2161 Lyn Grove Drive, Lima, $147,000.

• Josephine A. Smith and Elizabeth R. Smith to Aaron M. McGuire and Cheri A. McGuire, 3016 Huron Place, Lima, $256,000.


• Joshua K. Rutherford and Melissa Rutherford to Jeremy A. Martz, 113 Oak St., Harrod, $49,000.

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