Ohio ranks 13th in oil production

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CLEVELAND — Oil prices have shot up in the past year with a barrel of Brent crude averaging $84 in October, more than double the average price in October of 2020, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

But while consumers have been feeling the pain, oil companies have enjoyed an improved bottom line.

The United States is currently the largest oil producer in the world, followed by Russia and Saudi Arabia. So, what are the top oil-producing states in America? And does Ohio make the top 15?

If you guessed Texas is No. 1, you would be right. The home of the legendary Spindeltop oilfield, which jumpstarted the industry at the beginning of the 20th century, produces more oil than any other state by far.

That includes Alaska, which rivaled Texas in oil production in the late 1980s but has seen its output decline over time like the political prospects of its former governor Sarah Palin.

So, what about Ohio, once a major oil-producing state in the early years of the industry, having birthed Standard Oil and Marathon Oil and boasting the first use of offshore drilling when rigs were placed in the man-made Grand Lake St. Mary’s?

The Buckeye State is currently 13th.

Here are the top 15 oil-producing states in the country as of July 2021. The numbers are in thousands of barrels per day, according to EIA.

1. Texas – 4,810

2. New Mexico – 1,295

3. North Dakota – 1,055

4. Colorado – 390

5. Oklahoma – 380

6. Alaska - 380

7. California - 358

8. Wyoming - 232

9. Utah - 100

10. Louisiana - 95

11. Kansas - 77

12. West Virginia – 52

13. Ohio - 48

14. Montana - 47

15. Mississippi - 36


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