Elida council to consider wastewater projects

By Mackenzi Klemann - [email protected]

ELIDA — The Elida Village Council is considering proposals to continue upgrading the village’s wastewater treatment plant or consolidate sewer services with Allen County to comply with federal Environmental Protection Agency standards, which limit how often towns discharge raw sewage to prevent flooding during heavy storms, a process known as overflows.

The project started in 2014, during which the village upgraded parts of its wastewater treatment plant and constructed a pump station to divert excess sewage from the plant during heavy storms, thus minimizing overflows regulated by the EPA.

To stay in compliance, the village may continue this project through a partial upgrade or construction of a new wastewater treatment plant with higher daily capacity to reduce overflows further, the latter of which may cost as much as $9 million, according to engineering estimates generated last December.

The village may choose to join the Allen County sewer district instead, which would eliminate Elida’s sanitary sewer revenue.

Consolidation could cost anywhere from $6 million to $8 million, including upgrades to one of the American Township treatment plants that would absorb Elida’s wastewater, according to a draft consolidation agreement.

Village customers would then be phased in over five years until they are on par with county rates, which are currently $49.50 per month. Meanwhile, current village rates are based on usage and are expected to increase too if Elida partially upgrades or builds its own wastewater treatment plant.

Elida Mayor Claude Paxton said the village is looking for the most cost-effective plan that would keep overflows “from getting out of hand,” which may be adopted as soon as the village council’s May 24 meeting.

“We want to make sure that we’re able to continue to do that and be able to treat the water” at higher EPA standards, Paxton said.


By Mackenzi Klemann

[email protected]

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