Lima’s Civil Service Board talks about political activities for employees

By Joe Gilroy -

LIMA — City of Lima employees will soon see new rules regarding political activities if the Civil Service Board has its way.

The board met briefly Tuesday to hammer out language on proposed amendment recommendations the board will vote on when they meet again Thursday. If the recommendation is approved by the Civil Service Board, it will then be passed on to Lima City Council discussion and a final vote to either approve or not approve the recommendation in December.

Board President Pilate Brown said he and his colleagues on the board regularly take time to comb through policies to find rules that need to be updated.

The topic drew the board’s attention during election season, and they decided at that time to look over the current rules to what extent the political activities of a Lima employee should be limited by the city when on its property or while actively working.

“We wanted to make sure the rules were very clear for people,” Brown said. “If they want to run for office, then this is what needs to happen. It’s kind of two birds with one stone — it gave us an opportunity to report in as part of our normal routine. It gave us an opportunity to really clear the guidelines around doing things like running for office.”

By Joe Gilroy

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