Exam to select new LPD chief set for Tuesday

By J Swygart - [email protected]

LIMA — The two eligible candidates to become Lima’s next chief of police will take the required promotional assessment examination next week, a spokeswoman for the Lima Civil Services Board said Thursday.

James Baker and Angel Cortes, each of whom currently hold the rank of major within the Lima Police Department, are the two persons eligible to take the exam. Major Ronald Holman has not served long enough at that rank to be considered for the chief’s position.

The promotional assessment exam is being administered Tuesday in Lima by the independent assessor The Kettering Group. The individual with the highest score on the exam will be promoted to fill the position of chief, CSB Board Secretary Deb Vobbe said.

She said the assessment center is expected to provide the test results to the board “fairly quickly” after the exam is completed. The civil service panel will add seniority credits — which Vobbe said are identical for each candidate — to the scores and the final results will then be forwarded to Mayor Sharetta Smith.

“It is the board’s goal to have a new chief in place when the current chief retires on June 3,” Vobbe said. “No guarantees though; that’s the mayor’s decision.”

Current Chief of Police Kevin Martin announced his retirement plans in March.


By J Swygart

[email protected]

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