Lima’s ‘Pie Guy’ jailed again after violating terms of release

By J Swygart -

LIMA — A Lima man who enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame when his homemade pies were featured on the “Shark Tank” television program was back behind bars earlier this week.

Calvin Goode, 58, was arrested Wednesday by Allen County Sheriff’s Office deputies for violating conditions of the Allen County Re-entry Court by testing positive on multiple occasions for marijuana and also testing positive for alcohol consumption, according to court records.

Goode was released from prison last April after serving more than half of a four-year sentence on robbery, drug and weapons charges.

The Lima man had been marketing his California Goode Sweet Potato Pies through “Shark Tank” at the time of his arrest. He told Judge Jeffrey Reed during a judicial release hearing last year that the pie-making business has continued during his imprisonment and that he would return to making his sweet confections upon his release. The pies, made from a recipe Goode learned from his grandmother, were available for a time at select stores in Lima and Wapakoneta.

Goode told the judge the death of his father and other family members while he was behind bars had affected him tremendously.

“I’m a totally different guy than I was before. I’ve changed a lot. I just want to get out (of prison) and do the right thing,” Goode said.

Reed released Goode from prison but required him to serve three years of parole supervision. He was also ordered to complete the Re-entry Court as a condition of his release.

By J Swygart

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