Lima police officers praised for apprehending armed suspect

LIMA — A Lima police officer was awarded a commendation Tuesday for his actions during an emergency situation involving an armed suspect.

On June 8, Patrolman Blake Van Vorce was on an emergency call at the apartment complex at 1855 N. Cole St. when he was called to another emergency involving domestic violence in the same complex. The male suspect in this case had a gun and was running from the area. Van Vorce gave chase on foot, relaying the location and direction of the suspect throughout. Van Vorce was able to apprehend the suspect and hold him at gunpoint until Patrolman George Caldwell arrived to assist with the arrest. Patrolman Riley Brubaker also responded to assist and was able to locate the firearm the suspect was carrying during the chase.

According to the citation, “All involved LPD personnel displayed their dedication to the City of Lima and its residents and should be commended for their excellent work.”

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