Glenn wants Marko’s bar shut down

Derry Glenn

Derry Glenn

LIMA — Derry Glenn, Lima’s 6th ward councilor, on Saturday called for Marko’s Sports and Spirits to be shut down, after the second shooting at the Main and Kibby location in recent days.

In the most recent shooting on Friday morning, Rico Stafford, 24, was shot outside the bar. On March 25, Ralph Upshaw, 44, was shot inside the bar.

“I contacted the law director yesterday and asked him to shut him down. We’ve got two attempted murders here and we allow him to operate,” Glenn said. “I wanted people to understand that I’m taking care of this the best I can.”

Glenn intends to bring this issue up at Monday night’s Lima City Council meeting.

“We’ve got to put it into the safety service committee,” Glenn said.

Glenn is frustrated by the number of calls officers respond to at Marko’s.

“You know, enough is enough. I can’t sit down on this watch. I can’t sit back and watch it going on without speaking out. Yes, I’m angry because I know about the history of this bar,” Glenn said.

Derry Glenn Glenn

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