Men help woman escape garage fire

PERRY TOWNSHIP — Two men may have saved the life of a woman in a wheelchair Friday.

Herb Lane and his son, Craig Lane, saw a glow coming from down the street at 2009 Garland Ave. The two men checked on the source and found an unattached garage on fire at the home.

Inside the house was 69-year-old Bertha D’Rosa in a wheelchair. D’Rosa was about to go out the door of her home onto the porch that faces the garage until the men arrived, Phillips said.

The heat from the fire would have made the porch a bad spot for D’Rosa especially because the fire was hot enough to melt some of the siding, Phillips said.

“She was trying to get out and they helped her get the rest of the way out,” Phillips said.

No one was injured, he said.

The fire was reported at 10:22 p.m. in a 1.5 car garage. A cause was unknown and remained under investigation Sunday, Phillips said.

Phillips estimated $20,000 in damage including two vehicles.

A married couple rent the home but were not home. D’Rosa is the mother of the woman who lives in the home, Phillips said.

The Allen County Auditor’s Office has the owner of the home as Eugene and Leola Wyant.

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