LIMA — The following individuals have filed applications for marriage licenses in Allen County Probate Court:

Torrance McMahan Jr. and Aubrey Breitigan, both of Lima; Derek Foust and Christina Hart, both of Delphos; Alex Marie Brunk and Joshua McMaster, both of Lima; Brian Farler and Dawn Sparks, both of Lima; Brian Buettner and Angelica Bravo Velozo, both of Delphos; Marlin Sanders and Elena Meeks, both of Lima; Anthony Guedea and Brittney Clemons, both of Lima; Ashland Cotrell II and Katlynn Tomaszycki, both of Lima; James Dunn and Janel Weltmer, both of Waynesfield; Alexander Shaw and Sarah Wakefield, both of Lima; Juston Patterson of Reynoldsburg and Brandy Hutchins of Lima; Jarod Stolly and Jessica Ramirez, both of Lima; Adam Recker and Wei Su, both of Chicago; Jarrod Klay of Elida and Bridgett High of Lima; Justin Baker and Mercades Omlor, both of Elida; Bryan Hayter and Betty Scott, both of Lima; Aaron Clemons of Chillicothe and Tina Garner of Lima; and Michael Smith and Whitney Smith, both of Lima.

Also, Jordan Skilliter of Bluffton and Nicole Zimmerman of Tiffin; Kurt Brux and Gloria Rabuga, both of Lima; Ronald Wallace and Billie Green, both of Lima; NathanialKramp and Kayle Kill, both of Lima; Nicholaus Schroeder of Ottawa and Katelyn Dackin of Lima; Rhen Biggs of New Haven, Indiana, and Lauren Spyker of Lima; Anthony King and Danita Hurley, both of Lima; Joseph Kemper and Lindsay McCoy, both of Lima; Daran Snyder and Charity Cornell, both of Lima; Brian McBeth and Loretta Jenner, both of Lima; Jacob Piercefield of Bluffton and Morgan Griffith of Lima; Kevin Thorne and Tammy Kouns, both of Lima; Jordan Blackburn and Lindsey Jettinghoff, both of Delphos; Isaac Hatfield of Elida and Bethany Lawson of Lima; Todd Hefner and Stevie Welker, both of Lima; Drew Laing and Skylynn Prine, both of Delphos; Caleb Hattery and Amanda Eversole, both of Elida; and Ashley Maag and Stephanie Rumpf, both of Lima.

Also, Steven Delagrange of Hicksville and Amy Peters of Elida; Danquis Woods and Sarah Prinsen, both of Lima; Kip Lee and Daytlynn Warnecke, both of Spencerville; Amy Newland and Shelly Vettori, both of Lima; Matthew Burchett of DeGraff and Destiny Swartz Harner of Lima; Theodore Williams Jr. and Kandace Sims, both of Lima; Bradley Wirth and Bridget Sevitz, both of Lima; Neil Leffel and Cheryl Semer, both of Lima; Anthony Schuh and Taylor Kervin, both of Elida; Brett Zachariah and Brandy Lile, both of Lima; Ian Baker and Aleesa Salyers, both of Lima; Anthony Dunn and Kara Duling, both of Lima; Travis Harrod and Shannon Hilby, both of Lima; Michael Learman Jr. and Lauren Huffer, both of Woodstock, Illinois; Vanner Ramirez and Meliva Rodrigues, both of Lima; Jeremy Roberts and Jennifer Scott, both of Lima; and Ethan Slothour and Naomi Mahin, both of Elida.

Also, Samual Baker and Rhonda Phillips, both of Lima; Ryan Vickers and Jamie Vasquez, both of Spencerville; John Anderson and Brandi Jurek, both of Lima; Jessica Torres and Kayla White, both of Lima; Peter Vanloo and Tonjia Lindeman, both of Lima, Jason Ruble of Lima and Nazarena Gruezo of Las Orquides, Mexico; Noah Luiken and Isabella Suber, both of Lima; Ronald Scales of Lima and Nellie Bailey of Dayton; Phillip Venturella and Ana Voltani, both of Lima; and Kevin Hefner and Amanda Fox, both of Lima.

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