Change of plea scheduled in foster parent rape case



LIMA — A Jan. 27 change-of-plea hearing has been scheduled in Allen County Common Pleas Court for Scott Steffes, one of two men charged with rape, sexual battery and other counts for the alleged sexual abuse of foster children living in their home.

Steffes, 41, and his domestic partner, Jeremy Kindle, 37, were indicted in July of 2020 on a combined 127 felony charges related to their alleged repeated abuse of the minor children. Steffes and Kindle also each faced charges of felonious assault for carrying out the sexual assaults while knowingly infected with the virus that causes AIDS.

Kindle avoided trial when he entered into a plea deal with prosecutors late last year. On Jan. 3 he was sentenced to 94 years in prison.

In the summer of 2020 three employees at the Allen County Children Services agency were suspended as what would initially be described as violations of agency policies and procedures related to the cases against Steffes and Kindle came to light. Two of those employees eventually resigned and Executive Director Cynthia Scanland was charged with three felony counts for allegedly trying to cover up the scandal.

She is scheduled to take part in a telephonic plea-trial hearing on Jan. 21.


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