Jim Krumel: Twenty minutes with Jim Jordan

By Jim Krumel - jkrumel@limanews.com

Jim Krumel

Jim Krumel

Jim Jordan stopped by The Lima News last week with an apology.

If his phone rang or he received a text, he said he had to take it. “My daughter in Cleveland is due to have a baby at anytime,” he explained with pride in his voice.

No explanation needed. Granddaughter No. 4 would take priority.

Jordan was back home last week doing what he promised when first elected to Congress 14 years ago — keeping in touch with constituents and not getting trapped inside the beltway.

On this Thursday, Jordan would begin his day like so many others when he’s home on break.

There’s the early morning workout.

“Not every morning,” he says, “but I work out almost six days a week. I got a really good workout in this morning before we left. You have to do that or you don’t think right.”

The next 10 hours would see him living by “that schedule.” It’s fast-paced, making every minute count.

This day would see him meeting with some local media in the morning followed by a stop at the Chamber of Commerce to talk with business people. Lunch would be with Republican elected officials. He would then start his afternoon at The Lima News, followed by a stop at two businesses and a meeting with constituents. A dinner event with fellow Republicans would follow, and if all goes well, he would be home with wife Polly before 8 p.m.

“That’s pretty typical when you come back,” he said. “Last week we had some long days going to Fremont and Clyde. That’s a 2½ hour drive. But it’s been great to get out and talk with people because you know, for so long, I was so busy in Washington with impeachment and everything else that I couldn’t get back as often as normal. And then there was COVID.”

So what’s he been hearing from people?

“Every employer we’ve talked with over the last 2½ weeks has told us the same thing: You can’t find people to work,” he said.

But more so, Jordan wanted to know what we were hearing.

We told him about a call the other day from Mildred, an elderly woman who always starts her conversations by saying she’s “a proud Republican.” But on this day Mildred didn’t want to talk about immigration, infrastructure or jobs. She just wanted to know how Jim Jordan was doing.

Does he still sleep in his office like he did when first elected, she asked.

Jordan laughed and said he’s had an apartment for several years. He’s also stayed with friends, such as former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, when Congress hasn’t been in session.

Has he had his virus shot?

“Not yet,” Jordan said. “I just don’t feel like politicians should be the first in line. I’m 57 and in good health. Right now I feel like I should let our constituents who have some underlying health concerns go before me.”

When is the last time he spoke with former President Donald Trump?

“Yesterday,” Jordan said. “I talk with him every week. He’s doing great. I hope he runs again. You know, I don’t think he’s officially decided, but I think he’s definitely leaning that way.”

And make no doubt about it, Jordan added, the Republican Party is still the party of Trump.

“His endorsement is the most powerful endorsement in political history,” Jordan said. “I mean, there’s a reason every Republican who’s running for office is making a trip to Mar-a-Lago and talking with him about getting his endorsement. We saw that last weekend when the Senate candidates here in Ohio met with him. Yes, it’s still the party of Trump.”

And with that, 20 minutes had gone by. It was time for Jim Jordan to scoot out the door for his next appointment.

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Jim Krumel
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By Jim Krumel


Jim Krumel is the editor of The Lima News. Contact him at 567-242-0391 or at The Lima News, 3515 Elida Road, Lima, Ohio 45807.

Jim Krumel is the editor of The Lima News. Contact him at 567-242-0391 or at The Lima News, 3515 Elida Road, Lima, Ohio 45807.

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