Undercover DEA agent shoots armed man who approached vehicle

Associated Press

CLEVELAND — An armed man who approached some undercover DEA agents parked in a Cleveland neighborhood was shot and wounded by one of them, authorities said.

The 20-year-old man was taken to a hospital after being shot in the stomach Wednesday afternoon and underwent surgery, authorities said. Further details about his injuries were not disclosed.

A DEA spokesman said the agents were dressed in plain clothes when the armed man and another man approached their vehicle. One of the agents said he fired his gun at the approaching man because he felt threatened, the spokesperson said.

Neither agent nor the other man who approached their vehicle was injured in the shooting.

The shooting was unrelated to the operation the undercover DEA agents were working on, the spokesman said. The agents names were not released.

The wounded man’s name was not released, and authorities were investigating whether any threats were made by him. A woman who said she was his mother told reporters that he had just arrived home and went to the vehicle to see why the people were there because there had been a shooting at their home a few years ago.

The shooting will be investigated by the DEA and Cleveland police.


Associated Press

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