Land transfers, Feb. 16-22

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Feb. 16 to 22. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.

Last year Last week This week

Deeds 60 93 82

Mortgages 51 54 37

Mortgage cancellations 104 126 47

Financing statements 2 1 0


• Matthew D. Horner and Courtney Horner to Logan Kiracofe, 2432 W. Spring St., Lima, $81,000.

• JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association to Randall E. Starr, 407 N. Nixon Ave., Lima, $28,000.

• Anna Marie Klink to Phalen Properties, LLC, 816 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $45,000.

• Michael P. Ladicks Et Al and Interim Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to LBC Homes, LLC, 414 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $26,100.

• Diana McVicker NKA Diana Schumaker and Eugene Schumaker to Ernest R. Stinson, 1472 Feeman Ave., Lima, $83,500.

• Jeremy J. Murray, Et Al, Sheriff Samuel A. Crish, Chief Deputy James K. Everett to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., 1520 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $40,000.

• Patrick B. Stewart and Angela Stewart to Joy Howard, 2629 Debbie Drive, Lima, $96,500.

• Mark P. Swords, AKA Mark Swords to Daniel Johnson and Janelle Johnson, 1331 Diller Road, Lima, $86,000.

• Katherine D. Thompson, AKA Katie Thompson, David A. Thompson and Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Huntington National Bank, 317 S. Jameson Ave., Lima, $38,000.


• Jonathan P. Yoder and Shana R. Yoder to Charles Spaulding and Kathy Spaulding, six acres Allentown Road, Lima, $69,000.


• Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC to Michael L. Wright and Opie L. Wright, 2961 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $93,500.


• Jerry L. Henderson and Geraldine Henderson to Butler’s Investment Properties Co., 6081 S. Napoleon Road, Harrod, .200 acres on Amherst Road, Harrod and .400 acre Amherst Road, Harrod, $14,500.


• Bank of New YOrk Mellon Bank of New York Succ Indenture Trustee CWHEQ Revolving Home Equity Loan Trust Specialized Asset Management LLC Attorney In Fact JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC Attorney In Fact Series 2007-A to Vaughn R. Carmean, 603 Taylor Ave., Lima, $24,000.

• Michael E. Snay Et Al, Jenifer L. Snay and Interim Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 1085 Lutz Road, Lima, $63,000.


• Floyd A. Young and Drue A. Young to BBHC, LLC, .513 acres Woods Drive, Lima, $12,500.


• Grace V. Marihugh, James Marihugh, Rob Violet Trustee, AKA Robert W. Violet Jr., Trustee of the Robert Violet Trust to Michelle L. Rabe, 3.38 acres on Ridge Road, Delphos, $27,800.

• Matthew Stemen and Stephanie A. Stemen to Joshua Holtzapple, 7255 Mericle Road, Fort Jennings and 2.50 acres Mericle Road, Fort Jennings, $156,900.


• David Kinzer and Janet Kinzer to Ian D. Clements, 1638 Jo Jean Road, Lima, $99,500.

• Peter G. Knabe and Mary Knabe to Keith A. Stoll and Angela D. Stoll, 2858 Riverwalk Blvd., Lima, $250,000.

• George N. Munis and Deborah A. Munis to Shawn D. Riegle and Christina M. Riegle, 3468 Redbud Lane, Lima, $122,000.


• Kathi L. Badertscher FKA Kathi L. Weems to Shawna R. Anderson, 585 Harmon Road, Bluffton, $80,500.


• James G. Pinks and Carmen Pinks to Blake New and Sierra Amstutz, 359 S. Main St., Harrod, $128,000.


• Robert E. Griffin and Janis K. Grivvin to O’Neill Construction Service, Inc., 412 E. Second St., Spencerville, $4,000.

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