Land transfers

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Nov. 10 to Nov. 16. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.

Last year Last week This week

Deeds 75 62 53

Mortgages 48 54 37

Mortgage cancellations 69 107 45

Financing statements 2 2 1


• Brian T. Bacon and Karen Bacon to Coleman Professional Services, Inc., 841 Richie Ave., Lima, $105,000.

• Bisman Investment LLC to Thelma Banks, 126 E. North St., Lima, $40,000.

• Shawn M. Boroff Et Al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Matrix Financial Services Corporation, 513 Colombia Drive, Lima, $35,000.

• Ronda S. Carder Executor for Joseph Lawrence Brabant Deceased aka Joseph L. Brabant Deceased to Donald G. Daley, 456 N. West St., Lima, $26,000.

• Regina R. Dansby and Robert Kevin Dansby to Marrianne Tate, 431 E. McKibben St., Lima, $25,600.

• John G. and Erin Hardesty to Dorothy Hamilton, 669 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $53,900.

• Dorothy C. Klett to William Baker, 622 N. Jefferson St., Lima, $42,000.

• Edward W. Kohler and Donna Jean Kohler to Jennifer Jayne Closson, 2431 Kunneke Ave., Lima, $97,500.

• Martha S. Lentz Trustee of the Martha S. Lentz Living Trust to William Mullenhour and Lisa M. Mullenhour, 112 N. West St., Lima, $180,000.

• Osie M. Powell, Trustee of the Osie M. Powell Revocable Living Trust to George Lovelace, 1610 S. Union St., Lima, $4,000.

• Siferd Hosselman Company Inc. AKA Siferd-Hossellman Company Inc. AKA The Siferd-Hossellman Company Inc. to Buckeye Floor and Ceiling LLC, 631 N. Union St., .115 acre N. Union St., .241 acre N. Union St., .230 acre N. Union St., .298 acre N. Union St., Lima, $123,000.

• Vision 2 Investments LLC to James Boroff and Karla Boroff, 1143 W. Wayne St., Lima, $8,500.


• Christiana Trust Division of Normandy Mortgage Loan Trust Series 2013-12 Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB as Trustee to Joseph Warnecke, 610 S. Main St., Delphos, $22,500.

• Kenneth Rumschlag and Nancy Rumschlag to Artillis M. Gibson and Brandy N. Gibson, 609 S. Main St., Delphos, $68,000.


• Robert L. Bible Estate, Debra L. Coner Co-Executor and Tamara J. Kraft Co-Executor to R. Brian Overholt and Sharon Overholt, 2615 Franks Drive, Lima, $55,000.

• Diana L. Engelhardt and Robert T. Engelhardt to Gregory Myers, 2027 Morning Glory Drive, Lima, $253,000.

• Jason Ewing Et Al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Bank of America NA, 4705 Amaryllis St., Lima, $136,100.

• Shirley J. Gilmore to Gerardo H. Canta, 2415 Windsor Drive, Lima, $86,500.

• Greg H. Kihm and Lynn White to Stephen B. Camfield, 2790 N. Eastown Road, Lima, $60,000.


• Brian K. Adams and Trudy E. Adams to Kerry D. Martin and Jane L. Martin, 7160 Madden Road, Waynesfield, $122,500.

• Timothy Copeland and Angie Copeland to Steve Shepherd and Gabrielle Shepherd, 8641 Bellefontaine Road, Harrod, $95,000.


• James E. Latham Sr., Et Al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to U S Bank National Association As Trustee CIM Trust 2015-2AG Mortgage-Backed Notes Series 2015-2AG, 1257 Adams St., Lima, $14,000.

• William W. Leidy and Dana J. Leidy to Theresa Gibson, 3180 Shiloh Drive, Lima, $142,000.

• Alexander C. Matthews Et Al and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Fannie Mae AKA Federal National Mortgage Association, 608 Bristol Ave., Lima, $49,000.

• Diana Jean Van Schoyck to Garrett Myers and Jamie Myers, 235 S. Leonard Ave., Lima, $2,500.


• Bluffton University to Bradley Gossard, .61 acre at 5180 Lopez Drive, Lima; .61 acre at 5200 Lopez Drive, Lima; .69 acre at 5220 Lopez Drive, Lima; .40 acre at 5370 Lopez Drive, Lima, $70,000.


•Beth M. Bergfeld Trustee of the Beth M. Bergfeld Revocable Living Trust Agreement to Scott Hageman, 6517 Kiggins Road, Delphos, $250,000.


• Tracy L. Alcorn FKA Tracy L. Brinkman and Dean Alcorn to Brandon M. Reed, 130 Ruskin Court, Lima, $155,000.

• Mark W. Butorac II and Victoria L. Butorac to Anthony M. Hight, 1449 Loch Loman Way, Lima, $113,600.

• Michael E. Fischer and Nanc L. Fischer to Jefferson Development LLC, 3950 Magnolia St., Lima, $133,500.

• Fredricka J. Howell, Beverly J. Parlette Attorney In Fact to James I. Parlette and Beverly J. Parlette, 2120 Rose Ave., Lima, $31,500.

• Jo Ann Maney Trustee of the Jo Ann Maney Living Trust to Linda Marie Hogue, 1424 Southwood Drive, Lima, $65,000.

• Joseph F. Wueller and Diane Wueller to Cynthia A. Wurgess, 5062 Shawnee Road, Lima, $99,900.


• Virginia M. Pentenburg and Douglas Pentenburg to Melvin G. Klima Trustee and Louise Ann Klima Trustee of the Melvin G. and Louise Ann AKA Louann Klima Family Trust, 8.89 acres Delaney Road, Spencerville, $60,500.

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