Lima council plans to appoint Thompson to 3rd Ward seat

By Joe Gilroy -

LIMA — Members of Lima council discussed options to fill Carla Thompson’s 3rd Ward seat Monday during a special meeting held in council chambers.

The vacancy was created due to an error in the circulator date in Thompson’s petition for re-election. The city charter allows a candidate to file, and if there’s a problem to refile. Thompson ran into more problems in her second attempt after having a few signatures ruled invalid, meaning there were no candidates on the ballot.

“This is about the process with which counsel, because of this new situation that we’ve never dealt with before, in anybody’s recollection. How do we want to proceed? And that’s the conversation we had tonight. I think we did our diligence,” Lima council president John Nixon said.

Nixon said he called the meeting Monday to discuss how best to move forward. He said he would put an ordinance in front of council to reappoint Thompson in January after her initial term expires. After hearing Monday’s discussion, he said he expected the ordinance would receive the six votes needed to pass on the first reading.

“I just wanted council to have this discussion tonight, be aware of the potential of setting a new precedent going forward. And ultimately, council decided that while she made mistakes that did not allow her petitions to be certified, and validated. She did and was the only person who presented petitions, frankly, and I see their point.

“Had anybody else successfully filed petitions, they would have been on the ballot with no competition, and they would have won. And so what will happen is we’ve authorized an ordinance to appoint her to the unexpired term, which starts Jan. 1, 2022.”

By Joe Gilroy

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