Election 2022: Wapak voters asked to renew income tax levy

By Mackenzi Klemann - [email protected]

WAPAKONETA — The city of Wapakoneta is asking voters to extend an 0.5% income tax levy to repair aging roads, which will continue for five years if approved by voters on May 3.

The income tax, which was first adopted by voters in 2018 in addition to the city’s existing 1% income tax, generated roughly $1.5 million in revenue for local road projects last year, said Michael Brillhart, director of public safety for Wapakoneta.

That revenue is combined with state and federal grants to repair and replace aging infrastructure in Wapakoneta, where many roadways are nearly a century old. By contrast, a good road may last 20 to 30 years, Brillhart said.

The city’s annual mill and pave program is expected to start seven or eight projects this year, including several already under construction along portions of Silver Street, W. Benton Street and county roads outside the industrial center, according to Brillhart.

Wapakoneta’s total income tax burden rests at 1.5%, including a 1% income tax adopted in 2002 to support general operations and city services and the 0.5% income tax addition introduced in 2018 for street repairs.

The city income tax rate will remain 1.5% if voters approve the 0.5% income tax renewal.


By Mackenzi Klemann

[email protected]

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