Youth profile: Allen East’s Jackson has eyes to the sky

By Sam Shriver -



HARROD — Mackenzie Jackson, a 17-year-old senior at Allen East High School, has her sights set pretty high after high school is over.

She wants to pursue a degree in aviation technology at Bowling Green State University.

“I’ve always loved airplanes and flying. I got the opportunity last year to fly a plane, and then I fell in love with flying even more than what I’ve already loved it,” Jackson said.

She already knows what she wants to do after she gets her college degree.

“I plan on starting out in commercial at an airline somewhere. After I build up my experience, I plan on going into corporate (aviation),” Jackson said.

She chose BGSU for some specific reasons.

“They have an airport on campus, and it’s far enough away from home that I can stay there, but it’s also close enough that I can come home and visit family whenever I want,” Jackson said.

At Allen East, Jackson is involved in sports and band.

“I’ve been in the band for four years and soccer for four years,” she said.

Her experience in soccer taught her much she can utilize off the pitch.

“I’ve learned that working as a team benefits you way more than trying to do things on your own. Whether you win or lose, it’s not really about the score in the end, but it’s about what you’ve learned in general, learning how to improve yourself to get better for the next game,” Jackson said.

When schools went to remote learning last March she had to adjust, like every other student.

“I thought it was the easiest for me to get all my work done as soon as my teachers could give it to me because I knew, in the end, I would probably struggle with the motivation to do it, so I did it as fast as I could,” Jackson said.

But she preferred the way things are now, with in-person education five days a week.

“I feel like I learn a lot better in person and when we’re in person, I feel like I can concentrate and still have that motivation to do it because at home, I get sidetracked really easy,” Jackson said.


By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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