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LIMA — Doug Newsome, of Lima, owns this 2007 GSX-R750 Suzuki. He’s owned it for 10 years now.

Part of the allure of owning a bike is making it “yours.” Newsome did just this by having the bike custom painted. He has the joker painted on the side of the bike.

Suzuki has an interesting history.

It began as a loom factory in 1909 in Japan. The founder, Michio Suzuki, decided to get into the automobile business in 1937, prior to the start of World War II. After the war, Suzuki wanted to produce cheap transportation. The company debuted its first self-powered bicycle in 1952, called Power Free. In 1954, the company produced its first motorcycle, featuring a 90 cc. The famous Suzuki “S” debuted in 1958, and exports to the United States and Europe began in 1960.

Suzuki debuted its GSX-R750 sports motorcycle in 1984 in Japan. The bike became available in the United States in 1986. The bike looked like a racing bike, and can be considered the first economically affordable modern racer-replica suitable for road use. To coin a phrase, it was the world’s first authentic crotch rocket. The Suzuki GSX-R750 brought to the streets a new riding experience that reformed motorcycling. The GSX-R is an award winning motorcycle having won more AMA Superbike championships than any other model. The bike is now more than 30 years old and is still in production. It proves that a modern motorcycle can be light and nimble, built with high-quality parts for an affordable price.

Suzuki and Japan in general are known for keeping up with technology and they keep the automation updated on their motorcycles, thus the ride and handling are top notch. Generally, Japanese motorcycles are known for their advanced features, performance, engine refinement, ride quality, reliability, and most important, value for the money.

By Merri Hanjora


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