Shawnee scholarship program honors alumni

SHAWNEE TOWNSHIP — Fourteen Shawnee students received their diplomas in the spring of 1927. Since then, there have been thousands of graduates who have walked the hallowed hallways of Shawnee High School. The fast approaching class of 2027 will mark the one hundredth year of education at Shawnee.

The Shawnee Alumni-Legacy Scholarship Program wants to help celebrate that momentous event. The program will be a venue for years of classmates and their families to join alumni to celebrate their time at Shawnee by building a legacy of support for future graduates.

The program allows donors to honor special people who may have been influential during their time at Shawnee or possibly families whose members attended Shawnee for multiple years.

The Lima Shawnee Alumni-Legacy Scholarship Fund will take donations, gifts, or pledges of any size in support of scholarships for graduating Shawnee seniors.

Sharon Dwyer, the scholarship committee chairperson, shared the inception of the Shawnee Alumni-Legacy Scholarship Program. “ While having our 50th reunion in 2019 we kind of said ‘Let’s do something more long lasting. Let’s see what we can do.’ We realized there was no alumni association for Shawnee and there was no alumni scholarship. So that’s how it started. So the class of ‘69 kind of jump started the program with donations and a quilt auction. It went from there. It’s a scholarship fund set up for Shawnee seniors and funded by Shawnee alumni. It started in 2019 and the first scholarships will be awarded in 2022. So we hope to grow from here. We have a goal for the 100th anniversary. We hope to be a million dollar fund by then so we could distribute scholarships from that endowed fund and then it will go on for generations. We had 21 applications this year. We are awarding a third of that number this year.”

Two types of scholarships will be awarded - General Scholarships and Named Scholarships. General funding will be made in each of the following areas: Arts & Humanities; Business/Vocational; Education; and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Named Scholarships are named after individual donors, their families, or in honor of an individual who was particularly meaningful to the donor.

The Lima Community Foundation helps the Lima Shawnee Alumni-Legacy Scholarship Fund by serving as the vehicle which makes giving to the scholarship fund easier, more flexible and effective. The Lima Shawnee Alumni-Legacy Scholarship Fund operates independently, within the administrative framework and with the support of the Lima Community Foundation. Established in 1965, the Lima Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which administers and oversees the investment of multiple scholarship funds throughout the Lima community.

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