Land transfers, July 6 to July 12

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running July 6 to July 12. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


• John M. Altenbach to Zachary D. Stiles and Corine K. Stiles, 2196 Idlewild Drive, Lima, $65,000.

• Steven M. Conaway to Sherry J. Baden and Bradley D. Baden, 1209-1211 W. Market St., Lima, $72,000.

• Bridget M. Kelley FKA Bridget M. Barker and Christopher Kelley to Inge Layton and Dawn Hamp, 1307 E. Elm St., Lima, $57,700.

• David Kilgore Sr. Executor and Mary Alice Kilgore to David Kilgore Jr., 624 N. Jefferson St., Lima, $4,000.

• Spicer & Smith Building Restoration, Theodore S. Spicer general partner and Richard Smith general partner to Michael D. Sebenoler and Melinda M. Sebenoler, 643 S. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $24,000.

• Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia and Edna D. Herring Decd Et Al to Main Street Homes, Lima, LLC, 1111 Bikini Drive, Lima, $31,000.


• Lorene A. Lindeman to Brenda C. Teman, 1008 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $155,000.

• Todd Miller, AKA Todd S. Miller and Carrie A. Miller, AKA Carie A. Miller, to Stephen J. Burrow Jr. and Lindsey J. Burrow, 660 E. Seventh St., Delphos, $66,000.

• Ruth C. Pohlman, AKA Ruth Pohlman to Anthony Wolery, 632 E. Harmon St., Delphos, $71,500.

• John Arthur Wiechart Co-Executor, Cathleen Irene Garman Co-Executor of the James Eugene Wiechart Decd AKA James E. Wiechart Decd. to John A. Wiechart and Joyce M. Wiechart, 704 E. Second St., Delphos, $90,000.


• Anthony M. Crites and Lesley E. Crites to Seth Mathewson and Ashlee Mathewson, 7351 Allentown Road, Lima, $141,000.


• Patricia M. Pierce Trustee of the Rita J. Kersker Keystone Inheritance Trust to Eagles Point Development, LLC, The Village At Eagles Point, 141 Eagles Point South, Unit 141, Building 14, Lima, $160,000.

• Charles M. Spaulding and Kathy M. Spaulding to James Kirk, 4702 Stonecrest Place, Lima, $223,000.

• Vickey Walton and Nathaniel Walton to Cody Kerns and Allanah Kerns, 3.77 acres Wapak Road, Lima, $55, 500.

• Thomas Lee Wilson and Rita Marie Wilson to Angela D. Seech, 5054 Sycamore St., Lima, $160,000.


• Mark A. Van Dyne Guardian of the Margaret A. Beggin Estate, Kathleen A. Young Administrator, Donald Dean Young Decd AKA Donald D. Young, Decd to Benjamin J. Bowsher and Stephanie L. Bowsher, 77.60 acres Madden Road, Waynesfield, $425,000.

• Tonya L. Wonderlie AKA Tonya Lynn Hance Wonderlie to David L. Haney, 9040 Faulkner Road, Harrod, $8,500.


• Joseph Bonino Jr. and Barbra Bonino to Veona S. Spencer and Bernard J. Spencer, 567 Monticello Ave., Lima, $77,000.

• Jerry R. Chiles Co-Executor Donna S. Peters Co-Executor of the Betty L. Chiles Estate AKA Betty Louise Chiles Estate to Charles J. Jackson, 311 Fenway Drive, Lima, $132,500.

• Cross Rentals, LLC to Melinda Routson, 610 Willard Ave., Lima, $61,000.

• Christina L. Ruvoldt to Cambron Gossard, 710 Eastern Ave., Lima, $77,000.


• Carol R. Augsburger and Catherine L. Augsburger to Douglas J. Sandlin and Darlene S. Sandlin, 3395 N. Grubb Road, Lima, $33,900.

• KMA Capital, LLC to Mike Niese, 14566 Landeck Road, Delphos, $22,000.

• Carroll F. Pugsley to Jesse L. Layman and Sarah M. Layman, 7630 Piquad Road, Lima, $38,000.


• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development/Sage Acquisitions, LLC Authorized Agent to Spencer Lee Hill, 8450 N. Phillips Road, Bluffton, $95,000.


• Anthony Gregory Bailey to Brian J. Bailey, 2311 Spencerville Road, Lima, $90,000.

• Ya -Ping D. Rush and Brett A. Rush to J.R. Real Estate Two, LLC, 817 Algonkin Trail, Lima, $135,000.

• William E. Shaner III and Evette J. Shaner to Kevin J. Kraft, 4662 McClain Road, Lima, $145,500.

• SWM Capital LLC to JALMD Cable LLC, 890 S. Cable Road, Lima, $2,000,000.


• R. Kevin Bibler and Lynn M. Bibler to TTS Rental Properties, LLC, 142 Vance St., Bluffton, $35,000.

• Richard Mitterholzer and Karen M. Mitterholzer to Bradley W. Jones and Laura I. Jones, 510 S. Main St., Bluffton, $190,000.


• Steven D. Adams, Executor, Rachel Madeline Adams AKA R. Madeline Adams to Timothy Miller, 322 Baxter St., Lima, $97,000.


• Anita Jane Temenoff and Larry John Temenoff to William H. Maus III and Kendra M. Pease, 101 Park Ave., Spencerville, $114,900.

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Mortgage cancellations`118`78`87

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