A sentimental journey

WAPAKONETA — The Pahl family has always had an interest in nice cars.

So working on them can often become a family affair.

Such is the story concerning Mark Pahl’s 1964 Chevelle Malibu convertible. Pahl co-owns the vehicle with his brother, Mike, but it has been in the family for years.

“It has been in the family since 1967,” Pahl said. “My dad bought it from a close friend. It had been wrecked and at first he didn’t want it. He finally gave in and bought it.”

After a while, Pahl’s father, Gary, quit using the car. It was sitting at Mark’s residence for some time when he and his brother decided to put some work into it.

“It was hard finding a lot of parts for the car,” Pahl said. “We finally began cutting some of our own parts and putting them on if there was something we couldn’t find.”

The car has also endured a new paint job, now red from its original “pea green” color as Pahl described it.

“It still needs a lot of work,” Pahl said, “but it is still a pretty good looking car.”

Pahl said the car has remained in the family and has retained its sentimental value.

“You hear about that a lot,” Pahl said.

Now, the car is not driven a lot, primarily used as a show car.

“There is more work to do,” Pahl said. “We enjoy working on the car together.


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